Divine Protection - Chapter 2

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Quad awoke to find the Forest in a light drizzle. He stood and walked out into the open. The rain did not prevent the deer from their play. He passed by a few of the deer, bowing to them before continuing. He found a patch of mushrooms and began to eat when someone approached.

It was Mazey. "Good morning.", she said to her mate, and the two nuzzled. "Where are the children?", Quad questioned. The doe looked in one direction, "They are playing with some of their friends." The father nodded, once again relieved that they were safe.

The two were silent for a moment before Mazey spoke, "It makes me wonder...", she began, "...how all this happened." "Hmm?", Quad questioned. "How I met you...", she started to say, but wasn't sure how to continue the sentence.

They reflected on the moment. Whether fate allowed it to happen, or if it was chance, it didn't matter to them. They had each other, and they had Axie and Zephyr. They couldn't be happier.

Quad especially remembered the day he was told that he would have children, and the first doe he ran into was none other than Mazey. Then after the March of the Deer, Mazey was the first to embrace him when he came to. There was definately a connection.

"I bet the Twin Gods chose us to be together.", Quad said. Mazey smiled, "I think so, too. They are wonderful, aren't they?" The stag nodded, "I always think about where we would be without them...if we'd even exist." "Oh...", Mazey sighed, "Please don't ever think about that. I couldn't begin to imagine what this place would be without you, our little Axie and Zephyr, as well as everyone else. It's a little depressing..."

Quad smiled, "Well it doesn't matter. I have you. Nothing could ever seperate us now." The two nuzzled once more. "So what are you planning for today?", Mazey asked. "Zephyr wanted to talk last night. I wanted to see her today.", Quad said. The doe nodded, "I'll spend the day with Axie, then." The two nuzzled a third time before walking together in the direction of their children.

They approached a group of deer who were in the middle of a conversation. "So we were wearing some wierd white pelt for a while.", Axie said. Emiva nodded, "That's the devout pelt. It doesn't last very long, though.", the doe said. Zephyr smiled, "I kinda like it with my pelt and antlers. It looks cool.", she said. By this time, Quad and Mazey had arrived, both bowing to the group.

Quad then asked something, "Is Zephyr telling her stories again?" Xylia, another in the group, nodded and replied, "She was telling us about something that happened yesterday involving the devout pelt." "Oh yes, that pelt is so funny. There was one time...", Quad began, but Zephyr interrupted him, "Dad, not right now." The father stag tilted his head, "Hmm? They're my friends too, Zephyr." The daughter let out a sigh - her father didn't realize he was embarrassing her with his stories.

Taiko laughed and said, "It's fine, we don't mind hearing the story." Quad smiled and continued the story, "So one time Mazey cast the devout spell on Axie and Zephyr on one of their early days, and I remember them running around in a panic, and eventually colliding into each other. It was so funny how loud they cried out." "Dad!", Axie exclaimed. Mazey nudged her mate - Quad went too far this time.

"Ooookay...", Emiva began. "What?", Quad questioned. "That...wasn't very funny. You're not really being a good parent here.", Xylia said. Quad sighed, "Well I thought it was hilarious...anyway, Zephyr I wanted to talk to you.", he said. The daughter shook her head, "Not today, Dad." Mazey looked to Zephyr, "Go with your father." "But...", Zephyr began, but her mother shook her head, "No buts. Go with your father."

The daughter lowered her head and reluctantly followed her father. "Come, Axie.", Mazey instructed her son, and they left as well.

"Dysfunctional family, huh?", Taiko questioned. Xylia shook her head, "No. I don't think so.", she said. Emiva also shook her head, "Quad just hasn't taken the role of a father yet. He's not acting like an adult, but rather a fawn." "He just needs some more time...", Xylia said.


They didn't speak while they walked. Zephyr was still a little mad at her father. They stopped at an isolated patch of purple flowers, where Quad turned around and stood face to face with her.

The doe sat down in the bed of flowers. Quad did the same. "Listen...", he began, "There will be a time when you will be needed in the world. You will be asked to do some things you may not want to, but you'll be told that it has to be done."

Zephyr rolled her eyes, "Yeah like you could tell me to do anything." Quad shook his head, "No, not me. You'll be asked by the Twin Gods themselves.", the father said, "I'll have nothing to do with it."

The daughter's mind cleared a little. "What would the Twin Gods want with me? I'm nothing special.", she said. "Oh come on...", Quad shook his head, "Never say something like that." He stood here, and looked up to the sky. "Every deer...every one of them is special in some way. There is no such thing as a 'normal' deer.", he said.

"Let me guess...your antlers make you special?", Zephyr joked. "Actually," Quad smiled, "there is a cool story how I got them. I'll have to tell you sometime." Zephyr shook her head, "You and your stories..." The doe stood here, "Dad, noone cares about what has happened in the past! It's gone, unimportant, history!"

Quad smiled, "We learn from the past. We learn from our mistakes, so we don't ever do them again. If we only talk about the present, we'd just be gossiping, and the future is unknown so why bother wondering? The Twin Gods control our future, not us.", the father said. Zephyr sighed, "You're impossible.", she uttered, and ran off. Quad wanted to follow her, but something held him back. "So I messed up again...?", he questioned himself.

"No, not necessarily.", a voice came. Quad turned to see Aeros and Vipin standing there. They heard the whole conversation. "You just need to listen sometimes instead of speak.", Aeros said. Vipin nodded, "Your daughter wants you to pay attention to her, not the other way around."

"I listen to Zephyr! Why, just today she told me she...", he began, but he couldn't finish the sentence. Quad realized it, something was troubling Zephyr, and he wouldn't stop talking long enough to find out what was going on.

Quad breathed a heavy sigh, "I guess I was kind of a jerk.", he said. "No.", Vipin replied, "You just need to be more observant." "So what do I say?", the father stag asked. "Ask her how her day was. Ask her if she is troubled. Ask her anything. Just don't let it lead into something about you.", Aeros said.

Vipin looked to the horizon. "If you hurry, you could catch her before you lose her.", he said to Quad. The father stag looked in the direction - Zephyr had stopped to look back. He ran without hesitation to catch up with her, not even bothering to bow to Aeros and Vipin. The two followed out of curiosity, standing at a distance to listen.


Zephyr waited for him. She had some time to think, and now she wanted to confront him again. As Quad approached, Zephyr turned to him. The two were silent for a few moments. Quad finally sat and lowered his head.

"I'm so sorry...", he began. He felt rotten inside, it was the worst he had ever felt emotionally. "Please...just tell me how I can make it up to you."

"You just don't know...", Zephyr started, "what I go through every day." "I want to know. I want to know what I can do to make it better.", Quad replied.

Zephyr's eyes relaxed just a little, "They gawk at me. Everyone does. I can't stand it.", she said. Quad closed his eyes, "Some of the deer have never seen you before. You can't judge them like that."

"They think I'm a freak! They spread rumors about me!", Zephyr shouted, "And everything you say just makes it worse!"

"Then I'll stop talking.", Quad replied. "I wish you would.", Zephyr added.

"So it is done.", Quad said, as he stood and walked away.

Zephyr's heart sank. "I didn't mean it like that...", she said softly.

Aeros and Vipin turned away, shaking their heads. "Poor Quad. He has such a fragile heart.", Vipin said. "It'll all settle down over time. They just need their space.", Aeros replied.

Zephyr watched as her father slowly disappeared into the Forest.

To Be Continued...

*nuzzlez back* awwww it so

*nuzzlez back* awwww it so nice of you to write about that, i feel so loved ^.^

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Woohoo! More!!!



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Awww, poor Quad X"D


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