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(will edit more later) <-- this her infor

Name: feeon
age: 1 year old 7 month
Gender: female

feeon is somewhat standoffish but will join a group. feeon is very loving mother and is want to have more fawns.
feeon is not really fighter but will fight if need be.
(for those who want to rp with me. my discord: thewhitefawn#9080 feel free to add me : ) )

The Lynx - Feeon

about little fawn : 3

Feeon is very playful and friendly fawn.she loves playing in the water and running around.
she is very cautious around new people and can easly be scared off.
she is a very curious little fawn and like to see what going on.
one thing about her is that she never like being alone.
feeon is timid and anxious when she is left alone.
she try to spend as much time with the very few friends she has made.

(i will try to make a better bio for later)

Making friends

well i have had great few day of running around with a few other deer. i wish to know who you are. Smiling
its small group lol.
(i have no pictures : ( )

Starting a new

it feel like forever.the last time i play this was back in 2012. it been so many years,i forgot how fun this game was and how great these people are who play this game.
i forgot my username and password on my old account i dont think it still here. but i am start over new with this one.
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