Why? (Amary's journal)

There was more fighting today...

This time it was between Virgil, whom I deeply respect, and another stag whom I have never met.

I don't know what was going on. I didn't see who attacked first. All I know was Virgil suddenly seemed angry when this other stag appeared, and then they were clashing antlers. Several deer were around, but no one was doing anything. Well, I tried telling them to stop, but when they wouldn't listen, I tried getting in between them a few times. They ignored me. And, this time, I ended up being hit with a few stray blows. Well, I knew it was a risk... I don't care. It's only a few bruises. What bothers me more is that I couldn't stop the fighting. I've never seen Virgil act like that...

Virgil...why must you fight?
I hope they're okay...both of them...

There was another doe that got in the way a few times. I'm not sure what she was really trying to do. But that's not important.

I don't understand, why all this fighting? Why must deer fight each other? I don't see the purpose for it. Deer just get hurt. I don't see how it accomplishes anything.

And why...why can't all deer get along with each other? I used to think that everyone was happy, and...well, when I was a fawn, I never encountered anything like this. Is something happening? Have things changed, or have I just not noticed it before? How can these things happen in a place that's supposed to be a paradise?
And why does no one do anything to stop it?

Is...is this...how it feels...to be...sad?

The deer mentioned here are Virgil, Walter, and Taliene, who belong to their respective owners.
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Walter spent that night

Walter spent that night hurling assults at Virgil and a few deer around him at the time, that is why there was fighting this night. O:
He was trying to protect everyone and himself, problem being is that Walter is stronger than him. xD

I hope Amary feels better soon. :<

Lovely writing. <3

Beautiful writing <3 --

Beautiful writing <3

-- Dannii <3


@both: Thanks. :3 Though

@both: Thanks. :3 Though it's nothing special, really. |3

@Verycrazygirl: I'm sure she will, provided nothing else happens too soon. |3 She won't stay down for long.

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