Joystick question?

Hey all it has been many years. Im semi active again, not that anyone remembers me lol..

ANyway! I was wondering if someone here has knowledge about how joysticks work with TEF?

I am using a Xbox One Elite Controller, and it doesnt seem to talk with the game well if at all...

also experiencing lag spikes. I go from 56 frames per second to 18... and vice versa.

Any help is appreciated or suggestions!! Let me know what option worked for you.
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Hi there, welcome back!

Hi there, welcome back! Smiling
Unfortunately I don't know anything about joysticks but from what I hear the lag spikes seem to be pretty common for most users. I know I can go from in the 40's to in the teens all the time. I think it's just because the game is older. Hopefully the newer release will make that better! Smiling

Thanks Kaoori! I didnt know

Thanks Kaoori!

I didnt know we are getting a new version, sweet! Ill look into that. Smiling