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Of many monikers but most notably...
The All-Mother

Kitsune - Primordial Goddess of Life
Roughly 1500 years old
Scent is indescribable: Can awaken fond childhood memories or simply sooth. The only note that can be pinpointed is warm Cloves.

A trickster at heart though typically means well
Primal. Not bound by human standards
Keeps her own code of morals
Shapeshifter, Collector of souls
Capable of creating life and instigating rebirth.


Visited briefly to paint the walls of her old ruins home with a myriad of butterflies and left behind 5 small wooden trinkets. 4 carved figures, a fox, a deer, 2 of different kinds of dragons and finally one of the crying idol.
Left to spend the day elsewhere, leaving behind only her scent.

Many months ago became aware of a change in her world. The realm she kept dark for herself suddenly lit by another, in anger that another being sought to replace her - fought and consumed the interloper. Since then several others have appeared, each a god in its infancy but each visibly tainted by the power of another being entirely as though someone sought to subjugate her world by means of a puppet. All were consumed as they came till finally she caught one of the crystal god's messengers bringing the last... this time not just a god but a literal infant.
Initially intended to consume it as she had its previous siblings but felt a twinge of something from the godling that gave her pause, or at least the distinct lack of something. Brought the little god to the forest but not before sealing off some of its divinity, leaving it with enough power to sustain itself for the time being.
Since then has returned to the forest frequently to feed the godling but overall doing her best to remain detached from it.

A day of note. As always the kitsune marks this day with her own celebration, however bittersweet. Her old home in the ruins is covered with the ghostly silhouettes of colorful butterflies, within the alcove 4 candles have been arranged around the ghost of a sleeping fox.

She doesnt linger, having all but abandoned the ruins as her home.


Spent the day harassing Shamu with a fresh froggy friend.
Accidentally scared Izumi and Jethro in the process .... oops

Endless.. Endless in many ways, the rain, sun, the trees and the flowers. All persist...
...but not us.

All that we are is worn by this Endless ocean, ebb and flow, water on stone. Each claimed in time. Losing all, each other, ourselves.

Do you fight it? Claws and teeth to the few things we can change, scars on each like leaves on trees. Hiding us, becoming us.

Whose dream is this?


Ive kept myself from updates for years to avoid being in her headspace too much but its too late now rofl so here we are

Did as she usually does on this day, hiding away from the world in the dark confines of her old burrow and simply wallowing in her own self pity. Had every intention to remain there, blind to the colors that this day brings and thus spared the further reminders of everything she has lost and failed over the years.
However, one soul in particular still called to her. A strange thing, given death and rebirth reset her bonds leaving her as alone as the day she first entered the forest so many years prior. The pull was small, perhaps weak but familiar as an old melody that danced in her thoughts till she simply couldn't ignore it any longer. Up she came from self-enforced isolation, heart and mind focused to the source and determined not to notice the forest around her. The Vixens steps led her to an old haunt of hers drenched in more tears than she could ever count. Beside it sat an egg, the source of the pull, sitting seemingly abandoned and unnoticed by the forest around it.
Hesitation and wariness over children wasn't something the vixen was used to but yet it was what she felt, standing by the egg as she looked for someone else to take this gift away from her. To spare it from whatever poor false-life it would lead under her care. The woods gave no offerings or promises of peace from this burden, just the silent fall of petals even her own cry silenced by the twin gods magic.
The little soul pulled on, it was looking for her, just the same as she had wished for it, back then and even now though fear ruled over her wants. Accepting what surprise the egg might be she sat beside it and allowed her warmth to be given to life inside. The contact seemed to have been enough for it to hatch, the child inside carrying notable traits of her own as well as familiar traits of another. One of her very first children returned.
Glimpses of old memories would play in her thoughts as she greeted the kirin, asking the child their new name and confirming the choice. Spent the rest of the day with Saisei, grooming her daughter. Joined at several points by Umay and the lioness' company(because player doesnt remember everyone im sorry :sob: ) eventually returned to the confines of the old burrow.

I blame blade

Rq disclaimer tho!!!
This biography may be prone to themes of self harm, mental illnesses, violence, but not swearing unless player is oocly joking about something.( itll be specified donutworrymyfriends)
This character is just that, a character. She is a tool for writing and exploration and embodies something significant to her player. She is not yours to manipulate oocly or make assumptions about her behaviors. She is fully ic but if theres an issue dont be afraid to approach me, I'm pretty chill and happy to explain or work things out as needed.

Thanks for reading and you do not ever need permission to interact with my characters!
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im so late to the party
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