The Divine Trilogy Index

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Cool! I added the link to

Cool! I added the link to this index to the link area at Stagleaf:

The Endless Forest on Blogspot
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Your stories are

Your stories are fascinating, Quad! I've enjoyed reading them.
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I've decided to start

I've decided to start reading these from the beginning. ^__^ I wasn't going to at first, 'cos I prefer to not read things on a screen, but you've had such good reviews and it intrigues me! Laughing out loud
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......aaaand I've finished!

......aaaand I've finished! Quad ye beauty, that was fantastic. <3 I enjoyed it every step of the way, and can't wait for the continuation. ^___^
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Enjoying your writting very

Enjoying your writting very much I am about half way though you story. Tracking with this post!

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I may as well track this so I

I may as well track this so I can find it again later. I'm really enjoying it so far!

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Just an update - I know

Just an update - I know Divine Sanctuary is about 2 years overdue, so I think I'm going to rewrite it and get the basic storyline out without all of the 'guest appearances having superpowers' idea. That was what killed the story for me.

I may have a few guest appearances, but not as many as I planned in the original.

Anyway, watch this space for updates Eye