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Hi! I'm new in the Forest.

I mean... I created my account a while ago and my deer is a stag right now! Can you introduce me into this beautiful game?

I have a hard time communicating with other deers. How to ask someone to cast a spell on me? I tried casting spells on someone but they didn't react the way I intended. I felt like casting spells like this is rude ^^' Is it?

I see most of the deers are OCs who shouldn't be modified without permission but my deer is just an adveturous guy who likes trying on new combinations of elements! Cast a spell on my deer anytime Laughing out loud
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Reflecting over things

Long story short; I've been on this website for quite some time, 9 years.
I've fallen in and out of the community so many times, I've lost count. I started when I was very young, 10 years old or so, and made a lot of friends and acquaintances the next 3 or so. Then a lot of things changed at once and I disappeared for a very long time, only to get hit with nostalgia and return. Many people were gone.

So what's my point here? I'd really like to connect with someone or some here, if that would interest anyone. I miss the times but a lot has changed and I just have to accept it and move on, hopefully make new meaningful contact on my way.

So hey, if you would like to get to know me, I'd gladly get to know you. See you in the forest *smile*

A New Chapter

So I recently found this lovely game again, I can't remember if I played it during phase two or three but it has been some time, I happy I finally found this amazing game again. I hope In the future it continues to grow more and more, I believe I won't ever part from this game again anytime soon, haha.
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taking a break

SweetDeer123s Blog

Hi guys im SweetDeer123 and I really enjoy Endless Forest its a calming and relaxing game and I really have fun playing it. If any noobs have any questions or need any info on the game let me know because im always happy to help Eye. My deer is currently a fawn with red flowers on her head. If anyone could help me get some stuff I would really love it Ooh. I love making new friends Sticking out tongue.<3

I have no idea what happened.

I haven't existed in a while.
TEF decided not to work for a few months, and... yeah.
It FINALLY worked for me a week ago, and I plan to be on very soon.
Cya, deeries!

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<logs on>

Hello all,

Holy smokes, it's been awhile. Been busy with life and stuff. How are y'all?

I can't believe I've had a deer here for 11 years! Shocked I am eagerly awaiting the Mac release of TEF so I can run around and play with all of you again!
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