Pema, the marionette (bio)

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Work in progress.

(Thanks to TheSwan for the artwork!) name is Pema...

My name looks like this...

I am a girl, and I am a fawn...

And I am a marionette...

(Thanks to Apparanza for the artwork!)


- Headtilts often, as she questions everything
- Will move randomly at times
- Often hops when she moves, much like the way a marionette would 'walk'
- Avoids trees (does not want her strings to be caught in them)

Other notes

- Has Heterochromia iridium (two different colored eyes). Her right eye is brown and her left eye is blue.
- Does not physically control her body. She is puppeted by an unknown controller.
- Named after Pema Chodron.
- Speaks in #F87431

would one guide your every

would one guide your every move, little marionette, and your mind as well?
or is that one thing that you can control?
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FFFFF awwww thank you so

FFFFF awwww thank you so much!

"My body is moved by the other, but my mind is mine alone. For what would I be if I lost my mind as well as my body? I wonder about this every day, I see so many who control their whole.

For isn't so bad being puppeted...for I know my controller is kind..."
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Would it be cliche'd if Pema

Would it be cliche'd if Pema had two different colored eyes (Heterochromia iridium)? I've been obsessed with pets like this on Chicken Smoothie:

Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

So I was thinking about giving her two different colored eyes.

If I did, does anyone have a suggestion for what colors? I'm not sure what I'd pick...

Edit - Here's a few options. Vote for your favorite!

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I'm thinking about writing a

I'm thinking about writing a story where Pema runs into Nekumbra...I'm not sure if it will be 'canon' or not but I was considering writing it to see how Pema would deal with stress. I still haven't really decided if she's a toy-like fawn (as in she's living, has blood and organs, ect) or if she is a toy that has thoughts, feelings, ect (so she would be made of fabric and stuffing). It's difficult do make a decision about that.
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Random thought: It'd be

Random thought: It'd be interesting to find a way for her to discover which of those two she is & how she deals with either one. o:
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That's a good idea! When I

That's a good idea! When I write the story, I'll make sure she contemplates on that. Thank you! XD
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I'm trying to decide

I'm trying to decide something about Pema. Her account has grown up in-game, but of course right now I did the "Play as a Fawn" option for her.

But I was considering making her a minideer instead of a fawn. She would still be very young, but that way she could be a little more identifiable to my friends and anyone else who runs into her. I'm not sure if she'd wear anything else though, most likely doe nubs and *possibly* the real deer mask, but otherwise I'd keep her pelt as the default.

It wouldn't be her physically growing up, she would just look a little different now that her account has grown up.
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"How interesting this grey

"How interesting this grey one is... He stopped to eat from the strange plants growing by the log. I thought at first he was angry at the log for being dead...silly me. I stomped on it a few times for him, though humorously he gave me a headtilt for acting strange.

Well I tried the plants he enjoyed so much, what he kept calling 'mint', but I really liked the yellow ones better. Something about the texture...

It's a shame...I have no idea what these really taste like. I don't even eat. I was just humoring him. Still, it was an enjoyable experience...getting to act like a real fawn would...

He has let me sit between two trees that seem to be his favorite spot. I noticed that his fur was still a little soggy from the seemingly endless rain yesterday. Let's hope the sunlight will dry him, but it seemed like he was quite accustomed to cold weather...

I wonder...

I wonder if I was a real deer...what kind of deer I would really be?"
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I'm not sure what antlers to

I'm not sure what antlers to give Pema. Currently she is a mini with the real deer mask and the monarch butterfly antlers (to be like her strings), but I'm now considering her having the key antlers instead to represent the bars her strings are attached to.

I just don't know what to do. I don't know what I like better, but more importantly, I'm...

I don't want to make people angry.
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/casually tracks

/casually tracks
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I found Pema in one of my

I found Pema in one of my boxes the other day. Poor baby was all tangled up.

It took me about 20 minutes but I was able to get her untangled.

"Much better..."
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