expedition ; (rp/character development)

*may contain mature themes

so i need to develop Ula's character and potentially find her some acquaintances. i have a wip line art drawing of her as a small reference for you guys to get the idea:

name - Ulla (oo-la)
art - here
voice - here
age - 15 (human years)


A whirlwind of supple curves hugged her body, pushing her violently down the throat of a hungry body of water. Her limbs scraped along jagged and bony chunks of rock along the bottom of the undertow. Her eyes opened at the queue of the pain her body was suddenly enduring and the wince caused her lungs to expand to inhale a substantial amount fluid. Ula then suffocated--sending her body into a harrowing panic causing her skeletal frame to flail dramatically; she then turned to realize she was drowning in a sea that was hungry for her soul. She kicked vigorously with every fiber of adrenaline coursing through her bloodstream and just as she caught a glimpse of the sun dripping its honey toned rays into the ocean a massive rolling ball of water collapsed on her sending her flipping around under the surface once again. The push sent her small frame into a band of rocks which her skull collided with.

Awoken, by the pawing of ripples against her cheek. She could feel a sun beaming down on her dark coated pelt. Before she could truly appreciate the warmth she immediately lifted her head and choked heavily on the water inheriting her lungs. Her eyes watched as fluid came flying out of her jaws, and once it was completely freed she took a heavy inhale of oxygen and took her time to recapture her breath. Ula leaned onto her forearms and patiently worked her way into a stance. Her legs stood tall, although she was quite small for her age, and she blinked the blur from her lenses and shook her pelt free of water droplet beads. Her white hooves finally matured to her first few steps out of the pond... but she was confused, she hadn't seen a forest like this before. It was, more lush and stocked with life. Birds chirped and frogs croaked. Sounds that were unfamiliar to her, but she couldn't pinpoint why.

Ula took a glance behind her at the body of water in which she awoke from, it was small and welcoming. She glared at the questions that exploded within her mind and then pushed forward past a few trees where her eyes darted around like the lost child she was. She sighed heavily in both frustration and utter fascination, the beauty this forest possessed was overwhelming... and she had no idea what to do next.


update: if you are interested in a private rp please email me @ beneaththewaves33@gmail.com

thanks! <3

Inserting a track of interest

Inserting a track of interest right here. Are you looking for any particular types of characters for her to meet?
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I'm going to put a track of

I'm going to put a track of interest here as well.
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391

I’m looking for anything at

I’m looking for anything at all, any character interaction is good interaction!

Thanks for the interest guys


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thanks for all the interest

thanks for all the interest everyone <3