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I just came back from a quick little outing and expected to find very few deer. I went out just to get a feel of the map. So I wasn't prepared to see about fifty deer. Everywhere I went I found at least one deer, sometimes two or three in an area. I dunno why I was so shocked.

I, I just was. Also, for some magical reason, all of my screenshots magically disappeared. That got me frustrated, but oh well.

~Sincerely, Harmony

A New Dawn!

Well, this is my first morning here on TEF. May you all have a better morning than me. Smiling I had probably the weirdest morning of my life. No, that's a lie. But still. I was sleeping so sound dreaming a wonderful dream. When... Exclaim BOOM Exclaim I find that my guitar lesson person was here and has been for fifteen minutes... Embarrassing and gave me a heart attack. Well. That's it.

~Sincerely, Harmony
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