Holly on the Old Oak - Frozen

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Holly on the Old Oak
Story 6


“Look at me, look at me!”, Dampir laughed as his hooves slid along the frozen Pond. Iendoe chuckled as she watched him and a few others sliding around on the ice. ”Oh, careful!”, she called as Dampir nearly collided with Leonardo. “Oop, sorry there!”, Dampir called. Leonardo sneered, “No problem, just watch where you’re going.”, he replied, and noticing a group of does on the side of the Pond, he stood up on his two hind legs and posed for them as he slid.

“…zzzZZZThis is interestingZZZzzz…”, Radio spoke essentially to himself, as he tried to step onto the Pond himself, his long legs nearly slipping in a humorous way. As he finally got his hooves onto the ice, his legs slid and he landed on his stomach, “…zzzZZZOwwZZZzzz…”, he groaned, trying to stand again. Iendoe tried to come onto the ice herself, slipping at first but then getting the hang of it. She slid slowly along the Pond, as Leonardo and Dampir circled around and avoided running into her.

Roxanne had gotten the hang of the ice, and slid over to Radio to help him up. ”There you are.”, she said. “…zzzZZZOh thank youZZZzzz…”, Radio responded, and kept his legs still as he moved more to the center of the Pond. Roxanne smiled and moved around Radio, nudging him enough to get him at a good, comfortable speed. She then went to Iendoe and did the same thing, getting her and Radio at the right speed to where they could skate together.

On one of the willow trees, Kinsha watched quietly, twirling a kunai on his hoof. He wasn’t going to partake on the skating, but felt like watching the others have their fun. As he was twirling the kunai, it slipped from his hoof and went flying into the air. He gasped and went to grab it, but it happened so fast that the kunai clanked and slid on the frozen pond in a matter of seconds.

Grimacing, he went to climb down the willow tree, and lost his footing. The ninja slammed into the ground with a thud. Shaking his head, he ran to collect his kunai, sliding on the ice immediately and having to correct his balance immediately. He nearly slams into Dampir, who immediately shouts, “Hey watch it!” Kinsha barely had time to react when he was on a collision course with Iendoe and Radio. He acted quickly and crouched on his belly, sliding right underneath them and emerging on the other side of the two. The missing kunai was nearly in his grasp, and as he reached out, he looked to his side too late. Leonardo, who wasn’t paying attention tripped on Kinsha and hit the ice hard enough to make it crack.

Kinsha grabbed his kunai and thrust it into the ice to slow himself down. But in the process, it caused the crack in the ice to expand and break all around him. As Leonardo, Dampir, Iendoe, and Radio jumped onto the shore before the cracking ice got to them, Kinsha felt the frozen Pond give in to his weight, and in an instant he plunged into the freezing water with a loud splash. Roxanne had just gotten on the shore before she, too, was submerged in the icy water, but as she looked back, she watched Kinsha vanish under the ice. ”Hang on!”, she called and bolted into action, running on the bigger pieces of the cracked ice and then leaping into the hole where Kinsha had fallen through.

After the splash, there was what seemed to be several minutes of silence. ”Please be okay…please be okay…”, Iendoe kept repeating. “…zzzZZZIt’s been too long, someone should…ZZZzzz…”, Radio began, when Dampir called, “Look, they’re coming out!”

Roxanne emerged with Kinsha on her back. Leonardo quickly ran along the ice, finding a solid piece to stand on as he took Kinsha to safety, while Roxanne pulled herself out. The three made it to the shore as time as the rest of the ice broke apart. Leonardo sat Kinsha down, who shivered with his kunai in his grasp. “Th-thank…you…”, he spoke to them. Roxanne sat by him to try to warm him up, ”You’re welcome…that was close!”, she actually laughed.

The others came and sat with them, trying their best to warm the two who had gone under the water. They watched the ice float on the pond. Dampir chuckled, “Well, that was fun while it lasted.” Iendoe nodded, ”Maybe it’ll be good to go again tomorrow.”, she said. “…zzzZZZYes, maybe we will all be able to skate better tooZZZzzz…”, Radio added. Leonardo began to laugh, “I guess I didn’t know my strength!”

Kinsha sighed and closed his eyes, the warmth helping as his fur dried. Even if it was a bad situation, he learned from this, and knew it would make him a better ninja in the long run.

The End

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Story's up, enjoy

Story's up, enjoy Eye
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Kinsha's probably gonna be

Kinsha's probably gonna be avoiding frozen ponds in the future. Laughing out loud
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^probably |D It was great

^probably |D It was great story, Quad. Dampir sounded just like Damp hehe
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I know I enjoyed reading

I know I enjoyed reading that, nicely written and fun to read, I got so excited when I saw it had been posted Smiling