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alt title: turnt for TEF
My second, and most beloved, picto tattoo (the first being The Bzou).
After 10+ years of being in TEFc I figured it was about time to get this specific tattoo
forever etched into where I've always wanted it. I was also lucky to have had the best experience
at the tattoo shop with an amazing tattoo artist.

told myself I wouldn't make a super sappy post but gETREADY
This symbol has held such powerful meaning to me ever since I happened upon TEF
as a confused, scared, narrow-minded youngin.' lol
I've changed and transformed so much since then.
I give all my gratitude to those (you know who you are ♥)
who have provided me with a safe space to share, grow, and create without judgement.
Bayleen's pictogram represents so much even outside of TEF, being also the sigil/symbol of my life;
the people I've been, the kind of person I aspire to be, and whoever I will be in the future.
I'm proud of all of them, and I owe it to my dear friends
who taught me the importance of owning my own story, no matter the flaws.

Nowadays I'm lurking around on TEFc while being on and off in-game.
Regardless of the community/game's activity and popularity,
I'll always be stalking supporting the hell outta y'all on social media.
Your talent and compassion has been a huge source of inspiration.
I thank all of those in the community that I have gotten to know
and interact with-- in any sense of the word.
Without such experiences, I do not believe I would have
been able to develop as an artist, writer, and creator.
Thank you, so much, for keeping my imagination alive.



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<3 <3


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beautiful &hearts;

beautiful ♥
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Yesss love the picto tattoo

Yesss love the picto tattoo fam <3

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Oh my god yesssss I also plan

Oh my god yesssss I also plan to get a picto tattoo

It just seems right, doesnt

It just seems right, doesnt it? After all this time.

I love nape tattoos.
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&hearts; @

♥ @ everyone.
TheFlyer- god yeah I can't recommend it enough!
Ravyn- funny you say that; my tattoo artist commented it was "meant to be on me" when the ink was going in so nice. perfect placement and time.