Visions of ghosts and priests

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Under the downpour, I spent another long night resting beside the grave marks. The air had a bitter chill, like the deathly hand of the reaper himself. I awoke earlier than usual, to the voices of a half dozen deer gathered around. I forced myself to stand, and bit down my usual aversion to crowds to learn what had called these deer to the ruined church.

Sleeping in the cage, within view of all these onlookers, appeared a single ghostly stag. A moth pelted doe quickly glued herself to my side, and began shuddering at the ghost before us. He lifted its head and looked around for but a moment, before curling back up in his metal sanctuary. Those gathered slowly lost interest and departed from the scene, though the doe that chose to stick close to me remained. In truth, I didn't mind much... As much as I may... dislike... most living creatures, it seemed does never strike me as something I could hate.

She left after a short while, when the majority of those gathered were long gone. The ghost seemed to have faded from their sight, though I still sensed him there, and I could see others lingering amidst the graves... Those unseen simply gave up their attempts to communicate with the living. I wandered to the poppy growths just outside the church and plucked a few older blooms with my teeth, then returned to the grave of the doe I once knew, and lost. Her spirit was resting on her dusty grave, so I dropped the poppies at her side and quietly began to leave.

I soon felt the eyes of another watching me. Turning my head, I soon spotted Aegle hurrying toward me. I was amazed how she wanted to accompany and old beast like myself... but again, made no resistance toward her desire. So, we walked... away from those haunted ruins and to the rock infested lands many consider as a playground. With minimal effort, she coaxed me into joining her under the slanted rock. I'm not certain how long we were under there, before she disappeared... just as a ghost would disappear from most mortals’ eyes.

Fawns, Stags, and nameless versions of the both... all had passed by, some seeking refuge under the stone. I soon decided to head back into the rain... There were just too many deer around. I began to wander in the rain, trying to avoid contact with others, though it seemed those I passed had other ideas. I wonder if the forest is starting to make a game out of seeing who can nuzzle me and remain in one piece. I wanted to be alone, or at least away from these strange deer... but the dead chill in the air was a bit too much. I couldn't entirely refute the company of others... not today.

I soon broke into a run, just to shake these random stalkers off my trail for the moment. I quickly found myself at the backside of the lake, and very nearly ran into the reappeared Aegle. Calming down, I joined her in resting under one of the weeping willows. My agitation at these other deer began to melt away. Aegle... she has such a calming effect on me. I don't really know what it is...

After she left, I found myself stunningly alone. There was an odd, bloody, decaying scent in the air... Not just the smell of the blood leaking eternally from my own forelegs, but that of a new death... perhaps a few days old. For the moment, I wanted to ignore it. I began to head away from the lake, pausing at the bridge. A fawn slept there... so innocent, and chilled from the rain. My stomach growled as I looked at the tiny creature... a quick snack... I recall, I haven't eaten in about a week now... perhaps longer. On the other side of the bridge... a red deer approached. I refrained from making the innocent a meal, and grudgingly bowed to the red priest.

Yes, I knew it was the priest, at first sight... I could feel the faith in him, in those blasted false gods. He greeted me, and continued on the way. I presume he didn't recognize me. That would probably be for the best anyway. I crossed over the sleeping fawn, careful not to awaken him, and then over the bridge.

I stepped into the lake and began to drink. From the corner of one eye, I could see the priest sitting with the sleeping fawn. Soon another joined them. With a snort, I turned and began a slow march toward those condemning statues. Surprisingly, I was stopped by the doe that clung to my side at the ruins. A fawn came shortly after. They seemed keen on the idea of playing. They began to jump around, and laughing in many peculiar ways. I admit I was compelled to, for once, join the laugh-seizures -but only temporarily. The doe left shortly after, and the fawn headed off on his own. I resumed my walk.

It didn't take long for me to notice three stags following me as I walked. When I finally stopped on the demon statue's hill, I looked to my sides and found two of my stalkers... one at each side. The third ran around us and faced us. I wasn't sure how to respond to this. They began to behave quite like a few fawns or drunks, mooing and dancing... Such foolish ways! I threw my hooves to the air and leapt away from them, and ran.

My destination was the ruins... the sanctuary I know better than anyplace else. It would be quieter by now... I didn't care that running caused my chains to further dig into my flesh, provoking fresh blood to rapidly spill over my hooves and over the ground. There would be no trail... not with the rain. I just needed to get away from all these deer.

Something caught my eyes just as the ruins came to view. I stopped, and found myself strangely drawn to a fawn dancing and playing in a patch of poppies. The air felt colder as I approached her. Yes...

She was the new ghost fawn... the one I had been hearing mutterings of. I noticed things I had never heard mentioning of, however. The manner of her death was clearly illustrated on her small, innocent frame. She was savaged... crushed... Her eyes were so full of fear and sadness.

I came close to her... and outstretched my neck to nuzzle her.

Such coldness... Such sadness...

Such fear... in those dead, staring eyes.

Such pain...

She returned the nuzzle, and asked me to stay... to play with her.

And how could I refuse this departed one's wish?

Again I felt that faith approaching. Looking away from her, I witnessed the priest approaching. He joined us. Shaking and aware of the fawn's ghostly nature... and now seeming to recognize my own. Enticed by this morning, fearful apparition... he and I both began to... play... with this little girl. They hopped in the poppies a little more freely than myself... hindered by these shackles, I admit I'm not much of a bouncer, or a dancer.... But I tried, and I almost feel the effort mattered somehow to this little ghost...

Soon, a calm stag joined us. The ghost fawn asked us to sit with her... so we all sat around her.

I believe I saw a glimpse of happiness in those dead eyes... for a brief second.

The others left at some point... I'm not sure how long it had been. The fawn stood, and I followed suit. She bid farewell... and shared another cold nuzzle before disappearing.

I returned to the ruins, and collapsed beside the gravestones with a sigh.

Self Critique:

Well, I'm amazed I wrote all this in one sitting. Never intended it to be this long. XD So, yeah, I'm happy with this. I couldn't think of a better song than this for the story, too...

(6/8/09) Had to go threw screenshots today to find the missing details, and correct some errors. Perfect now.

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The Priest is honored to be

The Priest is honored to be in your writing. Nicely done. Laughing out loud (And no, I didn't recognize him. xD My bad). Also, they both sleep in the Ruins. Odd. Shocked
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very nice! You really

very nice! You really describe well how a ghost should "feel". xD

I'm a little wolf inside a girl.

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X3 Thank yua both. @ocean:

X3 Thank yua both.

@ocean: Wow, irony much? XD


Wow! I'm truly sorry for missing this!
I love everything, and you wrote so much!
I will add it immediatly. The ghost fawn thanks you.
BTW much love for phantom...

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Literature? *is epically

Literature? *is epically flattered* #^^#
lol, easy to miss considering so many great stories were popping up at around the same time. It's a lot to read threw. ^^
I'm glad you liked this. ^^

and yes... phantom = the best. X3

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Very much. Different

Very much. Different reasons...maybe. Though I think they both lost some people. ;P
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That's probably it. |P

That's probably it. |P

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