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Contact information + Update

For anyone interested in interacting with me - not sure if anyone left here still remembers me or my boy but figured I'd give it a go Smiling

New people are always welcomed as well - I love making friends.
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Open invitation to roleplay.

For anyone interested in interacting with Yurei after his return to the forest. It's been a while and I'm a slight bit rusty. If more than one person wants to join that's fine but this will be one central roleplay onto which everyone can add their own part.

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Why I was away.

[center]For those who still remember my character Yurei, whom I've recently brought back into the forest after an extended period of absence I decided to make this very quick post on why I was away from the forest.

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions; no there was no TEF related drama that pushed me away, this community has always ( and I sincerely hope still is) the most supportive one I have ever been a member of. My reasons were personal and health related, as some of you know I have anxiety problems among other things I don't think are appropriate to discuss out in the open. To make this story short I'll skip right to the point - basically I was going through a very dark period in my life dealing with depression, panic attacks and generally feeling like I wasn't even worthy of breathing and being part of the living. I didn't feel like leaving my house or being social with anyone in any way, I neglected a lot of things and mostly spend my days sleeping.

Those of you who have been unfortunate enough to have depression know exactly what I'm talking about. When you feel so worthless that even breathing becomes a burden, that's how I was feeling. The other reason I decided to stay away from TEF for a while was because, and I'm a bit ashamed to admit it but whatever, I used to be in a complicated long distance relationship with a member of the community and frankly coming on here only made me feel worse. I didn't want to write this down or even tell her because look it wasn't her fault, long distance is a pain and she met someone else who I hope is a better person than me and I hope she's happy.
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• ???? •

Redoing this ~~~~ Sticking out tongue

Yurei is a smol silly ghost boy -
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Name: Yurei.
Age: Young adult ( 23 human years )
Gender: Male.
Species: Deer.
Date Of Birth: August 17. ( Re-birth )
Set: WIP

Father : ?
Mother: ?
Siblings: Ren.
Crush: Laurette.
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Running around.
Following others.
Playing with the fawns.
The playground.
Slacking off on rocks.
Rolling around in water.
Poking his brother.
Being around other deer.
Making friends.

Being randomly attacked.
Being ignored.
Being alone.
Any kind of mistreatment towards other, specially does and fawns.

Yurei is:
Rather secretive despite the fact he loves being around others, he won't show his feelings to just anyone he meets. He is very friendly, and is protective of fawns as they remind him of himself. Yurei is still very immature despite his age, because he never had the chance to actually grow, he harbors a deep sorrow in his heart but he tries to keep that side of him hidden from all other deer. The only person he truly trusts with his feelings is his twin brother Ren. Being the kind soul that he is, he will avoid confrontation at all costs, but will never allow a fawn or a doe to be hurt in his presence, and is willing to fight to the very end for them. His dark past sometimes shows a little but he does a very good job at pretending he's just like everyone else, Yurei is a very confused stag, because he doesn't fully remember his past but glimpse of it appear to him in dreams at times. He is attracted to the playground for reasons he has yet to understand, same as his brother Ren.

Extra: Yurei's ghost self "died" in a matter of speaking as he had to return to the spirit realm, but he was given a second chance to experience living. So Yurei is no longer a ghost but he's still a little confused about what's happening.

Name: Artemis.
Age: Young adult.
Gender: Female
Species: Deer
Date Of Birth: April 21.
Set: White pelt, red flowers in antlers, no mask.
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