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Kita's Deer Status - RIP Kita

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Anyone interested... (Closed)

.....and the winners are chosen. You thought I forgot already, did you? I was just waiting to community-site get back online. =)
So, here are the prizes, I hope winners will reconize themselves:

Just in case, winner pictures are here:

The invisible explosion o_O

A lawn dart

The choise was hard and I chanced my mind many times, but these were the ones that seemed right. Don´t feel bad if you didn´t win, I might want make some more in the future. They were quite fun, actually. =)
Congrats to the winners, and than you for everyone who took part. ^^


Anyone interested....
of having a free siggie-deer like these? (Closed)

These are first ones I have made, and feel like I could do atleast one more to try out photoshop but would need some test-subjects... so how about a little fun contest to select one? =)

How to participate:

Of flowers and bubbles...and a lovely lady... (Oisín)

[=#993333][center]I'm not sure how to begin this...

I have met a lovely lady, whom I have spent...quite a bit of time with. And recently...it seems my feelings around her are beginning to change. My heart seems to leap when I see her. I forget all my worries. I even seem to forget the stiffness and pain that I usually have in this leg...until after, when she is gone, that is. I do not like to see her leave. And when she is not there, she is in my thoughts.

I...am not sure I dare try to name this feeling... It's not all that strong, even, though it grows every time I see her. But I don't know if it will last. Or even if I am simply imagining things. I...I don't think I am... But I may be making too much of this, in either case.

I'll have to simply wait and see...

She looked stunning today in white...But that's not to say she doesn't always look lovely, anyway...

Today was incredible. Not only were there huge flowers all over, but there were even flowers falling from the sky, along with normal rain. And, whenever I opened my mouth to bellow, no sound came out, but instead, a large bubble would be produced!

There was also a memorial. Though I did not know the one it is for, I paid my respects. Father was there, as well, allowing me the opportunity to introduce him to my friend. I did not stay for long, however.
Those stones...those crosses...they still frighten me...and they were everywhere...

We moved to the lighter area of the forest, where the birches grow. There were no gravestones there...but the huge flowers weren't there, either. But there was still much fun to be had. Mostly in playing around with the bubbles that came from our mouths. Making it appear as if bubbles were coming from trees and rocks. Along with some of the usual frolicking, and even a blueberry snack.

~Accuse Me

~Riddle me W H O I A M

. ------- ZUVIER's j o u r n a l

Waking up, I noticed something was different. I raised on my feet; My body felt heavier, bigger. Taking a few steps, I bellowed. The sound that came out was a deep ferocious moo, and not the cheerful loud bellow of a fawn. Just to make sure, I ran to the pond and looked at my reflection. My expectations were right - I had grown into a graceful stag!

Along my entering in the forest, I'd have to say I am quite charmed by the enchanting beauty and tranquility.
Taking the form of a fawn - a new life filled with innocence, is suitable for my thorough, peaceful soul.

Oh, the fog, it is up to no good, I feel blinded, unsecure. The form I have taken in this realm is so fragile, defenseless.
Any creature, tied with the darkness, may be lurking right behind me, I better find a party soon - the more we are, the stronger our protection will be.


~Riddle me Everything

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Who should I draw more?

All righty then! Now here's my big question, after I finish my commission (Which is taking dang near FOREVER to get done... I fail at attack poses... *sighs*) I'm going to try and doodle up a lot of my TEF characters. But I want to ask you guys this... WHO should I draw more of? I know I've neglected drawing some characters (Like Mikaila, Claudia and Maliran) And you can tell I've got some 'favorites' to draw (Namely Iviran and Nightmare) but I want to see who you guys would like to see more of.

If anything I'll leave this as a small gallery for all the artwork I do of my characters, and I'll update it with new images when I draw them.
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