fawn glitched

I have a little problem.

I made this account today but when I log in my fawn turns into a frog, when the frog vanishes I'm left with the same antlers and mask they also vanish shortly after.
I also can't save my fawn as I get "failed to saved data" message.
I don't know what to do, I installed the newest version and tried running it as an administrator.

Has anyone some clues?
Thanks in advance!


Hello all,

just a quick question because it's been quite some time till the last time I played the game.
When does the halloween event start? I vaugly remember something about the more days pass till halloween the longer it lasts till it is halloween (I could be wrong do)

I logged in few times the last few days but couldn't see that the event is triggered.

I'm bit confused now XD

city smog

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Casting Halloween Sets

Starling can cast the following:
Crying mask // Candles * // Day of the Dead set

The Halloween sets can be seen in Keepiru's "A Complete Guide of all TEF Sets"
*Candles can only be cast onto bare / default antlers, so make sure you sneeze them off!

If you would like any set pieces, approach Starling in the forest & tap the ground/lead us to some spell trees, etc. Smiling

a little help please?

Firstly Hello everyone! i do hope you're all doing well,

To save forests, cut some trees down, scientists say

Forests are feeling the heat. In places like the American West, rising temperatures and drought mean less water for trees, sometimes shriveling swaths of woodland. Now, scientists have found that thinning early in forest growth creates tougher trees that can endure climate change. What's more, these thinned forests can suck carbon out of the air just as fast as dense forests.

"When it comes to carbon sequestration and climate change adaptation, we can have our cake and eat it too," says Andrew Larson, forest ecologist at the University of Montana in Missoula and author of the new study. "It's a win-win."

As trees grow, they convert carbon dioxide to food and store it in their leaves, trunks, and roots. U.S. forests capture between 10% to 20% of U.S. emissions each year. But if trees get too crowded, they compete for light and water—and stressed trees are more susceptible to drought and insect attacks. Removing some trees can ease the competition, letting the remaining trees grow big and healthy. But scientists worry that removing trees can reduce forest carbon storage. These worries, however, are based mostly on models and short-term studies.

To see if the climate trade-off truly exists, scientists tapped into a long-term experiment in northwestern Montana. In 1961, U.S. Forest Service officials started the experiment in a young forest of western larch—a conifer common in the Inland Northwest. The forest was broken up into plots. In some plots, the 8-year-old trees were thinned from tens of thousands per hectare down to 494 per hectare (2.5 acres). These trees grew thick trunks and broad canopies. Other plots were left alone, and the teeming trees grew tall and skinny as they competed for sunlight. The original study was rooted in an interest in growing timber rapidly. But the scientists at the University of Montana sprouted a new question: How did tree density affect carbon storage?

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wilds TEF art dump [image heavy]

hello I haven't been here in a million years. despite barely ever playing the game, my go-to thing to doodle when I'm bored is still TEF deer, so I figured I might as well upload stuff here.

- just a random magpie/kirin deer idk

- nina, an old OC and sibling of lorak

- some random fawn designs on a base i drew ages ago

- sax, an old OC of mine

- eliza, an OC i never did anything with

- lorak redesign

- silver design

- vox, a necromancer oc i never did anything with

- i thiiiink this might have been a concept sketch for rutilus and taliene's dad? not sure.


at the moment, 55 players are playing, but they just sit and do nothing, it's sad. Sad

When I see a player running, I run to him and rejoice, but he just passes by and does not pay attention to me. Sticking out tongue

(I use a translator)

[OFFIC SPAM THINGY] resurrection from the essence of my favorite croissant

I'm gonna utilize Pitbull as an actual oc and learn css just for a fancy bio and then throw him in my prev characters story as a motivational speaker who drives his honda civic into the ename ruin to start a rave, its pride month i can do what i want

thinking about sam levingson and how much he looks related to my dad
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