10 years

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Oh gawd, it's been 10 years (and some odd 22 hours I guess!) since I first joined TCF's community. Granted, last few years I haven't been particularly active due to work/college/life/incompatible computers/ect. Regardless, I'll be popping in and out of the forest a bit today to celebrate tonight. I've just re-installed the game and determined that my newest laptop REALLY doesn't like the screensaver-game thing, so I might be limited to hanging out at the ruins a bit, but I resolve to be on!
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happy one decade!

happy one decade! <3

Happy 10 I remember Zerg

Happy 10 Smiling I remember Zerg from back in the day, it's always good to see an old player
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I'VE MISSED YYOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!Exclaim Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D

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Happy old folks TEF

Happy old folks TEF club-ening B)
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Y'all. <3 Getting on in a few minutes. Hopefully my laptop won't fuss too much, lol!
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HAPPY 10! 8D I haven't been

HAPPY 10! 8D

I haven't been very active myself in a few years. Mostly due to somewhat faded interest and people I would hang out with having drifted off awhile ago. \o/ But I'll never be truly gone. I'm always lurking... >>
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Same here. Alllllways

Same here. Alllllways lurking, always watching. X3

^^^ So good to see you, Pega

^^^ So good to see you, Pega
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Wooo congrats!! it's really

Wooo congrats!! it's really cool to see you still around, a lot of people from 10 years ago seem to have faded. Not too suprising, but still. Have a good 10 year anniversary !

whoaaaaah Zerg wb! you were

whoaaaaah Zerg wb! you were like my first forest friend I think?
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Ironically, I decided to log

Ironically, I decided to log in today. Bylah's not QUITE ten, but he'll be there soon.

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Ravyn: :3 It's been a while!

Ravyn: :3 It's been a while!

Bylah: Haven't seen you in forever. Heya. :3 (Gawd we oldies/decade-ers need to group up and hang out at some point in forest.)
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EYYY! DECADE! \o/ Happy

Happy anniversary, Zerg <3
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Happy 10!!

Happy 10!!

Phew, that's quite the

Phew, that's quite the accomplishment!
Happy decade! also

hehehe NICE, the weed number...
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congrats Zerg, you are now a

congrats Zerg,
you are now a honored member of the "ten-club"
Hey, I remembering you its been a loooong while, I think.

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