Divine Abandonment - Chapter 2

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The deer had gone through Winter without any problems. They were fortunate to live in the Endless Forest, as the Twin Gods provided plenty of food for them despite the weather. The snow came and went every few days, so it never was too terribly cold either.

Quad and Creek had a conversation every day. He was very curious about his father's life, and loved to hear all about his mother. Creek rarely smiled, but his head was held high and he answered Quad's questions as sincerely and honestly as possible. He wanted to hear about Quad's adventure, but chose not to ask until he felt the time was appropriate. They only spoke for a few minutes at a time, though, and then Creek would walk off to do his own things. Quad never followed him, and always wondered where he would walk off to.

The months went by quickly. On a day in the middle of February, Creek met Quad near the pond, and finally he asked, "What did you think about your mother?" Quad lowered his head, "She was beautiful...and very kind...", he began to say, "The little time I spent with her was the best moment of my life." "And what did you think about the hunter that shot her?", Creek changed the subject. Quad raised his head, "Please, I don't want to talk about the humans right now."

Creek shook his head, "They're repulsive.", he stated. "I don't think they all are.", Quad answered. Creek tilted his head, "How can you take their side? They kill our kind, and in some cases they cage us and look down upon us!", he said, becoming slightly enraged. "The one that killed Mom...", Quad started, "...was misguided. He did not know what kind of balance he was upsetting." "Bah!", Creek responded, walking off in anger.

Quad shook his head. He did not know his father had such strong feelings. "That man...Victor...", Quad said to himself, "There are good ones out there. I just know it." He tried to forget the conversation, and moved closer to the Pond.

A deer was creeping up on him. He was too busy drinking when a doe leapt into the water, creating a large splash that soaked Quad, startling him in the process. The brown doe wore a mask with red tears under the eyes and had the usual doe antlers, and she laughed at the drenched stag.

"I got you good, Quad!", Saan exclaimed. Quad shook his fur and sighed, "Not right now..." The doe tilted her head, "Wow you're really bummed, huh? What's up?" At that time, two others came by. A blue stag with yellow markings and a smooth mask and antlers was one - Scape. The other was Quad's friend Mazey. They joined the two, laughing as they saw the antics from afar, but then changing moods and wondering what was going on.

"I think my dad hates me.", Quad said. Mazey shook her head, "You've only known him for a little while. Why this assumption?", she asked. "He doesn't approve that I spoke to humans, especially letting the one go that killed my mother.", Quad continued. "Maybe he's biased against them. After all, he was stuck in a cage for a month, right?", Scape mentioned. "That's true. I think he took the time to think all about how much he hated them.", Saan added. Quad nodded, "I guess that makes sense...", he said, "But I wish he wasn't so closed-minded about it." "Where does he go?", Saan asked him. "I don't know. I never follow him.", Quad admitted. "Well you should go see what's up. Maybe there's something bothering him.", Mazey said. Quad nodded, "Yeah, lemme go catch up with him. Thanks for the help, and I'll talk to you guys later.", he said, rushing off in the direction his father went.

He found his father near the ruins, on a familiar hill to Quad. It was a hill nearby that had a mushroom circle around it, and one tree sat within the circle - Quad's favorite tree. He saw Creek sitting next to the tree, his head lowered in deep thought. Quad approached when his father lifted his head. "This was your mother's sleeping spot.", Creek said. "Really?", the son replied, "This is my favorite tree. I rest here all the time." Creek nodded, "I doubt that is just a coincidence. There must be some higher authority that governs these connections." Quad came up and sat by Creek. "There is something I need to ask you.", he began. "I'm listening.", the father replied.

Quad hesitated, but continued, "What happened when you were caught?" Creek sighed, and there was a long silence before he replied, "There were a few does there in the pen. One in particular was very fond of me, but I tried to tell her I already had a mate." Quad sat attentively, not making a sound. The father continued, "I tried to tell her I was not interested, but she was persistent. She kept saying I would never see my mate again, and that she should be my new mate."

"I told her no, several times...", he sighed, "but I gave in and we..." Quad was young at heart, but he understood that he had mated with the doe. "I apologize. I shouldn't have told you that.", Creek said. Quad shook his head, "It's not your fault.", he said. Creek gave another sigh when he continued, "The doe fell ill, the day after it happened.", he said, "They put her down, infront of all of us." Quad lowered his head, "It's not your...", he began, but Creek interrupted him, "I destroyed her life, boy! I was unfaithful to my mate!", he spat.

Creek stood, a tear dropping from his eye. Quad had never seen his father cry. Creek walked down the hill, stopping and not looking back when he said, "Enjoy that spot. Your mother would be proud that you are fond of it as she was.", as he walked away.

The son stood and chased after him. Creek stopped, turning and clashing antlers with him. The sound broke the silence of the Forest, awaking a few deer nearby and alerting others in the distance. Their antlers tangled, Creek's chalky white antlers wrapping around Quad's dark red ones. "Father, calm down!", Quad pleaded. The two struggled, each occasionally losing their foothold but regaining and pressing on. Creek overpowered his son, bringing him to his knees. At once the father threw Quad to the ground, who hit the dirt hard.

Quad's ears rang, and he was slowly losing consciousness. He heard his father say something, and just barely made it out before he passed out.

"If you can't take me down, then the humans will catch you and make you rot in one of their pens."


"I think he's coming to.", he heard someone say. Quad opened his eyes, sitting up and looking around. A few deer were standing around him, all with suprised looks on their faces.

"What happened?", Mazey asked. Quad shook his head, standing and beginning to walk off. "Nothing.", he said. "Nothing? What do you mean by that?", Scape questioned. "I don't want to talk about it.", Quad stated. "Was it your father? What did he say?", Saan asked. Quad shook his head, turned and walked away.

"Quad!", Scape called out, but the deer did not hear. His ears were still ringing, and his mind raced.

To Be Continued...

WOAH! thanks quad for the

WOAH! thanks quad for the part! im really impressed with your writing skills! sorry i havent replied latley, iv been on vacation....^.^