Holly on the Old Oak - The Advent Calendar

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Holly on the Old Oak
Story 10

The Advent Calendar

Michael and Auriea were working on their Abiogenesis powers when they came up with an interesting idea for the holiday season. They wanted to try a new event in the Endless Forest where once a day, a deer was given a gift, but they had to give this gift away to someone who needed it more than they did. The Twin Gods called it the Advent Calendar, and it would begin on December 1st and would last until December 25th.

The Advent Calendar would appear magically before the first person to receive a gift, and they would go find someone who needed the gift they were given. The person who received that gift would then be the next to give a gift, and so on. It was both an experimental event as well as something nice for some of the inhabitants of the Forest. December 1st came, and with it, the first day of the Advent Calendar began...

December 1st

Waterstar was walking along, about to get something to eat when a slight breeze caught her attention. She looked to the east and saw a beautiful thing that had never been there before, with gold trim and many strange boxes. As she approached, the first box opened, and a gift sat on the inside - a snow globe. Waterstar inspected the gift, and read the message there - "This gift is for a friend. Find the person who needs it most."

So she took the snow globe and looked around. There wasn't anyone else around at the time, but as she kept going, she noticed a deer who was looking to the sky. "Hey umm...are you looking for snow?", Waterstar asked. Knrs looked over to her, and gave a slight nod before returning his eyes to the sky. Waterstar chuckled, "Well, I think this belongs to you.", and she sat the snow globe next to him and walked away.

Knrs looked down to the strange thing, poking it and watching the snow flow on the inside. As he did, the sky began to snow too.

December 2nd

Knrs was heading somewhere the next day when he saw the big thing Waterstar had found. Approaching it, the second box opened, and inside was a small container of chocolate covered espresso beans. Knrs read the message and took the gift, but was unsure where to even start with these things.

As he wandered, he caught a glimpse of the alien dragon, Anirapio. She was pacing back and forth, shaking her head and going, "Mrrrhhh....coffee...". Sniffing the air, she looked over to see Knrs there, and noticed the thing he was carrying, "Mhh? Excuse me, is that...coffee?", the Daog asked.

Knrs sat the container before her, and she opened it up. Delighted to smell the espresso beans, she opened her pouch and dumped them all in, letting out a satisfied coo, "Mmm...this is wonderful, thank you!". Knrs nodded and ran off.

December 3rd

After getting her coffee fix, Anirapio was heading to the Pond when she caught a glimpse of the Advent Calendar. The third box opened and she received the next gift with the message to give it to someone else. It was an interesting necklace made of exotic wooden beads.

Taking the thing, she looked around for someone to give it to. There she noticed Authieu, who was asleep under a tree. Anirapio took the necklace and put it around his neck. Just as she got it on, the buck woke up, and seeing the alien there, he gasped and ran off.

Tilting her head Anirapio shrugged and carried on her day.

December 4th

Authieu kept the necklace, not knowing Anirapio had given it to him, and as he was heading to the Old Oak, he saw the Advent Calendar appear. Day #4 opened up, and he saw something interesting on the inside - an ivory king chess piece. He got the message and took the piece, but had no clue where to go.

As he started to wander around, he noticed Mr. Sanguine sitting somewhere, with a chess board and many more of those strange things like what Authieu was carrying. He carefully approached and dropped the piece next to him before running off.

"Hmm?", Mr. Sanguine questioned, but seeing the piece there, he was very surprised. Taking it, he set it on the chess board, smiling at once. "Oh, there's a king...my board is finally complete.", he said, as the last piece he was missing was given to him by a strange deer.

December 5th

On the fifth day, Mr. Sanguine was enjoying his morning in the Birch Forest when he saw the strange Advent Calendar appear. He approached and the fifth box opened, revealing a necklace with an obsidian arrowhead strung on it. He received the necklace and the message within, and went on his way.

He looked around and noticed ViDa, who was looking around oddly. "What's going on?", Mr. Sanguine asked. The doe blinked and looked over, "I thought there was a...hmm...maybe not...", she sighed, just waking up from a night terror. Mr. Sanguine looked to the arrow head necklace, and said, "Here, maybe this will protect you."

He walked over and put it around her neck. ViDa looked down to the thing, calming a moment before she replied, "It's...it's just what I need. Thank you."

December 6th

ViDa was heading to the Ruins when she noticed the Advent Calendar appear. The sixth box opened, and inside was a small stick. ViDa pulled it out and gasped as it began to make noise! She didn't realize it was a rain stick, with beads on the inside that made it sound like rain.

She took the stick and looked around for someone to give it to. But the stick continued to scare her by making rain noises. So she went to the first person and dropped it next to them, saying "Here, you can have this.", before running off.

Fangorn blinked and looked at the stick, "Huh...", he mused as he picked it up. The sound of the rain immediately made him smile, and he wanted to thank the doe that dropped it off, but she was long gone.

December 7th

When Fangorn awoke on the seventh day, he immediately noticed the Advent Calendar nearby. Approaching it, the seventh box opened, revealing a whetstone. He got the message but wasn't entirely sure what to do with it.

Taking the thing, he scanned around for someone who may need it. As he was walking, he caught a whiff of someone who smelled much like metal or iron. He followed the smell until he found Bealo, who was sitting alone. Fangorn dropped the whetstone by him and said, "Hey, Merry Christmas.", and then walked off.

Bealo tilted his head at the incident, but picking up the object, he said, "Oh this will be useful..."

December 8th

December 9th

December 10th

December 11th

December 12th

December 13th

December 14th

December 15th

December 16th

December 17th

December 18th

December 19th

December 20th

December 21st

December 22nd

December 23rd

December 24th

December 25th

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jus' gon' track this now~

jus' gon' track this now~
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Tracking Laughing out loud
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I'm going to work on this in

I'm going to work on this in sections, so there's part of it written now for you guys to read until I continue it Eye
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This is so cool! Tracking!

This is so cool! Tracking!
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I absolutely love how you

I absolutely love how you tied my Knrs to the sky <3 you are too wonderful!! eeee *squeees and hugs you foragesandsuch*

[EDIT] I linked this in my website [here]; I hope that's ok <3 [/EDIT]
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Ahh! There is it seatedly

Ahh! There is it seatedly upon onto the seat edge like the missing snows of yesteryear and interior lighting!