Holly on the Old Oak - Mall Santa

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Holly on the Old Oak
Story 8

Mall Santa

It was the day before Christmas and Santa was running late. He was missing some gifts for some of the good little fawns (and younger deer) of the Endless Forest, and time was running out to get their gifts finished. While he was too busy to go to the Forest himself, he went into the Reindeer stables and said aloud, "I need a volunteer to find out what these good little boys and girls want for Christmas!"

The Reindeer looked to one another, before Dasher stood up, "Sir, I will take care of it." He approached Santa and was instructed on where to go and who to speak to, and without another moment to waste he was on the North Pole's runway, running as fast as he could and taking flight. Dasher was among Santa's fastest Reindeer, and he was also very proud to help when last minute tasks needed to be done.

It didn't take him much longer to reach the Endless Forest, and looking about, he scanned the place for a deer suitable to play the role of 'Mall Santa'. It was customary for Santa Claus himself to come to gathering places around the world, letting the little boys and girls tell him what they wanted for Christmas so he could make their wishes come true. The same was often done in the Endless Forest, but of course a deer was designated for the job since...well...humans aren't usually seen around the place.

Ozzie was wandering the Birch Forest, not really going anywhere in particular but just enjoying himself. He was about to find a nice place to sit when all of a sudden he noticed a caribou that seemed to land out of nowhere. Tilting his head, he approached and asked, "Hey are you okay? Looked like you just fell from the sky."

Dasher turned to him, and with a nod of his head, he replied, "Actually, I just arrived here. My name is Dasher of Santa Claus' Reindeer Squadron, and I was sent to find someone for an important task. Since I am the lead Reindeer and chief decision maker, I'm picking you for it.", the Reindeer proudly announced.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Ozzie spoke again, "You're joking, right?"

Dasher tilted his head, "Why would I be joking? This is a matter of utmost importance.", he spoke, then continued, "Now, where would be the best place to set up...ah, there.", the Reindeer ran off in the direction of the Ruins. Ozzie, shrugging, started to walk off in another direction when suddenly he vanished, reappearing at the Ruins in a weird red and white costume. "Whoa what just happened? And why am I wearing...?", he began when Dasher nodded, "Good, good. You're dressed and ready to go. Now the little ones will be here very soon, and I will be hiding on the other side of this pillar taking notes of what they want for Christmas. All you have to do is ask them if they have been good and what they want. That's it."

"O-okay, but...", Ozzie began when the strange deer jumped on the other side of the pillar. Before he could ask another question, he turned to see a young deer approaching him. "Hello there, Santa, I didn't expect to see you here.", Cydae spoke as she bowed to Ozzie. The stag blinked several times, before saying, "O-oh, umm...yes, well hello to you uhh...", he began to look back where Dasher was when the youngling spoke, "Cydae, remember?". "Yes...Cydae...", Ozzie replied and cleared his throat, "Erm...well, Cydae, have you been good this year?"

"Oh yes, I have been very good. You know me, Santa. I've been doing my very best this year.", Cydae replied with a smile. "Good, well umm...what would you like for Christmas then?", Ozzie asked.

Cydae thought for several moments, before replying, "Well, there's a nice punching bag I've always wanted, it would be great to practice on, because I really enjoy sparring, so...yeah, that would be it then.", she nods.

"Uh-huh...a punching bag then. I'll make sure San--err...I have it ready for you for Christmas then.", Ozzie nods. Cydae smiled and bowed, running off happy. Ozzie turned back toward Dasher, who is mumbling to himself, and just as he turns back he sees another young deer waiting for him.

Da Kar tilted her head at Ozzie, then asked, "Are you...Santa Claus?" Ozzie cleared his throat again and replied, "Y-yes, I am. And you must be...", hesitating so she could fill in her name. The oryx obliged and said, "Da Kar, sir." "Yes, Da Kar. Well, have you been good this year?", Ozzie asked. "I believe so...I haven't done anything bad if that's what you mean...", the oryx replied. "Good, then what would you like for Christmas?", Ozzie asked.

Da Kar thought for a little while, and then said, "I guess I wouldn't mind a blanket or a cape or something, so I can keep warm. These cold months are always the worst!" Ozzie nodded, "Mhmm...well then, I'll make sure you get one.".

Da Kar bowed and walked away without another word, about the time a third approached. The little fawn looked up to the strangely dressed deer, unsure what in the world he even was. "H-hello there, I'm N'bini.", she said. "Hello N'bini, I'm Oz--err I'm Santa. How have you been this year?", Ozzie nearly said his own name. "I'm okay, just can't wait for Christmas. I hope it's fun.", N'bini replied. Ozzie smiled, "Oh yes, it's very fun. Umm...have you been good?", he asked. N'bini tilted her head, "Good? I think I have been. Why?", she asked. "Oh well, I'd very much like to know what you would like for Christmas then.", Ozzie said with a smile. "Oh umm...hmm...I wouldn't mind anything really...I guess something to eat? I've been having a hard time finding food lately.", she said.

Ozzie nods, "I'll make sure you get something special then.", and N'bini smiled back, running off to tell everyone that some nice stag was going to give her a present. Ozzie turned back to Dasher and asked, "How much more of this is there?". The Reindeer peeked his snout out and whispered, "You have two more and that's all. You're doing just fine."

He turned back to see the next young deer there. Bodhi had walked up, the strange plant-fawn staring up at Ozzie curiously, "Hello there, this one heard you are giving gifts for Christmas. Is this true?". Ozzie blinked a moment, then said, "Yes, that's right. I just need to know if you've been a good...umm...boy?", he tilted his head, unsure if Bodhi was a boy or a girl. The fawn chuckles, "Ah yes, this one has been good, it has been doing it's very best to bring peace and mushrooms to this Forest.", Bodhi spoke. "Oh good, well then...what would you like for Christmas this year?", Ozzie asked. Bodhi smiled and said, "What this one would like most would be a Christmas tree."

Ozzie blinked at the request and looked back in Dasher's direction, but not getting a response, he looked back at Bodhi, "Err...I'll...I'll make sure you get a fine Christmas tree this year." The plant fawn nodded and gave a bow, and just as he was turning the last young deer ran and jumped onto Ozzie, nearly knocking him over. Blue was exceptionally happy to see Santa there, and shouted happily, "Santa! Santa! I can't believe you're here! You're so thin!" Ozzie was not only confused but out of breath, and sitting up, he replied, "Oh umm...yes, I have been working out quite a bit. How are you doing...umm...?", he asked. Blue chuckled, "Oh you're funny, Santa. You can't remember that my name is Blue?", he asked. Ozzie smiled, "Ah, Blue. Yes. Blue. Well, umm...I'm here to see if you have been good this year..."

Blue laughed and said, "Of course I've been good! I've been having so much fun air sitting and water walking and talking to dragonflies! This year has been great!" "Ah good, well then, what would you like for Christmas?", Ozzie asked.

Blue grinned and replied, "World peace!"

Ozzie was speechless, and had to blink a few more times before he said, "Oh, that's a nice thing to ask for. I'll make sure you umm...get it." Blue was so beside himself that he nuzzled 'Santa' and bounded away happily.

Turning back to Dasher, the Reindeer stepped out and said, "Good job, that's all of them. Now I need to hurry and get back to Santa so these last orders are filled. Thanks again, you did great.", and without another moment, the Reindeer was running and in the air. Ozzie sat there, watching as the Reindeer vanished over the clouds. The costume seemed to vanish, and he left the Ruins, unsure where to go or what to do for the rest of the afternoon.


Christmas morning finally came, and all the Endless Forest deer got exactly what they wanted. Cydae awoke to find a top-of-the-line punching bag to spar with. Da Kar had a warm zebra-print cape draped over her when she awoke. By N'bini was a gift basket full of delicious mushrooms. Bodhi awoke to find that the tree he was sleeping under had transformed into a bright and beautiful Christmas Fir, with lots of decorations and glowing lights. Blue found a document titled "Declaration of World Peace", and signed by several important world figures.

Ozzie sat up, looking around. There wasn't anything there for him, at least he didn't notice before he began to shut his eyes in disappointment. But out of the corner of his eye was a small gift, he didn't see it at first, but looking to his side was a potted bonsai tree. He stood and inspected the thing curiously, now surprised it was there right next to him, with a little note as well.

"Merry Christmas!
- Dasher"

Ozzie smiled and admired the little tree for countless minutes after. This turned out to be a pretty good Christmas for him.

The End

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This story is finished.

This story is finished. Enjoy everyone Eye
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This was adorable

This was adorable Laughing out loud specially the end
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Sorry for the double post.

Sorry for the double post. Anyway, this is so adorable. ^^ <3

omg, you captured Ozzie's

omg, you captured Ozzie's personality so good, I could perfectly picture him in this situation while I was reading ;A; Really, this is amazing Quad ;;
And lol Santa's been working out xD That part made me giggle x3 Also, his gift at the end ;A; It's perfect, he'll love it to no end. Adorable. -w-
I really loved reading this, can't wait to read more of your stories <3
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Bahahahaha. So cute.

Bahahahaha. So cute. <3
Nice job on this one. ^^
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