Divine Intervention - Epilogue

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A week had passed since the Abiogenesis. Despite the fact that Winter was fast approaching, the Endless Forest was still as warm and lively as ever. The festivities were soon a memory, and the deer were back to their old routines.

The morning brought a slight breeze of the Autumn wind, while the early sun was already warming the deer. Quad awoke from his pillar at the Ruins, stretching and yawning before making his usual trip to the pond. He wore his new red antlers proudly, and despite how lunky they felt, he loved how they caught the sunlight and warmed him. It was an unusually pleasing feeling.

Upon trotting to the pond, he noticed three fawns were already up. The trio stopped their early play and greeted him, giving him respect due to his massive size (or at least that's what they thought because of his antlers). He bowed to them before moving on.

After taking a much needed drink, he made his way to the Twin Gods' hill. The Forest Elders were already up and waiting for him, and upon his arrival they bowed to one another. "Well, look at you.", Magnet said. Quad smiled, holding his head high and displaying his antlers for them to see. "The Twin Gods were definately pleased with your performance on the journey.", he continued. Silent spoke next, "Now is the time for you to take the next step on becoming a Forest Shaman.", he said.

Quad shook his head, "Actually, I don't want the power." The Elders didn't react, but Silent questioned him, "Are you sure about that? You'd be ending a legacy that has been passed down for generations." "I just want to be normal.", Quad replied. Vessel leaned to Magnet and spoke something to him. Magnet nodded, "Perhaps you are just not ready. Why don't you give it some thought?", he asked. Quad hesitated, he knew deep down he wanted to say 'no', but his heart said 'yes'. "I'll think about it.", he finally replied. "Good, good.", Magnet said to him, continuing with, "Besides, your power would not be as important as...your offspring." "Offspring?", Quad questioned, "I'm going to have a fawn?" Vessel nodded, and Magnet replied, "Yes. And your fawn will be of great interest to the Twin Gods." Silent added, "You just have to find the lucky doe." Quad's face brightened, this news was very exciting for him to hear.

Quad bowed and wandered off. When he was a distance away, Silent spoke to the other Elders, "He's a fool. Anyone else would have jumped on learning their power." "Patience, Silent. He will come when he is ready. Besides, he'll find a mate, and the legacy will continue through his fawn.", Magnet responded.

Silent nodded, and said, "It is the Twin Gods' will."


Quad wandered off toward the Old Oak. The words he just heard brightened his heart, though he did not know where to begin when looking for a mate. He was, however, glad to get the subject about his power off of his chest. He never wanted to be anything special, just a normal deer.

He spotted three does near the Old Oak. He wanted to go talk to them, to tell them the news, but he was nervous and afraid of what they would say. The does were falling over laughing and bowing to one another in feminine ways. Quad shook his head, "Does...", he uttered.

"What about does?", a voice infront of him questioned. This startled him and he leapt back, his heart raced for a moment. "Oh, I didn't mean anything by...", he began, but then he looked at the deer before him. She was a lovely young doe, and although she wasn't wearing any enchantments yet, he recognized her pictogram right off. "Mazey?", he questioned. The doe nodded, "Yesterday was my Doe Day!", she said. "Oh congradulations!", Quad exclaimed.

"So what are you up to?", Mazey asked him. He wanted to tell her what the Elders said to him, but he wasn't sure how she would react. "Nothing, really. Just enjoying the day.", he lied. Mazey smiled, "Hey, later would you help me get the set I'm looking for?", she asked. "Sure.", Quad replied. The two bowed and went their own ways.


Quad made it to Twenty-One's tree. He wanted to speak to her, but she was still asleep. He decided not to bother her, though she sat down by his adoptive mother for a moment. She was breathing calmly, and he prayed she was having a nice dream. "I'll come back.", he whispered to her, and was on his way. He had not seen Demon Gazelle since the abiogenesis, and he began to worry where he had been.

Quad made his way back to the pond. He went to the water to take another sip when he heard a deer approach.

"Hello...my son...", the voice said.

Quad's head rose. He had never heard this voice before, yet he knew it was the one. "Father!", he exclaimed, and he turned to see his father's face for the first time.

The End...


Preview of the next story (read like a commercial):

"Mayday! Mayday! We're going down!"
"What is it?", the deer questioned.
"A human.", the other responded.
"A human? In the Endless Forest?", the first asked.
"A child, though..."
"Go away!", the girl cried. Quad stood outside the Old Oak, the rain falling on his fur. He wasn't going to let anything happen to her.
"I don't understand. How could this have happened?"
"Deer are dying! The Endless Forest is not safe anymore!"
"Where are the Twin Gods? Have they abandoned us?"
"Everyone get ready...", the Elder called to the crowd. "We're leaving the Endless Forest!"

The sequel to Divine Intervention...

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Just when I think

Just when I think everything's going to be wrapped up you leave me with another cliffhanger! Laughing out loud
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Walter's face - The ultimate

Walter's face - The ultimate mystery. xD

Great going. =P I wish there was another chapter, but I guess I'll have to stick to reading your next story instead. xD
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awww i feel special! i love

awww i feel special! i love my doe day thanks quad! <3 *mazey blushes slaps me "no telling!" then blushes again*
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ZOMG, what a cliffhanger!

ZOMG, what a cliffhanger! D:
You've got a nice writing style, Quad. c: I gotta go read that Abio chapter you were talking about. xD
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-spazz- There's going to be


There's going to be another one?! Awesome!

And I think I've said it before... But I'm saying it again anyways!
You're an amazing writer! ^^
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Short but strong! That

Short but strong! That cliffhanger and commercial really made me curious XD

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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Man this was so good can't

Man this was so good can't wait to read next episode!Exclaim
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I'm glad you enjoyed it. If

I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you need the link, here's the index of the stories. I've got plans to publish all of them and make them available in hardcopy when I finish the last story, but it'll still be a little while.