Divine Abandonment - Epilogue

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"Mother? Mother! Where are you, Mother?", a young fawn cried out. She looked everywhere for her mother, but she was new to the Forest and didn't know her way around. Next to her was another fawn, a male, who followed her silently.

"Mother!!", she cried again, and wasn't looking where she was going. She bumped into a stag, who's great antlers startled her. She backed away, terrified by the other deer. The male stood next to her, as if to protect her.

Quad looked down to the two, giving a smile as he asked, "Are you lost, little ones?" The female fawn quietly nodded. Quad looked around, and gave out a loud call. The sound was strange to the little ones, but in the distance they could hear another deer reply. The two recognized the voice, and turned to see their mother approaching.

Quad bent down and nudged the female fawn. "There is your mother. Go to her.", he instructed them, and at once the younglings ran to their mother, connecting with her happily. The doe looked to Quad, giving a smile and nodding before turning.

The stag could hear the male fawn ask her mother a question as they walked away, "When will I see Father?" "Soon. Very soon.", the doe replied.

Jen saw the spectacle and walked up to Quad. "They looks just like you two.", Jen said. Quad nodded, "They sure do." "Did you two decide on names yet?", Jen asked.

"Zephyr...", Quad replied, "That was the name I chose for the little girl, and Mazey chose Axie for the boy."

Zephyr and Axie...they would not realize how important they would be in the future.


Quad approached the Twin Gods' statue. He hesitated, looking around to make sure no others were around, before he began to speak to them, "I've decided on the day."

The Twin Gods did not give any kind of reply, but he knew they were listening. He continued, "The day I tell my children I love them." He felt a slight breeze pick up, brushing his hair just slightly. He knew they got the message.

He bowed, and walked away toward the Ruins.

He was close to his pillar when he felt strange. His head felt a little heavy, and then he suddenly collapsed. A voice entered his mind, one he had never heard before...

"Upon the anger of the four elements, and thirteen sacrifices, the Lord of the Black Infection will arise on the day the great light is shrouded in darkness. Upon his summoning, the final two shall perish, and the world shall fall to the Lord's mercy."

The Forest fell silent. Quad's mind cleared, but his body was shaking violently. He slowly got to his feet, and reflected on what he just heard.

He recalled what the Twin Gods said to him before he came back to life...

"You will be appointed one final task...the reason why all of the recent events occurred. You will be instructed on the task later, but for now, rest..."

Quad knew this was linked to the voice he just heard. For now, he was tired, and climbed on his pillar to rest, but he would tell the Twin Gods soon...

And while the Forest was back to normal, the rest of the world was changing. Humans were understanding that their habits, their ways, were destroying the planet. They began on a long and tedious task to repair the harm they had done, and it was all thanks to the spectacle they witnessed of the great March of the Deer.

The End...


Preview of the next story (read like a commercial):

"Because of what we have seen you accomplish, this task is yours alone."
"What are they? I've never seen them before..."
"The last two of their kind - a male and a female, and they are refusing to mate."
"I hate you! I never want to see you again!"
"Surrender them to me, and I will promise that your life will be ended quickly."
"No! Not yet! You can't die!"

The final chapter of the "Divine" series...

Divine Protection

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