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As the sun rose on the horizon by the pond, a faint sunbeam pierced the branches of the trees. It landed on the base of the twin gods. Its gleaming white exterior nearly glowed on the hilltop with the sunbeam a diamond sparkle crescendoes then diminuendoes making the many deer nearby turn their head to see what the flash was all about. The same occurred on the back side of the twin gods from the opposite direction except evening sun accomplished it.

Sunrise, sunset dancing in sunbeams hoping for that moment of clarity like a diamond of placed light to happen where all the world becomes balanced then the music of the spheres bursts forth to give energy for the passing of the night. Where that journey takes one only the gods know.

Diamond gateways bring one into the light and a diamond gateway takes a deer out All get a preview for a time at sunrise and sunset so it will not be a surprise.

Ponderings of the Progeny 1

Is it better to die in pieces or all at once? I watch as mother and father deer get reports from doctor deer down by the pond of being healthy. Yet things are not the same. For years a deer progresses upward, refines a skill, flies a bit farther... then one day not so far, not as fast still good but something drifted away never to be retrieved. At first no big deer deal since plenty more after a life time of romping around, diving in the water or flying in the air.

Slowly despite the healthy reports mother and father deer give up some favorite activities small things at first then bigger things. Long trips become less frequent and roaming starts being only at the favorite spot. Realization that nothing can be done to make it better other than make it comfortable.

Should the mother and father deer find a fire spot and rage, rage at the dying of the light inside? Or do you just let it slowly envelope till no reason more to do or think? At that point what does progeny deer say.

A deer life well lead cannot go on forever so how do you exit ancient wise deer. What do you save and what do you let go. No dreaded deer disease, no dramatic heart attack no intense pain, just a very slow fading. Those deer together so long have long since merged into one so how does one become single again after so long paired? Lovely healthy gray parent deer enjoying simple sunbeams, the taste of food, the feel of a large velvet brown glade to nap in and the trickle of water.
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A New Account, With New Questions...

Since my computer that I used to run the game on broke, I hadn't been playing for a while. Now that I can play on another computer I can't remember my account info, so I had to create a new account. It'll be good to play in the forest with everyone once again. I'm looking forward to it.

I just had a few questions. There are some things I can't remember how to do while getting reacquainted with the game.

- How do I walk really slow? For the life of me I can't remember.

- As a fawn is it impossible to use forest magic on other deer? I can't seem to be able to. It has been so long since I've played as a fawn. It has me worried...

- Also What is the button for screen shots?

Any help would be most appreciated. Also sorry if this is the wrong category. Been wayyyy too long.
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First Steps

Art by LostintheEcho

xx Name: Bargac xx Species: Maned Wolf/Babirusa Hybrid xx Personality: Friendly, cautious, stubborn, determined, excitable, adventurous, inquisitive, intelligent, social but uncertain of more than two strangers xx Current Height: 50 cm xx Age: 4 months old xx Runt of his family xx Born Maned Wolf, Mutated by a portal xx

Day one

World smells strange, smells sickly sweet, strange purple flowers
Do not recognise forest, do not recognise any smell, no sign of family here
Can't get back, tried to go back but couldn't, tried walking back to the strangeness but was gone
Can't see far, strange white over everything, have to use smell
So many noises, so many strangers, must be careful of dangers
Managed to hunt, managed to catch frogs and hoppers, found fruit and a hollow den
Will stay here, need find better food, won't last if can't find food

Restart the game


I found this game years ago and I just can't forget. In the past I can't really know what it's for or how to play or what's fun in this but now I see and I want to play everytime. It's really relaxing and help with anxiety. Sometimes I just have fun make spells on others, or just lay in mushroom circles or sleep. I love this entire game, the music, the cute thing to do and the way how people can communicate with each other without words.
I love to run in circles around other deers so you will probably recognise me doing this all the time. Laughing out loud
My kindest moment was when I recognised another deer just from the picto and she/he recognised me as well. It was so warmful! Smiling

Have a nice day everybody and have a good running near the pond!Smiling

Joystick question?

Hey all it has been many years. Im semi active again, not that anyone remembers me lol..

ANyway! I was wondering if someone here has knowledge about how joysticks work with TEF?

I am using a Xbox One Elite Controller, and it doesnt seem to talk with the game well if at all...

also experiencing lag spikes. I go from 56 frames per second to 18... and vice versa.

Any help is appreciated or suggestions!! Let me know what option worked for you.
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Aspen's Diary Archives

WIP need to find CSS that I like.
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i'm back

I haven't played this game for almost a year because I didn't have time (school) but now I'm back and I'll try to log on more often! C:
I love this game. It's so different from other games, I've never seen anything like it before.
Also, playing it for the first time was a very interesting/weird/scary experience for me. You see, in most games I play completely by myself, alone, but here it's quite impossible. (I mean, it IS possible but you HAVE TO interact with other people to change your deer appearance.)
I have a really bad social anxiety in real life and this game has helped me a little with getting used to the idea of working together. I know this may sound funny or stupid, but it's true.

I dunno. I just felt like writing this. Besides, I've never really interacted with the community on the forum so...
Hi! C:

about little fawn : 3

Feeon is very playful and friendly fawn.she loves playing in the water and running around.
she is very cautious around new people and can easly be scared off.
she is a very curious little fawn and like to see what going on.
one thing about her is that she never like being alone.
feeon is timid and anxious when she is left alone.
she try to spend as much time with the very few friends she has made.

(i will try to make a better bio for later)
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