A New Account, With New Questions...

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Since my computer that I used to run the game on broke, I hadn't been playing for a while. Now that I can play on another computer I can't remember my account info, so I had to create a new account. It'll be good to play in the forest with everyone once again. I'm looking forward to it.

I just had a few questions. There are some things I can't remember how to do while getting reacquainted with the game.

- How do I walk really slow? For the life of me I can't remember.

- As a fawn is it impossible to use forest magic on other deer? I can't seem to be able to. It has been so long since I've played as a fawn. It has me worried...

- Also What is the button for screen shots?

Any help would be most appreciated. Also sorry if this is the wrong category. Been wayyyy too long.
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Welcome back then~ 1. To

Welcome back then~

1. To walk slowly, just hold up and down at the same time.

2. You should be able to cast magic on any other deer. Only those with a red pelt cannot be casted on.

3. If I remember correctly, it's P. You can also hold CTRL at the same time to remove the borders and icons.

By the way, you don't have to choose a category when you post.
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regarding the magic question!

regarding the magic question! were you trying to cast on someone else? if someone has the ‘run in background’ turned off spells cast on them won’t appear on them if they’re tabbed out, only when it’s on or they have that forest tab/window up at the time!

welcome back ♥

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Thanks so much for the warm

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, and answering my questions.
I'm going to have a really dumb question, but what does the icon look like for casting on other deer. I'll eat the pine cone and face a deer but I don't see any change...
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The deer was roaming about. I

The deer was roaming about. I didn't see a new icon appear. They were showing me around I think, really nice. I forgot how much I loved this community.

I've been googleing it, but to no luck. I'll try again later.


When you have a spell to

When you have a spell to cast, and you're close enough to another deer to cast it, the spell looks like a black mask/pelt/antlers in a gold square. If you have a spell to cast but no one is close enough to cast it on, the gold icon turns dark and gets an X over it. Hope that helps! And welcome back to the forest. c:
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Thanks so much! I'll try to

Thanks so much! I'll try to cast again later on. It's so good to be back. :3

No problem! Also, if you have

No problem! Also, if you have discord there's an active TEF discord you can join to chat or if you need more help.
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Do you know where I can find

Do you know where I can find the invite for the Discord?