Divine Protection - Epilogue

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"He wanted it this way...", Laruna said. Six deer stood around the stag's body, all looking down on him. Emiva couldn't help but sob, and Quamar looked to her, "Remember what he said. He didn't want any of us to cry." "'Live your life every day with your head high.' I'll never forget those words...", Jen said.

Emiva shook her head, "Why? Why did he have to die like this?", she asked. "I guess...", Laruna began, "There wasn't anything else he had to do." The stag lifted his head, "I can't help but remember the first time we met. He was wearing a set just like mine, and he said 'You're a future me!'", he added. Darcy looked to Laruna, "Do you know what...I remember the first day I saw him. He was a young fawn with these distinct eyes, and...", he hesitated when he looked around, "...you know, just over there was the first place I met him at, near the river."

"How long ago was that?", Quamar asked. Darcy gave it some thought, his eyes suddenly looking back at Quad's body, "One year...exactly one year...today would have been his birthday."

Kana was there as well, who shook her head, "I had just talked to him before this happened. I can't believe he's gone.", she said. Jen nudged her, "It's nothing you did." "I know...", Kana sighed.

At that moment, Quad's body began to glow a bright red. "What's going on?", Quamar asked. The others were too shocked to reply, as slowly he began to disappear as specks of red light floated into the air and gathered into one orb. There were two other orbs there - a blue one and a green one, each representing one of his parents.

The four orbs began to ascend into the air. The deer looked up at them. "Where will he go?", Kana asked. "I suppose the Twin Gods will give him a new life somewhere...", Darcy replied.

"Goodbye, Quad!", Emiva called. The others called out the same just after her. As the blue and green orbs vanished, the red orb lingered just a little longer - Quad was saying goodbye to them. The light then vanished, and the Forest was silent.

Laruna looked to see Mazey approach. She stopped before them, "Have any of you seen Quad around?", she asked. The deer were speechless, but Quamar finally said, "..N...no..." Mazey smiled just slightly, "Well if you see him, tell him I'm looking for him.", she said, and ran off toward the Crying Idol.

When she was a distance away, the deer looked to one another. "Should we tell her?", Darcy asked. Jen sighed, "I guess in time we should..." They didn't say a word more about it, and each went their own ways. Mazey would learn soon enough...


Laruna wandered off toward the Ruins. He stopped and looked at Quad's old pillar for a moment. "It's going to be different around here without you.", he said, knowing noone was around to hear it, and hoping Quad heard him. He carried on, moving past the familiar landmarks of the Forest until he saw a small group of deer gathered around someone.

The curious stag approached and saw Patchimus, Yorres, Lihl, and Martisol standing around a nameless doe. Laruna then saw a small creature pressed upon the doe's belly. A new fawn was born in the Forest.

"He's beautiful.", Lihl said. Patchimus nodded, saying, "You've birthed a fine little fawn." Martisol was giddy, "Oh, I can't wait to show him around the Forest! Then we can play hide-and-seek and linedance and...", she was saying, but Yorres nudged her, "Wait until he's older before you plan such things.", the stag said.

Laruna approached the mother and fawn. She knelt down to meet at eye level with the fawn. The newborn opened his eyes, looking at her with a gentle smile. Those eyes...why do they look so familiar?, Laruna thought to himself. "Hello there...", he said to the fawn, and looking to the doe, he said, "He's very handsome."

The doe smiled and nodded. "So have you thought of a name?", Lihl asked. "Pent...I think Pent would be a nice name.", the doe said. "Pent...", Yorres repeated, "It sounds noble." Patchimus smiled, "I think it is fitting." "Pent is a cool name!", Martisol agreed.

The fawn looked around at all of them before nudging her mother. Laruna stood, "Well...", he began, "I'll see you around in the Forest...Pent." The stag bowed to the others and began to walk off. "Yes, let's give the mother and her newborn a little privacy.", Patchimus said. The other four stood and went their own ways.

Laruna stopped just a little farther away, looking back at the doe and her fawn. There was something on his mind. "Quad...is that...?", Laruna began, but then shook his head, "No, it couldn't be." The stag walked off, wondering...dreaming...

The End




-- Dannii <3
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Yeah...that's the end. :<

Yeah...that's the end. :<


mazey: QUAD! NOOOOOOO *clings to quad in a deprite hug* you cant turn into a red ball of light and float into the sky on me now, D8

ahem! mazey *glares at her doe* anyway ^^; that was a wounderful ending quad, i feel bad for your family though, but the ending was very artistacally done, kudos

axie: DADDDDD!! who will show me how to do everything? who will i have guy talks with, oh dad no. you cant leave your squirrel son behind to wounder the mysteries of life.

GUYS GUYS! please remember quad has never left us, hes still with you in your hearts, and his writing is embedded in your brains too ^.^

oh please save my lil' eggs, click to let them live a full and happy life, please save my dragons and click them all to show u love each one equally ^.^ clicky clicky
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.....unexpected much!

...also, why on earth did he choose to die when he tells his children he loves them anyway? ^_^;;; I mean... surely once that massive boundary is broken, you would want to be some sort of happy? BUT ANYWAY nevermind.
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I kind of planned for Divine

I kind of planned for Divine Protection to be the last story. Quad was going to die in the end because he always experienced death but came back to life, so it was going to be like his reward to finally die.

However, when I decided to continue the series with Divine Destiny and Divine Sanctuary, I guess I just forgot to explain why he dies in the first place. Oh well, I really don't want to change it.