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Hello all,

Holy smokes, it's been awhile. Been busy with life and stuff. How are y'all?

I can't believe I've had a deer here for 11 years! Shocked I am eagerly awaiting the Mac release of TEF so I can run around and play with all of you again!

November, November

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A thought, meant to spur conversation more than anything else

Was chit chatting with a pal the other night and we got to talking about the different styles of playing characters on TEF; mainly the whole IC and OOC debacle.
I was curious if anyone else felt that playing 'purely IC' or 'purely OOC' affected their experience of playing the game.

Example: Back when I first joined TEF and played my doe Cydae- yes she was a character- but she was still very much a part of me and that showed. And even going on to make Brooks and the characters that came after them, the actions they displayed in game wouldn't necessarily be what they would do because I wanted to play the game moreso than be confined by a grumpy character that doesn't want to do things.
Like, for story purposes, Cydae doesn't like the Twin God statues, cannot see, and cannot stand being spelled by the devout, but unless I'm in forest with people I know, I'll play around, spell-spam, and make merry. If I see characters played by people I'm not on good terms with, I'll avoid them even if the characters would get along because I'm not trying to interact with the people behind the character and get involved with their stories.
Despite having been a member here for over 6 years I don't completely understand how people communicate in-depth roleplays in-forest and expect others to understand complex communication while being limited to a dozen or so basic movements.

Perhaps this has been talked about previously and I understand the blog posts created that say 'If you're interacting with this avatar in forest YOU ARE NOT TALKING TO ME, YOU ARE TALKING TO THAT CHARACTER'. like, got it, all g.
However I was curious as to if anyone else felt as if there was this... ah for lack of a better term, 'language barrier' with themselves and the forest. Like, if I plopped a deer in the forest, I'm just trying to dick around and enjoy myself. Having my character just sit and be idle because it's difficult to approach others because that character is introverted isn't...
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personal blog i gUESS...
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non-zero possibility [personal]

disclaimer: i'm gonna swear here. also the gif is by paul robertson
i remade this bc i can't be assed to find my old one
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Back from the Dead (again...)

It’s been way too long. I seem to have some kind of horrible curse when it comes to computers and life. I’ve missed this forum and I’m happy to see the new forest well on its way!! Hoping to stay around on the forum even though I still can’t play in the forest itself.
And a bit of a large change, especially for those of you that knew me in the past, I’m going by he/him now. When I was last on here, I wasn’t out as a trans male but now I am. Lots has changed heh

(Tried to change my username but I can’t cause a bug on here won’t let me post comments with that name ;-;)
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returning to my home.... the forest.

I've tried and failed, to stay away from my true home, the forest. my friends and family alike have an incredibly strong dislike for the forest; explaining my prolonged absence but i'm confused as to why... this place gives me a day to day mental pleasure, it gives me motivation with the amount of joy simply thinking about the medicinal, sedative calmness within our limitless love. the forest.

Needless to say, I'm back and with intent to have a much bigger impact on our ever shrinking community. I need a family, a permanent one. I want to learn more and even teach others about our home and the love we have for it. Released from school for spring break, I've been given the perfect opportunity to give this place my love and attention. I want to experience the Endless Forest in a new more social light. Never would I say this place bores me but I yearn for a loving few, fellow deer, but I'm not sure how to take on something like this; that's why i made this blog (kinda...). I'm also in the process of creating a new persona, one i want to find in a group of people who love and enjoy me as i do them. I could always do these thing by my lonesome but i want to be more embedded in the forest.

As time goes on it takes my memories of the place with it. The Endless Forest beings me a revolving joy the continues to circle around and i want to keep it going, so i'm starting over... as a fawn.

I had fun!

I had a pretty good day today! it's been a while since I've hung around in the forest since being that the last time I've played this was in middle school. But it brought back alot of bittersweet feels and I feel pretty happy about it. I just wish My computer wasn't so old ;.;
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Nirnasha ~ Any Opinions?

I created Nirnasha awhile ago. I have recently decided to work on him, but I may want to change his pictogram.


I woke up in a strange new place, in a strange new body.

Or have I always been like this?

The forest is warm, welcoming.
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