Restart the game


I found this game years ago and I just can't forget. In the past I can't really know what it's for or how to play or what's fun in this but now I see and I want to play everytime. It's really relaxing and help with anxiety. Sometimes I just have fun make spells on others, or just lay in mushroom circles or sleep. I love this entire game, the music, the cute thing to do and the way how people can communicate with each other without words.
I love to run in circles around other deers so you will probably recognise me doing this all the time. Laughing out loud
My kindest moment was when I recognised another deer just from the picto and she/he recognised me as well. It was so warmful! Smiling

Have a nice day everybody and have a good running near the pond!Smiling

Hello there. I enjoyed

Hello there. I enjoyed playing with your fawn earlier, made a peaceful morning.
I'm going to be idle in game for the next few hours, but you're welcome to come around/sit with my deer anytime.

Always good to see people having fun in the forest. See you around and have a good day, as well.)