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Healing Touch (new character story)

I don't have a name for him yet, but this is a test story of a new character

Color used is #B1FB17


The stag was helplessly at Iugulare's mercy. He tried to fight her alone, but the stoat was too quick for him, and even so, his antlers would not damage her viral body. He wore himself out trying to track her, and when he began to stumble, she took the opportunity to strike. The stoat bounded onto him, her paws gripping his shoulders, and at once she sunk her fangs into the side of his neck. He cried out, trying to shake her off, but nothing seemed to work. The stag lost his footing and toppled to the ground, shivering and struggling as the infection began to envelop him.

Pleased, the stoat released her grip. The damage had been done, it was only a matter of time before he would become another minion. She wasted no more time with him, and ran off.

He cried out for help. He was starting to lose his focus, the black infection was seeping down his body. The wound on his neck was not very deep, but it was enough for the virus to enter into his bloodstream. He was hallucinating, his legs going into shock, his breaths short and labored.

In the corner of his eye, he saw something approach. A snake had found him, he could see the black and yellow on it's body, though it was a blur to him. He closed his eyes, already expecting death to come.

The snake flicked his tongue, tasting the infection on him. "Rest, friend. Rest...", he spoke quietly, and quickly slithered onto the stag. He lay directly onto the infection on the stag, and spoke into his ear, [=#B1FB17]"You have been badly hurt. There is something causing these attacks, I have not yet to find it, but I have helped those I have found. Some...some were too late...but you are not.
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"If you could be an animal...

...what would you want to be?"

Random idea, you can answer as yourself and/or your deer (if they wanted to be an animal other than what they are).

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Holly on the Old Oak - The Replacement

Holly on the Old Oak 2011
Bonus story

The Replacement

A gift for Trigger_Mortis

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. They were close behind, catching up, always there even as far as he ran. He looked back and saw the humans on their snowmobiles, the loud sounds nearly deafening. He ran through the snow, leaving tracks that were quickly covered by the vehicles in pursuit. He slid, his heart racing. A cliff, nowhere to run.

He turned and looked at the humans, who were already pointing their guns at him. "No..., he spoke under his breath, and immediately felt a sharp pain in his belly.

"No!!", Tails cried. He gasped and opened his eyes, sitting up. It was night time in the Endless Forest, and the snow was gently falling. It took him a moment to understand that it was a nightmare. He felt a sharp pain in his side, and sitting up, he realized he had been sleeping on a sharp rock that had poked him in the belly.

Sighing, he stood and went to the Pond for some water. He was overheated despite the cold weather, and as he dipped his weary head into the shallows, he lifted it for a moment, and caught a glimpse of a reindeer flying through the air. Tails tilted his head here, as the flying deer came closer and soon landed before him.

Tails approached cautiously. "Hello? Are you lost?", he asked the flying deer. The reindeer shook the snow from his body, the bells on his gear ringing. "Actually, quite the opposite. I came here to find you, Tails.", he replied.

The stag tilted his head, "Find me? What do you mean by that?", he asked.

"Oh where are my manners?
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Holly on the Old Oak - It all happened so fast...

Holly on the Old Oak 2011
Bonus story

It all happened so fast…

It all happened so fast. I was out hunting in the forest, the winter had left snow all over so just mustering through that was difficult as it was. The caress of coldness on my nose and cheeks made me stop for a moment, I buried my face in my gloves to keep warm. I continued on, looking for all the signs of deer here. They were all present, too – fresh hoofprints in the snow, gnawed bark off of the trees, and so on. The deer was close. I knew it was close.

It all happened so fast that I had little chance to even react. I crept past the trees, thinking I would see my trophy buck. But I heard something close by, and before I realized it, there was a grizzly bear so close to me that I could smell the fresh salmon in her breath when she roared. The cubs were so close, I didn’t see them until it was too late. Before I could point my rifle at her, she had already struck me.

It all happened so fast that I thought I was dead, one bear paw into my side knocked the wind out of me, throwing me to the ground. I was lucky the snow was there to take some of the impact. But the mother bear was slowly approaching, ready to tear my face off. I braced myself, and at that moment my rifle fired on accident. It wasn’t pointed at her. It wasn’t pointed at anything. But the sharp discharge was enough to start an avalanche.

It all happened so fast that I was ready to give in. The snow caught me, I was at Mother Nature’s mercy. I saw the bear and her cubs escape. They were quicker to react than I was. I tumbled down the side of the mountain, until I hit softer snow and was almost buried alive.
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Holly on the Old Oak - Revelation

[center]You read the last words
And then close the book
But when you raise your head
You discover you are not alone
For all around the old meeting place
Many animals have gathered
Who had sat and listened to the stories
Deer, birds, wolves, bears…
And others who are special to you
You did not realize you were speaking each line aloud
So their perked ears could hear the twelve tales
And their minds dreamed of magic and wonder

Right by your side is someone closer to your heart
Your Endless Forest deer has stood by you
And with a smile, they greet you kindly:
“Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, my friend.”
You greet them the same way
And you embrace, they are warmer than you expect
It is here they speak to you some more:
“These stories were written for you, and for you alone.
Because it takes someone whose heart is pure
To read these tales before such a crowd.
Look around, all around.
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Pema, the marionette (bio)

Work in progress.

(Thanks to TheSwan for the artwork!)

Hello...my name is Pema...

My name looks like this...

I am a girl, and I am a fawn...

And I am a marionette...

(Thanks to Apparanza for the artwork!)


- Headtilts often, as she questions everything
- Will move randomly at times
- Often hops when she moves, much like the way a marionette would 'walk'
- Avoids trees (does not want her strings to be caught in them)

Other notes

- Has Heterochromia iridium (two different colored eyes). Her right eye is brown and her left eye is blue.
- Does not physically control her body. She is puppeted by an unknown controller.
- Named after Pema Chodron.
- Speaks in #F87431

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You Bring Me To Life (Marionette)

I have waited for this moment...

I've sat in a bag for so long, watching others be taken away...

And then she came along, found me, bought me...

And brought me to you...

I've always wanted someone who would...

Love me...

Treasure me...

Play with me...

And never abandon me...

And you...who now controls my every motion...

...You bring me to life...

Now that I live, I must ask you two questions...

What is my name?

And am I a boy or a girl?

I hope we have fun together...

...I love you...


This was an early birthday gift from my sister-in-law, so I thought about the marionette having little adventures. I'm honestly not sure what to name it and whether to consider it a boy or a girl, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The color code I'm using is #F87431
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Foxglaive's Pilgrimage

This path I tread is new and strange
As I feast upon the morning's thistle
My patience is radiant on this forest range
And "Foxglaive" is upon my head's sigil

I see their faces, as they look upon mine
Young and old, fawn and elder
Our lives have thus been intertwined
To inspire, entertain, and bewilder

Take the road to the once built home
Where man in his glory lived and thrived
And find here the ancient sacred tome
Where nostalgia now I have derived

I am a nomad, a wanderer, a pilgrim
Yet now I have found a place to rest
Now I study of this Forest's whim
The magic that crowns my crest

Just something for Foxglaive
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What can be said
About the day's dread?
When the morning grows red
And the night has fled
The embers on the fire bed
Have since ceased their stead
The stars that the sky had spread
Now hide behind the red
Where only the brightest are embed
And give homage to the dead
The day now lies ahead
And the night slumbers in its stead
As words are now unsaid
Of nightmares widespread
That left tear and sweat shed
Perhaps the dreamcatcher can thread
A shield for such dreams mislead
So only pleasantries we be fed
Where adventure and beauty be wed
Let us ask the masters who have said
That the path taken could easily be tread
If only our patience and virtue be bled
So that our terrors of night are behead
This is the way our destinies are thread
Hung with subtle care above the bed
So that we never sleep in fear and dread
The dreamcatcher guards us overhead
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Museful songs for writing and artwork

Hiya guys, I wanted to ask if you have any music that you like to listen to while writing, drawing, ect. And if so, would you post in the comments? I think this will be useful for anyone who needs a muse XD

Here's my contribution:

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