I couldn't resist (new deer)

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Caw is officially deceased and inactive. He was killed by one of Iugulare's Rock Hounds

I wanted to make Caw!

His biography is pretty much the shortstory Banished, and I think I'd have a lot of fun playing as him. He has a much different personality than Quad, Pent, Trunks, ect.


I need help deciding on a set for him, too. He is 'The Islander', so an island/sea-ish look would be cool (I don't really want the orca set even though that would be perfect for him). Any suggestions would be cool.

Set -

I feel bad for making another deer, but then again I think he would be fun to play as.


His theme song Eye
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"Island" makes me think

"Island" makes me think "tribal", which makes me think of the long mask. And then the orange pelt came to mind. Not sure on the antlers though...
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Looking at the set lists, I

Looking at the set lists, I was thinking maybe the Kabuki pelt (red stripe) with the Venetian Carnival antlers or the Magpie antlers. Maybe throw in the Long Mask and that might make an interesting set. Thanks for the suggestion.

Maybe the red down his back would be like tribal paint, symbolizing his penance had been done and he was no longer banished. I like the idea of him having feathers in his antlers, so that's why I was thinking either of those antlers. And then the long mask would be great.
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lol Caw looks like he shall be interesting C:

hmm...when I think Island I either think of:
bright blues yellows and greens

so anything from the peacock set or antelope set comes to mind first |D
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Mhmm. I was thinking about

Mhmm. I was thinking about the Antelope mask too. Actually, the peacock pelt might fit a little too...I'll try that out as well and see what I think.

I might throw Quad into the Forest and do a little set testing. Might need someone to cast on me in a bit.

*edit* stupid Microsoft Visual Studio keeps preventing me from getting into TEF, so I'm reinstalling the game. Don't know why it's being so stupid.
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I haven't tried the magpie

I haven't tried the magpie antlers with this yet, but honestly, I think he looks awesome!
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Definitely had an "island"

Definitely had an "island" feel. =]
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I'm going to pop back in for

I'm going to pop back in for a couple of minutes and try to get some more spells to test out. I have this set saved in case I need to come back to it. I'll definitely try the peacock pelt next, I was also thinking that the golden butterfly pelt would look cool with the magpie antlers (sand + grasses), so that's another idea.
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It's okay U: I have like

It's okay U:
I have like 10
Seems like a very interesting character cB!
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Thanks a bunch for the help,

Thanks a bunch for the help, Pega! I totally dig that last set with him - he looks islandish!

There was also this one, I was thinking maybe he would have grey fur since he lived for like 100 years, but I don't really like it as much...

So yeah, I can't really decide...

But here's something to laugh about:

That was epic that we switched antlers Eye

Sorry for ditching you after we got the set done. It's midnight here so I need to get to bed. School + work all day tomorrow -_-
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That set with the golden

That set with the golden butterfly pelt and antelope mask does seem fitting. Smiling The one with the gray pelt isn't bad either...but that's more a choice you need to make, if you wanna go with "old" or not. |D

XDD That was epic that they switched antlers! Great timing with that shot too.
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Islander... reminds me of a

Islander... reminds me of a small documentary I saw in tv a while ago.
There was this very barren, rocky island somewhere and there was living mostly only birds and some deer. There was so little food that the deer had to eat bones for nutritions and calcium, and they had developed quite unusual habit. They would catch birds and chew off their wing or a leg to get bones from a living animal instead of taking then just from dead animals. There were a lot of one-winged/legged birds hopping around there.
/random comment

Eh, sorry about that, I know it probably has nothing to do with your character, just wanted to share a piece of weird info. I like how the first set looks, I don´t think I have seen that set in the Forest yet. The gazelle-one looks good too. =)
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Wow, that's kind of

Wow, that's kind of awesome/creepy! I never knew about that.

Caw was inspired by that Nightwish song 'The Islander', and so I wrote his story as a gift for Iaurdagnire, but recently decided that I should make him into a character too.

I'll have to do some research on that. Thanks for the info!

Caw - "I want chicken now."

Moooo....I can't decide on the set. Might have to take a vote!