~The Story of La Luna~

My name was Wudiin. Once, I walked here. Now, I do not. This is my story.

A child is born. Met with hatred, he is placed in the forest.

I-It Begins
The frail soul begins to tell his tale.

While others stumble upon his tracks...

...he starts to believe in 'trust'.

Perhaps others aren't so terrible after all.

With names come torment.

And clearly torment isn't just mental torture either.

But like most offspring, he defied his creator. With it came happieness.

III-The Lighter Side
Fog is merely a comfort, not a cause for unease.

Rather, it's a calling for the warmth of others.

But once the clouds have cleared, colors soon dominate the sky.

These merry passing of days are driven by those shades.

For clearly, the warmth which overtakes us, lights happier of moods.

And forgiveness for past sins are carried in stride for such kind acts.

IV-Reversal of the Tides
She noticed something strange in the way he spoke and acted.

But he wasn't exactly one to allow such worries.

So he let himself diminish into the echoe of voices.

While she basked in the joy which was brought through dancing and smiles.

And the dark-pelted doe grew with worry.

V-Fading into Dusk
Why was he letting himself fade without a word?

Driven by confusion, emptiness looked appealing.

But as he awoke his mind told him to fight what was striking him weak.

His ignorance proved accomplished when his content mind flourished.

VI-Upcoming Vengence
Clearly though, ignorance isn't achieved without a price.

And fatalities are also due for equal exchance.

But revenge wasn't exactly what he intended to pursue.

What better, than to let the fog hide his inpurities that he held?

VII-Peace at Last
One last attempt, to tear the violence from what surrounded him, did nothing but end in failure.

An offer of assistance from a distant friend, that would help him finally recover from his deepening condition.

But, rather than suffer a moment longer, he let himself dissolve into the new moon and crystal waters.

And now, he sleeps, within the comfort of his own dreams.

End Notes: I just wanted to once again, thank everyone for allowing such amazing characters to be involved in Wudiin's story. He had only been here but a few months, but it felt like the relationships that grew from it lasted forever, even before his time. Thanks everyone, once again, your kindness and curiosity never go unnoticed.

I have to ask, what us the

I have to ask, what us the title of the song that's playing during the first video?


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The song is 'Hijo de la

The song is 'Hijo de la Luna', and it's by Mercano.
They're a spanish band, if you couldn't already guess. C:
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This is pretty flipping

This is pretty flipping neat!

Ah thank you

Ah thank you Smiling


^To my Updates! See who's online!^

@Ravenflight- Heh, thanks!

@Ravenflight- Heh, thanks! It took quite awhile to gather everything in one place. x_x;

@AA- You're quite welcome. Laughing out loud
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Such an impressive

Such an impressive collection... I ... I am stunned. Shocked <3

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Heh, why thank you! <3 Not

Heh, why thank you! <3
Not all of it's mine, as I must give much of the credit to the other deer who helped shape his story by interacting with him, and then creating such wonderful entries t'boot!
Laughing out loud
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Ah, what a great idea! I

Ah, what a great idea! I guess this'll come in handy, I love to re-read your story's a thousand times. 8D.. *Fangirl wave* HIIIII *Stalks*
.. I shall now stup freaking myself out. But this looks great, and I like the titles you gave those story's. Maybe you should give him a fanart section too! XD

--Stays a lonely Seele

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Bookmarked this

Bookmarked this page.

Wudiin's story shall never be forgotten. Smiling

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;-; tragically end...but a

;-; tragically end...but a gorgoeus, awesome, amazing stroy. i really,really love it.
you have got a beautiful writting style. absolutely <3

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I bookmarked this too. It's

I bookmarked this too. Smiling It's an amazing and well-written story, and an amazing character... But it still makes me sad he's gone... Sad I'll miss him.

An amazing story and like

An amazing story and like all good stories it has an end. I regret never spending much time with Wudiin, but after watching these videos and seeing your pictures, I got to know him even though my deer never got to run with him in The Forest. Wonderful storytelling! Eye


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I Just.. amazing. Your

I Just.. amazing. Your talent is amazing.
I cried. Wudiin was a wonderful character, and although Kaoori only met him briefly, she will never forget him.
Please, please continue to share your wonderful talent.. and never think you're 'spamming'.
*wipes eyes*

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"Take heart, each and all of

"Take heart, each and all of you.
The son of the moon did not, and indeed cannot die.
He just went home."

Yorres, Lightbringer
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I don't think I need to

I don't think I need to persist on how much I love the stories, so I'll get straight to the point because I'm curious - did you intend to base his entire story around the song right from the start? What I mean is, we're all guilty of creating characters with a certain 'theme' song in mind, but I've never seen anyone actually follow through a characters story exactly to song lyrics like you have, AND manage to involve other people in the story too!
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Oh goshness, you've truly

Oh goshness, you've truly created a legend here! All those amazing stories about him, the wonderful videos... Just great!
I can spy Cata's diary entry about how he met Wudiin there, heh. 8D I feel honored about that, really! :3 Too bad just I couldn't meet and get to know him more often...

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu

Cata & Paya & Pi'yu

I haven't read all of this

I haven't read all of this yet, so I'll have to track it so I can find it to read more later.


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Oh, Shim...

Oh, Shim...
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The first year anniversary is

The first year anniversary is so close now. ._.

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Tracking so I can read/view

Tracking so I can read/view all of this again. C;