it's been awhile!!!

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HEY, it's been awhile since I've shuffled around the community which is unfortunate because i miss this place and my own characters a lot.
I would say I've just been too busy but that's only half true because I'm lazy as hell lmao so most of my free time is spent sleeping or just scrolling through social media. BUT I WANT to spend at least a little of it back here, on my favorite internet community.

I've been trying to wiggle my way back for a bit, trying to bring in new characters but that literally never works out. SO I figured I should stick to my favorite ocs and see if I can slide them back into the forest to get shit started again before the rut. So this post is kind of asking for anyone to help me start getting some new or rekindle old relations for my boys so it's not as awkward stepping back into the forest. And these don't necessarily have to be positive interactions so feel free to throw whatever plots or ideas you have in mind my way!!

Behold my boys;

  • Darcia - Commonly referred to as sad dad, a depressed "vampire" man who has had some family drama in the past. He's my favorite bastard, and I love to see him get punched in the face but also it would be nice to get some genuine friends as well. He's open for literally any plots.
    I updated his bio so all his info should be more accurate now, yay.

  • Lovelace - Resident pretty brat boy who has too much self-confidence for his own good despite his own deep-seeded self-hatred. He's deep wow. He's not as great for plots but I really would love for him to get some friends or at least more people who he thinks are his friends. He tends to attract children and his relationships with babies are fun even though he sucks at being a good role model. AND If you wanna get bullied by him he's always down for that too.
    I made him a new bio recently(months ago oh god lmao) so everything is up to date.

  • If you have any interest, ideas or just wanna chat about TEF related things go ahead and shoot me a message on discord; hadou #2633
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    oh yaa one day i will write

    oh yaa
    one day i will write you
    :big eyes:
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    Ohuu aaai uka

    Ohuu aaai uka uka!

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    @sora @shenere Aaaa hey


    Aaaa hey you! how've you been??
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    hello~ gonna leave myself

    gonna leave myself here for a while c;
    By Draak <3

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    Fiine fiiiiine dear! Returned

    Fiine fiiiiine dear! Returned lately too, ahaaaha. ^^
    What about you? ^^

    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!