The Lynx - Feeon


Name: Feeon

Age: Young Adult / January 04 2018
Gender: Female
Size: #20 / lynx #23
Scent: Honeysuckle, Milk
Orientation: Bisexual?
Diet: Omnivore - Eats small animals and plants
Specie: Fallow deer / white tail / Eurasian lynx
Voice: 0:14 adult voice | 1:16-1:17 adolescent voice | 1:56 child voice
Sounds: This
Ref: by Fang1014 - By me - By Fang1014 - By me - By me
Possessions: Small blue shiny rock - found it with Anpiel at the pond
Purple flowers - Anpiel gave it to her
Gold pig plushie - A gift from Jonah
A pet white silkie hen - Found on her travels
A golden necklace - From Lilly


Brave, kindheart, clever, playful, friendly, protective, irritable, quiet, familiar, loving, maternal, flirtatious, loyal, solitary, ''aggressive'', ''rude''

-Loves the water.
-Very confident for meet new people.
-Great with kids, very maternal.
-Enjoys being alone but also loves spend time with her family and friends often.
-Can be very mischievous sometimes.
-She is conscious about herself.
-Always is attentive and tries to protect all she loves.
-Really loyal with her friends and family.
-She can be really aggressive if someone is hurting those she loves.
-Tries always to be kind and sweet but if someone is being unfriendly or hostile she can be really rude.



Aspen- Adopted mother. Loves, fond of and adores. Misses.
Lewis- Aspen's son. Adoptive brother. Fond of. Misses.
Kokabiel- Anpiel's brother. Loves and adores. Trusts. Partner.
Anpiel- Best friend of childhood. Brother-in-law. Sees him now as a brother and part of her family but she still feels something for him like she has to do before. Confused about them.
Jonah- Father-in-law. Saved and took care of her when she was a child. Likes and grateful.
Elijah - Father-in-law. Was nice with her but she was afraid of him. Didn't see him in a while.
Zuriel - Brother-in-law. Unsure.
Nathaniel - Brother-in-law. Unsure. Curious of.
Ely- son- love so much
Floie- duaghter - love so much.

Alchemilla- Likes, enjoys being around. Misses.


Centelleo-Curious of?


Ulurah- Dislikes a lot. Scared and attacked by her. Run away. Danger.
Shadeless - The demon that cursed her and can't scape from him. Hates. Enemy.

And more. If you want your character here say to me. ^^

Disclaimer box

Feeon is IC.
Art by me.
Css by Kamaya. And thanks for the help, Party1 :b

DisclaimerCSS by Kamaya

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such a cutie ;; ♥

such a cutie ;; ♥

Oh my gosh this is all so

Oh my gosh this is all so cute
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OH hello there. Id love to

OH hello there. Id love to introduce my little fawn Sorana to her.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391


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Discord that I rarely use tamermist#7788
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I keep stumbling across you.

I keep stumbling across you. Feeon is so cute. c:

I just have to be here

I just have to be here