Divine Protection - Chapter 1

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He awoke in a startled way. "Zephyr? Axie!!", he cried out, looking to the spot they normally slept at. The young deer were nowhere to be found.

"Oh Twin Gods! I've lost them...", Quad began, but his memory came back to him. Zephyr and Axie took turns sleeping with their parents. It was Mazey's night, who slept close to the Crying Idol.

Quad calmed, breathing deeply to slow the throbbing heart within him. He was terrified of losing his young, every instant he feared for them. He arose on his pillar at the Ruins, shaking the light dew from his fur before hopping down and making his way to the Pond.

The night was still young. The forest was dimly lit by the crescent moon above. Quad's eyes adjusted quickly, his antlers picking up the gentle breeze in the air as he moved past the trees. Finally the canopy above him opened up, and the Pond appeared before him.

He moved to the shallow water and dunked his head in, washing his face. He gulped a mouthful of the cool water before lifting his head. He shook the excess from his face before opening his eyes. "Oh!", he exclaimed, and at once fell to his knees in reverence.

The Twin Gods stood in the middle of the Pond, above the water. Their fur glowed a golden color, as they circled the center of the Pond, looking around. Their pictograms shown this time, and Auriea spotted Quad bowing to him. "He has come, Michael.", the god spoke.

Michael looked over, giving a slight smile. "Arise, Quad.", he said. The mortal stag stood as the two gods approached him. Their eyes met his in a seemingly loving matter. Quad cleared his throat before speaking to them, "I've been wondering about...", he began, but Auriea finished the sentence for him, "You wish to know about the prophecy." Quad nodded at once.

"Upon the anger of the four elements, and thirteen sacrifices, the Lord of the Black Infection will arise on the day the great light is shrouded in darkness. Upon his summoning, the final two shall perish, and the world shall fall to the Lord's mercy.", Auriea repeated the prophecy. Quad heard this a few months ago, and it repeated in his mind over and over since.

Micheal began to interpret it, "The sudden deaths of the Playground represent the air, the poisoned Pond is the water, the tremors at the Ruins is the earth, and the blaze of the Old Oak is the fire. The four elements attacked the deer of the Forest in anger. It was a warning."

Auriea continued the interpretation, "Thirteen souls were lost - seven in the Forest, and six from the humans. Once this was satisfied, a creature began to form in the woods outside the Forest...", the god paused here, "...a creature we had no control over."

"The Lord of the Black Infection...", Quad said. "Yes. The creature will be complete when the sun's light is shaded, during an eclipse. It won't be long until that happens.", Michael replied.

"And the final two? Would that be...my daughter and son?", Quad questioned. The gods did not reply. "There is something else, isn't there?", Quad asked. Michael nodded, "It is not time for you to know about them yet. We will summon you upon that day.", he said.

Quad sighed and then nodded. He was anxious to learn of what the prophecy fully meant, but he would have to wait further. His head and heart felt warmer at that moment, and Quad changed the subject, "Was there a reason why my parents died?"

Auriea nodded, "They gave their lives willingly. They understood the importance of your task, and their role will be of great value in the future. You will see.", she said.

Another deer was approaching. "We will keep in touch. Rest for now.", Michael instructed him, and at once the two gods vanished.

"Father?", a young voice came, "Why are you up?" Quad smiled, turning to the young doe, "I was about to ask you the same thing, Zephyr..."

Zephyr had grown into a gorgeous young doe. She wore the real-deer mask both of her parents wore, but had the peacock antlers coupled with Quad's dark-blue and white pelt. She was a curious doe, asking questions when something seemed odd to her. Tonight was no exception.

"I was just a little thirsty.", Quad finally answered her. His daughter smiled, "I am, too.", she said, as she approached and drank from the Pond. Quad was a little relieved that she had not overheard the conversation he just had.

When the doe lifted her head, she said, "Mother said she was worried about you." Quad tilted his head, "Worried about me? Why does she worry?", he asked. "She said you have bad dreams every night.", Zephyr replied.

It was true that Quad's nightmares were increasing again, but it wasn't on a nightly basis. "She does not need to worry about me.", he said. "But...", Zephyr began, but Quad shook his head. "The dreams are nothing important.", he said.

Quad changed the subject, "How is Axie?" Zephyr smiled, "He's loves it here. He's very happy.", the young doe said. Quad nodded, "I bet he can't wait for his Stag Day.", he said. "Oh yes. He talks about it every day, what he wants to wear and all.", Zephyr said. Quad nodded, "That's just how I was when I was a fawn. He's so much like me...", he gave a smile to his daughter, "just like how much you are like your mother."

Zephyr let out a yawn. "It's time for you to go back to sleep now.", Quad said. Zephyr nodded without saying a word, and the two walked side-by-side toward the Crying Idol. Mazey lay near the idol, curled up and slumbering peacefully. Axie was next to her, the little fawn snoring just a little. The daughter stopped and watched her mother and brother sleep for just a moment before Quad nudged her slightly. She smiled to her father before walking to them and laying down as silently as she could. The young doe curled up next to her mother, not waking the sleeping parent, and she gave a glance to Axie before resting her head. Quad watched over them for just a moment before he turned and walked back to the Ruins.

He was lucky to have the three of them...

To Be Continued...



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