about little fawn : 3

Feeon is very playful and friendly fawn.she loves playing in the water and running around.
she is very cautious around new people and can easly be scared off.
she is a very curious little fawn and like to see what going on.
one thing about her is that she never like being alone.
feeon is timid and anxious when she is left alone.
she try to spend as much time with the very few friends she has made.

(i will try to make a better bio for later)

Hii ♥ wanted to ask

Hii ♥

wanted to ask if you have discord or something?

Hello there. Adorable little

Hello there. Adorable little fawn you got.

yes i do : ) its thewhitefawn

yes i do : ) its thewhitefawn #9080

thank you ^^

thank you ^^
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Tracking <3

Discord that I rarely use tamermist#7788

She's so cute! Nice to meet

She's so cute! Nice to meet you, Feeon.