An Old Player's (Unrelated) Art Blog (Updated 1/09)

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hello hello all. some of you may remember me, and some of you may not! i am an old player of this game.

long story short, this game gave me the inspiration to pursue the career and education i am today.
i am an animation major at a university local to me and am in the second half of my 5th of 8 years of education.
i have gotten too busy to play this game much, but i have everything as it was when i played so long ago, in hopes that it will someday change.

all of this art is unrelated to the game. perhaps someday, i might find time to make game-related art.
but today, i am very busy with course work and just want to dump some of my work here.

feel free to comment, critique, or say anything that comes to mind. i am not shy to constructive criticism.
i am still in college, but long ago i accepted the fact that i will always be learning! thank you for looking.
have a lovely day.

please let me know if any links don't work! i'm using google drive.
i have much more to post but these are just the few i don't have to scan and upload.
i'll be hopefully updating soon!

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♥♥♥!! yo

your work is lovely, the contrast is so nicely done in those last two pieces
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Track. Good to see you

Track. Good to see you around!

Your art is gorgeous; you've definitely got skill. I love those last two pieces with he object/emotion pairing especially. Looking forward to seeing more.

Formerly ocean.
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HI I MISSED YOU your art is

HI I MISSED YOU your art is awesome! That figure drawing though.. amazing!
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Din! Lovely to hear from

Din! Lovely to hear from you~
And lovely works!
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hi everyone!!! i missed you

hi everyone!!! i missed you all tons. thank you so much for the kind words! i'm proud of what i've learned, but i still have much to go!
we're just starting a new emotion photoshop painting this time with a pinecone, and i've chosen "cozy" so i'll update you guys when it is done!
i'm excited to post more of my old work in my free time. see you all soon : )

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That new one is gorgeous! It

That new one is gorgeous! It really does feel warm and cozy, what a nice piece.

Formerly ocean.
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o m f g i am actually 3

o m f g i am actually 3 months late replying to your comment. i am so, so sorry!
i don't know how i missed it (and for so long). thank you so much for your kind words <3
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loving that new art!

loving that new art!
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That last piece is my

That last piece is my favorite! I'm a sucker for eerie dark woods and just wow, you did great things with the perspective to really drive home the feeling. I'm not sure why it works, but it does!

No worries on lateness--I'm pretty late myself around here, haha.

Formerly ocean.
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thank you kimi!

thank you kimi! <3

and thank you so much!! ive always loved how small those type of perspective shots make me feel.
especially, i don't know if you've ever seen them in person, how california redwoods just tower over you.
these trees aren't redwoods but i wanted a super eerie feeling and i'm glad it worked! thank you again c:
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I have! They're my favorite

I have! They're my favorite kind of trees, actually. They really do give that "I'm small" feeling, don't they? It's awesome that you were able to capture that feeling!

Formerly ocean.
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oh yay, that's awesome!

oh yay, that's awesome! exactly. it kind of puts it all into perspective for me, how grand and old they are.
thank you again <3