Divine Sanctuary - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 - Doe of the Water

She seeped through a hole hidden by the shrubs. The tunnel went deep into the earth, where a cavern opened up. It was dark...very dark, and only her eyesight was capable of sight there. Iugulare reformed her shape, sitting upright as she spoke, "We lost Zenith and the infestation in the woods. The talux are catching on fast."

Something much larger than her formed a face, speaking back, "No matter, that skeleton was a poor excuse for a minion. We have others who can finish the infection of the area." Iugulare nodded, "We'll go to the river next." The larger creature nodded in agreement, and the Stoat at once stretched her body and returned to the tunnel.

Her mind was focused on one thing - Quad. "The prophecy will be fulfilled.", she said to herself, "The Grand Talux will die."


Quad returned to Christine's house, where the two humans were happy to see him return. Furthermore, they were surprised to see the newly formed wing on his back.

"What is that on your back?", Christine asked him. The stag smiled, "It's kind of a long story, but our species grows wings when we reach the peak of our strength. I have been chosen by Mother Doe as the Grand Talux, and I will have four wings once they are regained.", he explained.

There was a slight silence, the two humans taking in this new development. Quad changed the subject, "So what's the word about the townspeople?"

Francis sighed, "More and more are becoming aggressive. I'm afraid there may not be anyone else we can trust in the town." He lowered his head, he hated to see the way things were looking.

Quad stepped toward him and gave him a nuzzle, "Cheer up. Things are starting to go our way, especially with the help of my fellow talux. We'll save the town soon enough.", he said.

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/track'd |D My Deer

/track'd |D

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Aaaaaand we're off again! 8D

Aaaaaand we're off again! 8D
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