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Old art shop, to be updated!
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Saturnia's Pixel Shop OPEN


Edit: 11.05.2023 Accepting 3 more slots to cover a bill and get meds! To make page pretty and post all pixels is the next step.
Edit: 22.03.2023 I am still working on the requests, but since I have days off more frequently now, I've accepted some slots and am looking to take a few more! I've upped the prices slightly, smaller pixels go for €6 and the bigger ones for around €10-12. That said, they're mostly PWYW! They usually have a very quick turnaround. It means so much when people like these!
1. Sapphire - Completed
2. Sapphire - Completed
3. karame - Sketchy
Edit 03.03.2023 thread needs an overdue update! I’m open for some requests instead, my last comments will have more info!

Old examples from 2017 - ???
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