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I am here asking for your reagents [Seeking interaction on alchemical part harvest]

Yo so,
Zuriel is my alchemist and we all know the endless forest is all sorts of magic.
Of course, he is interested in various materials found in here.
They don't necessarily need to be inherently magical.

Here I am asking if anyone would consent to have some of their character's ' hair, hoof clippings, antler, saliva, horn shavings, eyelashes, feathers, scales, shedding, and so on and so on' harvested.
(or if things go more awry, bigger chonks of the body(if anyone needed an excuse to hate on Zuriel and miss and ear or a tail, this is a splendid opportunity))

If so yes~
I'll give a visit in-game when I find the character online, or perhaps vice-versa.

For what reason he is doing this, shall remain unknown.
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A letter

You all know who you are, I wonder if you still think about me. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss you (all).

I used to be anxious every time I got a DM, but now, I particularly burst with joy when somebody boops me.
I'm in a much better place now than ever before.
Now I only think of the good stuff now.

The friends we've made along the way, the many fun, perhaps emotional experiences we've had, the jokes and belly-bursting gags I've had with others...
I hope y'all doing fine too. How are you all?

You may occasionally spot me with my dearest Cannibriel, Siddhartha or Torfastr in the forest.
(Don't be shy to poke me if you miss any particular character.)
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How much interest is there for forum roleplay

What the title says.
How much interest would it be for some openish semi openish roleplays on the community.
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A wild Ves had been sighted?

What the title says.

You can see me in the forest maybe. Nothing changed. Can ask me for updates.
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Character names and picking them

Honestly, this is something that very much intrigued me when it came down to character names.

I come from a roleplay community where when we searched for baby players or parents. The baby players would design the baby, but the name picking belonged to the parents. Most often it was like this at least.

It really felt interesting, it's somewhat a surprise for the parents how their baby gonna look, so it's exciting. But it's also a surprise to the baby player, on what name they'll have.
It's usually not an issue often enough since parents tend to give sensible and beautiful names to their kids, plus you tend to grow attached to the given name either way.
At least for some people, picking a name can be tedious so we'll end up resorting to asking for suggestions either way.

I'm always a bit saddened that this practice was very limited in its scope. But I suppose having neigh all the freedom is pretty nifty as well.
Plus I really miss that lol, I'm one of the people that can't decide often enough and If I don't pick a sensible name soon enough the 'silly work in progress nickname' ends up the one to stay oofff...... xD

I wonder what you guys prefer?
Are you one of those people that find having a name picked for you exciting?
Do you find picking names difficult and you end up resorting to parent suggested ones anyway?
Or how do you feel like about the name themes (I once had a character that went with Shakespearean inspired names. Or names belonging to X cultures.)
Do you prefer to be in total control over the naming process (as a parent or baby)
As a parent, do you find anticipating what name the kids pick exciting?
As a kid, do you find the anticipating what name the parents pick exciting?
Would you mind or not mind having a name picked for you?
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A free design and slots. Sika Japanese deer

The design. It is questionable how much is marking and how much is paint. But I always thought it would be intriguing if the white on the face were really makeup (or maybe it's really white) and the facepaint would change from instance to instance. Kabuki inspired.
Or maybe it's all just marking, who knows, not me for sure.

Regardless. This is the design up for grabs to play a fawn of The Apprentice and Hanae. (poke me for pictures of the mam if you'd rather design your own.) The fawns would be part sika deer and part tengu. They can have a human(and tengu), Japanese hawk-or-kite or sika deer facial features and anything between.
They're of Japanese descent.

-One slot is reserved for a previous player.
-One open slot.
-Possible second open slots.
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Deery deer, art, herding and educational discord group

It started as a small idea of a discord group where I could compile my translations for the book about Deer by Ferdinand von Raesfeld and Kurt Reulecke. A book very in-depth about red deer which sadly has no english translation.
But the concept has since changed.

Now it's a group dedicated to deer where everyone can share resources related to biology, behaviour and anatomy. Or just learn about deer, discuss deer and our deery characters or plan out rp where we can try apply some of our knowledge in practice.
There are also channels in the sideline dedicated to birdwatching, botanics and other animals, so there may be a little bit for everyone around.
It's also a very light-weight group.

It now includes it's first information entries, and we're already plotting for some good fun.

Everyone is welcome.
It's called The Wild Ones and its acronym is TWO.
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Tsubasa x Aapeli

Time to use these to bond and meet up with people y'all <3

Eastern wind When two avians meet, feathers are ruffled
Tsubasa x Aapeli
Loving Tengu x Sika japanese mother, lots of birdy/feathery possibilites.
The fawnlett will be hatched from an egg.
Definitely one, second slot up for debate, a definite yes if fawn player wants to play with a friend.
One fawnlett found. Possibility for a second still present.
= One slot is filled, but u know, clutches are a clutch!

contact Wildflower#8793 or Fireflyness#3901 for more information.
Figured this might pop up a bit.
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The apprentice' blindeggs [eggs]

The apprentice returns from his extensive travels...oh what he might have brought...bundles of eggs...20 of them!
He says that the beasts within are...fairly intelligent, feeling beings. Though he may not be sure just how intelligent.
He's a bit secreteve of the source from where they come.
But surely with a little bit of heat and love you will soon uncover what is held within?

OOC: There's 20 blind eggs, first comes first takes, so please pick another number than the one previously picked, I shall post what the egg contains in order!
You can take eggs IC-ly and OOC-ly, I will respond accordingly ooc-ly and with the Apprentice for IC segments.
What you do with the content is up to you! Trade seems most apropriate, ignore or.. eat is a grim possibility or relay the egg to another if you so desire ;P

All adopted, thank you all for this incredible trade session!
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