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An unusual companion, perhaps. (Melinoe)

[=black][b]I have met a few fairly interesting deer. But the most interesting creature I've met so far is much smaller.

The other day, I was among the graves, as usual, communicating with the spirits. Somehow, lately, I have begun to feel...different. I have never been interested in the company of the living. But, I feel as though I am starting to want something that the spirits cannot provide, though I'm not sure what. But I feel almost as though I'm missing something...

It seemed that a lot of deer were getting on my nerves that day. I tried to get them to leave. One fawn was especially stubborn, refusing to move though it was clearly afraid. There was a minor scuffle at one point.

After finally managing to get some deer that were bothering me to leave, I noticed a small creature, a bat, fluttering around my head. Were it any other creature, other than a deer, I would have simply ignored it. But I have seen bats before, and they have always intrigued me. This is the first time I have seen one so close, and that acted in such a manner. Somehow my anger seemed to fade, and I attempted to communicate with this bat. Of course, this is not easy, as bats cannot speak, nor can they communicate in the same way that deer do. But I think we managed to understand each other on some level, somehow.

I have seen this bat two more times since then. I have to say, I enjoy its company, which is more than I can say for any other mortal creature. Communication does not seem to be as much of an issue as one might expect. It follows me, or I follow it. I lay down, and it lands besides me. And though I do not engage in the same foolishness that other deer commonly participate in, it is somewhat oddly...entertaining...pursuing the little creature as it flies around, sometimes at a speed that I can hardly keep up with, almost like some sort of...mock chase.

~Riddle me ~Evenin'

~Riddle me

fun (Oisín)

I felt happy today when I woke up. I think I'm getting used to this place, and the deer. I don't feel so nervous around them now, just a bit...unsure. I met another little deer today...I mean, a fawn. He wanted me to play, and, I wasn't really sure at first, but we did some of those...spells...and ran around a little, though I had trouble keeping up. But, it was fun. There was another deer, too, but they didn't stay long.

Then he left, but I met another deer. One with orange and brown and black, and big antlers. I was waking around the pond, and, there was this really big, scary deer monster... But, at least he was far away. And then I saw that deer sitting under a tree. His antlers were kinda scary, but I went over and sniffed him. And then he got up. And it turned out he was really nice. I also had a lot of fun playing with him. And then there was another deer, a white one, who played with us, and seemed nice.

I just didn't like it when we got too close to those cross-shaped stones...

The magic doesn't bother me any more. Actually, I...kinda like it. It's fun, and there's something...familiar...about it. But I don't know what.

Anyway, I wonder if I'll see any of those deer again.

mentioned: Absolution's fawn, Darcy, Darkweaver (the big, scary monster deer XD)), two other unknown deer

I met a nice deer (Oisín)

Yesterday I saw that blue deer again. It was night. The night here is really pretty. And I saw him sleeping in the pond. But when he woke up...his face...was like a skeleton! I was scared! But then he got his regular face back.

After that, I went with him for a while, and there were some other deer by the pond. They were using those lights that make things change. It startled me at first when someone did it to me. But, the blue deer said it's okay, so... I guess I'm not really scared of those anymore. And then we danced a bit, but my leg started hurting, so I had to sit down. But I was actually kind of having fun with those deer. And, I saw one that looked like one of the big ones, except it was smaller than me! That was really weird. But they seemed okay.

Today I met a deer that's light brown with stripes. There was a scary deer that had a skeleton face, and a different blue deer that I thought was going to attack! I was scared, but the deer with stripes protected me and made them go away. So I stayed with him, because he made me feel safe.

Except when he wanted me to go to where those crosses are. I don't like that place. Especially after I had that bad dream about the crosses and fire. They remind me of...something...something bad...but I don't know what. I tried to go close, because the brown deer wanted me to go there with him, but I couldn't. I was too scared. So we went somewhere else.

There was a big hill, not as big as the one with the statues, but still hard to climb. We went up it, and there was a yellow deer there. The yellow deer didn't seem bad. And I think they might know each other, but I'm not sure. We all sat down together, and I fell asleep.

I kinda missed the blue deer, the good one I mean, but I liked being with the brown striped deer. He made me feel safe like the blue deer does. I hope I can see them both again.

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The Beauty of the Nameless; screenshot journal

Well, I've recently taken a liking to becoming a nameless and snapping shots around the Forest. This here's just a little place to put those shots. These images have been cropped and the colors have been adjusted to my liking.



fire (Oisín)

[=#993333]Today when I woke up I was by that big stone at the end of the stream. There were a lot of little deer there, and they were all red. And they were...dancing? They made a lot of noise. And then I saw some run right through the stone! Before they were brown, but when they came out, they turned red! So that's how all those little deer became red! I tried it. And I turned red too! But I didn't dance, or whatever it was they were doing. I watched for a while. But there were so many, and...then a big deer came. This is all still too weird, and I wanted to be alone.

So I was running...well except I kept tripping and skidding again. I still have trouble with these legs, especially the back one. But, anyway, I didn't know where I was going. I don't know where anything is. And then I suddenly was at that ruined building again. The one with all the weird stones. First I saw the ones in front, the ones I like. But the others, the cross-shaped ones, are too close. All I had to do was turn around and I could see them. And then...something scary happened. I saw...fire! But then it was gone all of a sudden. I think I just imagined it. But it was still really scary! And I ran away.

I stumbled and fell, but when I looked up, I could see that one really big hill, and I could see something bright and sort of glowy on top. It was those statues again. I remembered how I felt before when I saw them the first time. So, I climbed up the hill. It was hard, though, because I kept tripping, and slipping, and my leg started to hurt. But I finally got up there. Those statues...they're so pretty. I went over to them, and I was really tired, so I lay down in front of them. And they made me feel better. I don't know why, but there's something that seems sort of familiar. But not really, different but familiar at the same time, and safe. So I laid there and I went to sleep.


~Riddle me

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Mega XXXXL sized picture thing

Didn't want to take a whole lot of space or crash people's computers so I'm uploading here instead of at "pictures" (and it's quite stupid pics too)

I was thinking of putting this (or somethin like it) in my signature, but it's really really big so I won't

Heh... Tinwë pop-art XD
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