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Micheal and Auriea got back to me. (:

As such, I am moving accounts today. My main accounts will be Lung, along with Xiu.

For now, Lacie's bio will be the only bio restored; none of my characters are going anywhere - they will still be played whenever I get the muse. I'm not entirely sure if I want to restore their biographies or not. For now, Lacie's bio will be the only one restored.

Screenshot edit blog, diary, and personal biography will be moved as well. Any new art or writings will be posted to the new account.

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Seriously, greatest TV blooper ever.

/ random sharing mood tonight
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The Constant. [Real life]

"Just don't do it too often; it'll lose its special feel."

She herself knew that; and yet, she couldn't ignore that throbbing in her heart, that ignition of blood. The scent of the pouring rain teased her nose, her brain craving more of it.

But more than that, she wanted...

Without another second to spare, she raced from the kitchen upstairs to her bedroom. She ignored the irritated stomp from her rabbit as the door burst open, and she furiously pulled everything off of herself before yanking the black lace dress from its place on her dresser shelf. She pulled down on it until it rested as its length around her knees, framing her entire figure.

She didn't waste any time, however; she raced back down the stairs, and into the kitchen; the dog wasn't too far behind her.

Only parting paying attention to him, she opened the main door before swinging open the secondary door just enough so that the dog would have enough time to get out before the door shut and potentially clamped on his tail.

She ran; she ran and ran, the rain colliding with her form as it mercilessly fell from the sky. The scent of it was even stronger out here, and she felt that primitive side of her call out from within, relishing that moment of completely abandon. The dog remained near her, though he had a path of his own he wanted to take.

Suddenly, she stopped. She was out in the complete open, her entire being soaked by the rain. Yet she hardly paid it any mind. She ran her fingers through her drenched hair, raising arms to the sky, stepping backwards a bit; though not too far, so as to avoid falling to the ground. She didn't want to come back just yet.

This was her Paradise, her slice of complete and total freedom. Not one could touch her out here.
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If You Could Only See The Beast You Made Of Me...[Lacie]

...I held it in, but now it seems you've set it running free.

I suppose there are times where I must simply let go; to free myself from these chains, to surrender to instinct - to remind myself that I am, in fact, alive.

I suppose I am thankful that you’ve had a bit too much sugar today; we tear up the forest, you and I – never stopping for a single spot of rest. My eyes grasp the racing form in front of me that is you, brown sprinkled in white; you are an art form in motion, and I chase and I chase. I follow because I want to be with you – I chase because I want to hunt you, if only figuratively. I would never hurt you; you are far too precious to me – instinct can’t completely smother this heart of mine, now throbbing from the adrenaline, the lust, igniting my blood.

Don’t get the wrong idea; it is not you, per say, that I lust for. This is a lust born from a primal instinct; the lust for the thrill of chasing, reaching, grasping something. My blood is torrid in my veins, and I feel as if my body is searing with heat. I wonder if you feel the same; I can see the beads of sweat desperately clinging to your coat, only to fall as the wind strikes without mercy. I can see the way your muscles are rippling just under the skin; I can hear the reverberating in your chest as your breath escapes from your maws.

I can feel my lungs swelling and attenuating as I keep chasing, keep hunting. My heart is pulsating in my chest; it feels as if it’s about to burst from its cage. My tongue has but abandoned its spot tucked away in my mouth, choosing instead to hang out, trying to taste the air.

I once dreamt of this, you know. Though the one I chased was…different.
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Half Moon. [Real Life]

Halfway home in the hilltop trees,
And all our footprints in the snow,
And the evening glow, leaving.

Driving the car with Iron and Wine playing. Windows down, wind blowing. A certain heartache. A certain loving feeling.

It's late evening. The sky is grey, ready to open up. Iron and Wine still flirting with the ears as an omlette is made. It's not perfect, but this is how it is preferred.

Eating with the lights off, simply because there's just enough light outside that the inner light isn't really needed. Drinking milk from a plastic cup, eating the omlette from a plastic plate. Sitting alone, but thinking of someone. Still feeling that heartache, yet feeling loving all the same.

I wake besides you on the floor,
Counting your breathing.

Content, full.

The sky opens up.

Sitting and pondering. Iron and Wine still playing.

A glance at the dog. A glance outside.

"Boe, come on!"

The porch doors swing open.

There she runs, in her black dress, her dog hot on her heels. She's running in the rain because no one else is around, and she feels so free and alive. She likes the scent, the way it hits her skin, only to melt and run under the heat of it.

After a while, she sits beneath the tree, the dog still at her side. Her fingers skate along his sides, and his tongue brushes along them in turn.

This is contentedness. This is freedom.

Because I can't see nothing in this half moon,
Lay me down if I should lose you.

There is nothing more romantic than this; simply living life


This was in my diary, but I've posted it in its own separate blog for safe keeping. I don't like letting good memories like this go.
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Ugh, why am I asking this? [Searching for Gen 1 pictos]


I would firstly like to apologize 10,000 times over for asking this; I know people ask ridiculously, and especially on the Tales of Tales forum. But I have to ask...

Does anyone have any Gen 1 pictos they're willing to give away without wanting one in return, or wantart in return? I feel shoved aside because I cannot - will not - provide either, and it also makes me irritated because Gen 1 pictos are basically the equivalent of currency these days. =/

I'm looking for at least 2 Gen 1 pictos. One will be for Lacie (I'm so sick of her current one), and the other will be for another character.

If no one wants to give any away, I understand; but also understand that I'm going to be very fussy about the pictograms as well; typically, I'm attracted to ones with swirls in them (As a side note thing fff).

Ugh, again, I'm sorry about this...I feel like shit asking for this.

EDIT: I've decided on the two pictograms that I am taking. The pictos that I was holding previously are now open for takers again, if the owner doesn't mind.

I may still want to adopt any other Gen 1 pictos that come my way however; but I will only take them if I really want them.

Thank you to everyone who allowed me to hold/take their pictograms. I truly do appreciate this.

EDIT: It seems this thread has garnered some attention. I'll be keeping up a list of people who post in here looking for Gen 1 pictos. I will also be linking to any pictos they show interest in (Including myself).
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She Got A Local Anesthetic...[Lacie; Language, blood and death warning]

...and the light fainted.

The chirping from behind her was making her more agitated - and fearful. The voice was controlled, but she could feel the panic of its source behind her. The figure behind her bumped her rump again, pushing her forward. She looked ahead to see the other two individuals in front of her; she could see the panic crawling along their skin, causing the muscles beneath the thin surface to ripple and tense in response.

Is there anyplace safe for us anymore?

The baying of hounds closing in smothered that thought instantly. The bumping on her rump ceased; instead, she felt teeth along her neck - tiny pinpricks that held her tight. Immediately, her body went limp, giving into an instinct never quite extinguished. The figure raced between the other two figures, its breathing ragged, agitated. The two smaller figures picked up the pace more, but it wasn't long before the baying was accompanied by the sound of footsteps pounding the earth below.

We're not...gonna get away.

Without another second, she felt her body being thrown; she felt weightless in that moment. For a moment, she thought she was dreaming, and she imagined a haven, a place of safety. They could never touch her -


Her body collided with the shallow water, and she gasped, the wind knocked out of her briefly. She felt someone tugging on her tail; she turned to see one of the small figures pulling her into a shelf of the river covered by long grass. The two huddled around her, but not before she looked up to see the larger figure being bombarded by the hounds. The figure shrieked and yelped in both pain and sheer aggression. Its body was but a blur as it fought the hounds, blood and fur sailing through the air.
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RP Blog.

Yep, I decided to start another one.

Characters available:






Tobari is unavailable, because I'm trying to fully figure out her personality.

God, I need to redo the CSS on most of these guys. Wtf lawl.

Just let me know what character you want, and whatnot.

Game, set, match.
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Quick question about running multiple TEF windows.

Hey, hey.

I have a Windows Vista computer, and in order to run TEF, I have to run it as an admin. This makes it difficult to do anything else that requires admin permission, because when the window pops up, the game either crashes, or I can no longer see pictos.

A while back, there was a user who also had a Vista computer, who was able to run multiple TEF windows without a problem. I was wondering if there was a way to run at least two TEF windows with admin permission without really messing anything up.

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HEADS UP. [God in forest - EDIT: God logged out]

One of the Gods is in the Forest right now.

In the Birch Forest. (:

EDIT: Auriea has logged out. Still, it's always nice getting a visit from her. Thank you, Auriea. <3 (:
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