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Unusual Magic

The moonlight cut silver lines through endlessly thickened fog, only to create a bleak grey glow on the surface of the pond’s unbroken, glassy surface. The ghostly wisps of unseasonal fog that entrenched the landscape that night muted out nearly all color from the forest, and rendered visibility into a functional minimum. Even the astute nocturnal creatures of the forest were resigned to their dens and nests, lest the imagined threats and beasts of the fog manifest their selves from nightmares into reality. It was the right conditions needed for just a bit of magic.

Three bulls stood just beyond the pond’s shore, speaking among one another quietly to avoid gaining the attention of any nearby denizens of the forest. Two of the three were of particularly large build, with massive horns, and extra sets of domineering crimson eyes, while the third was of medium build and seemed to somehow attract the moon’s pale light to himself by simply standing there, resembling a blue ghost in the fog.

“I doubt we’ll have another chance like this any time soon. If any of the ingredients are wrong, or if our timing is wrong we’ll need to wait until next autumn for another chance for nature’s events to align properly again.”
“Now is not the time to start concerning yourself about ingredients. You divined their need yourself, and your experience is unquestionable. Have a little more confidence in yourself, necromancer.”
”Right, right. Call it caster’s jitters.”

As the more vocal, monotonous duo spoke among one another, they had begun a process in using a special collection of herbs and crushed runes, intermixed with dried potentially hallucinogenic substances the pale blue bull opted out of identifying, to carefully construct a series of symbols across the ground; a Veve, depicting the voodoo lwa ‘Gran Bwa’, at the center of the Celtic tree of life.
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set help plz kthx

Ok, so I've had the itch to play an old derp again, but it turns out he's not been used in about... 3 laptops and one or two forest versions. Needless to say I don't even have his old spelldata files anymore, which is annoying since it was great to have everything layered perfectly in terms of antlers and masks.

I managed to get him a temporary set by messing around in de drinkplaats, so he's DotD and zombie masked, but that's it right now.
The set I need over this is the magpie pelt, magpie mask, and the large realdeer antlers under key antlers, preferably under orca antlers if possible. If I can't get the layers, that's probably ok since I don't know if TEF saves layers anymore. Anywaaaaay... Any help getting SaixVII his set back is appreciated. <3
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[=11]Image by Scythe.
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10 years

Oh gawd, it's been 10 years (and some odd 22 hours I guess!) since I first joined TCF's community. Granted, last few years I haven't been particularly active due to work/college/life/incompatible computers/ect. Regardless, I'll be popping in and out of the forest a bit today to celebrate tonight. I've just re-installed the game and determined that my newest laptop REALLY doesn't like the screensaver-game thing, so I might be limited to hanging out at the ruins a bit, but I resolve to be on!
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Note: I will usually take requests on what to play or draw, and most of my livestreams would be in the art category. Today, I'll be playing undertale (Pacifist Route) unless requested otherwise.
Currently out of the Ruins.
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Necro-A.R.C.H.E.L.I.U.S.-Mancer (Retrack)

[=11]Image by Scythe.
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Forest Status: In Forest
Connection: Fair

Mental: 100%
Physical: 100%
Emotional: Approachable

Thinking: Hey Y'all!
Saying: Yo!

Currently: Adventuring. Found herself a Ryuu and Vivian while hanging out with her grumpybutt grandpa.

Name: Chruthú
Name Meaning: Creation
Identity: Chruthu
Age: Two years.
Birthday: 7/2/2016
Breed: Irish Elk Chimera
Scent: Cedar and Sulfur
Gender: Female
Orientation: Ambiguous
Set: Realdeer mask, gold pelt, DOTD pelt, or fan pelt (depending on season), default horns or magpie horns (seasonal). Resembles her dotd-set family most accurately in the fall.
Music: Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga

Eternal Ties:

Creator, Father - Archelius
Genetic donors, bones, artifacts - Various Unknowns
Grandfather - Darkweaver
Grandmother - Laghodessa
Great Uncle - Pathweaver
Uncles - Adrastos, Loki, Cearul
Aunts - Laoise, Arien, Idaine, Cydae

The Acquainted:

Some? Gotta track names and pictoes lol.

Open minded, Alert, Curious, Developing.

Inventory: A soft yellow leather bag necklace containing about ten cinnamon sticks.


(8/30/18) Actually being social. Hanging out with non-family omg. A few fawns and stags that need to be identified. Shenanigans.

(??/??/16-18) Stuff?

(10/4/16) Helping daddy and grampy with Halloween prep. Dressed herself up in cobwebs and spiders as a makeshift costume and trolled a few other fawns with her spider-mummy costume. (Player essentially temporarily inactive due to IRL life taking over.)

(7/17/16) Met Reira. Tried to help find her 'missing' eyes in the pond, even though the doe really only ever needed and had two.
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You can do better (Short comic WIP) Panels 1-10 up.

Panels 1-5, Pg. 1.

Panels 6-10, (Or 1-5 of pg. 2)

Edit: Fixed the dialogue in the 4th panel and 5th panel.

More soon. If you want a minor cameo appearance, feel free to let me know. I may have the artistic prowess to pull off something.
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Nyeh [D. Papyrus] Heh Heh!

Forest Presence: Out of forest.
Connection: Connecting alright.
Mental: 100%
Physical: 100%
Mood: Quiet.

Events: (10/4/16) Still around. Raegfacing at spooky memes. (Player essentially inactive because IRL is too intense lately. Trying to return.)

(7/24/16) Rainy day in the forest. Found himself missing some old friends. Noticed a lot of deer around the ruins upon waking up. Parked himself near Hiroshi, Klytie, and Skellr.
Noticed Morgul, Quay, and others around the ruins where he appeared.

(7/22/16) Slow day so far. Noticed Sloane sitting alone, and decided to sit by her a while. Wandered a while afterwards, then noticed Eli Sullivan sitting alone. Sat by him, and noticed his breathing, which more or less indicated some level of rib damage. Somewhat surprised when the stag stood up and started moving around, but remained seated himself for an uncomfortably long time before bowing and dismissing himself. Had the distinct feeling his eccentric personality might not bode well for the other's natural healing process. Dozed off under the willow tree near the pond, after greeting Jyoti who was sitting in the water. Unintentionally missed Dorian while spaced out under that tree. Will have to kick himself for that later.

(7/15/16) Woke up late in the forest, and discovered Ailenana waiting for him to get up. Momentarily freaked out at himself for being a lazybones and keeping a friend waiting. Shortly afterwards, introduced himself to Ophela, and joined her and Ailenana for some antics around the ruins. Continued to goof around with Ailenana after Opehla left, dancing inside trees and such.

(7/8/16) Fun times. Yep. Met a group of between 2 and 4 fawns, a "Skullz111", and Aileana. Essentially opened up a fawn-care with Aileana. Later, also met Dorian.
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Set help?

So I decided to check out the newer forest, but of course now can't access my set since it wasn't in the server. Is there a way to trick the server so I can get my deer's set together without waiting for Halloween? Otherwise, I may need some help at least getting the DOTD pelt, fan antlers, and some other mask together. Maybe realdeer?
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