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Making friends

well i have had great few day of running around with a few other deer. i wish to know who you are. Smiling
its small group lol.
(i have no pictures : ( )

Starting a new

it feel like forever.the last time i play this was back in 2012. it been so many years,i forgot how fun this game was and how great these people are who play this game.
i forgot my username and password on my old account i dont think it still here. but i am start over new with this one.

Easy Does It (Introduction)

hello! For months now I've constantly been captivated by this gorgeous game and the marvelous art that the community creates. I sit for hours just scrolling through the concept/fan galleries, staring at everyone's creations. If I had half the talent of all you artists!

I'm finally trying my best to involve myself in this game and the upcoming one as well now that I have a decent computer to run it. I also finally got the courage to sit next to someone who very kindly blessed a new pelt upon me (one of my favorites too.) There are many more hours I'm planning on dedicating to making art of my deer and playing this game to come and I can't be more excited about it.

Anyway, I'm Raja, I'm a college student in the USA, and I've always been super obsessed with deer and bones/skulls. I enjoy sleeping (too much sometimes) and I'm pursuing towards a Biology career to hopefully work with animals like these here! Just minus the human faces, hopefully.

expedition ; (rp/character development)

*may contain mature themes

hello aaaaaa!!

I'm sorry I'm not so active! my school is reliant on my dedication, especially being a senior in a magnet school and trying to apply for an art college jsdajhdsh! but today I got to meet some fawns and they were very sweet! I had a lot of fun traveling with them hanging out in some areas! I especially like being near the lake!

Hey what is this game

I was walking around the forest and then The Devil™ came up to me, gave me a flower crown then disappeared into smoke.
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Hi there...

Hello deer of the forest! I have been... inactive lately. BUT, I'm coming back to the forest! I look forward to seeing y'all in the future! Cya deeries!
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