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[Going on a vacation soon] So...if you guys don't ever see me again after this weekend...

...it's probably because I fell out of my tube, and smashed my head on a rock in the Sacandaga River.

I'm heading out to Monroe State Park this weekend for the 4th of July. This will include tubing down the beastly Sacandaga River.

It's a pretty rough ride.

I have poor balance.

And we're not wearing helmets.

Oh shit.


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So...here's an update.

As you've noticed, a certain white dur was snooping as usual just moments ago.

I am attempting to be more active over the summer, by using my aunt's computer when not tagging around with my sister.

Downside to this is that my aunt only gets 4FPS when I play TEF, which, of course, frustrates me. When I'm at my sister's house, I'll gladly roughhouse and play freely. But at my aunt's house, my movements will be drastically reduced, and it'll take longer for me to respond to someone.

And then of course...


As of right now, I am transferring to a local college. I'm heading out there tomorrow for an Instant Admit Day. I have no clue if my father's going to invest in internet or not, and depending on what kind of deals I can get, I might not be able to afford my own internet.

As such, at this point, I won't be as active as I normally am most of the year. Still, I will make attempts to be around more, if only because I adore you guys, and my brain twitches in funny ways when it thinks about TEF.

So...that's all for now.

I love you guys ;;

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I am about to say something both mean and factual.

I am going to make my point as painfully clear as possible.

Generally, in-Forest, I'm fairly friendly and laidback. I do understand, however, that I have a tendency to only really stick to those I'm close to. Understand that it's simply because I don't mix well with deer I don't know.

However, I am about to make a point painfully clear; I am in fact, extremely moody. It doesn't take much to set me off.

I'm usually good at keeping my temper bottled up, but as of 5 minutes ago, that changed pretty damn fast.

If you spell me, and I taunt at you? Don't fucking spell me. I don't want to spell spam with you, I don't want anymore spells. I should not be forced to Red pelt because someone can't get the message. When I taunt at you, telling you to "Go away, leave me alone," I goddamn mean it. I would never use an aggressive emote unless I was playing around with a close friend, or I was angry enough to do it at someone.

I'm sorry that this is coming off as harsh, but today has just gone through the shit fan, and I've had it.

EDIT: I'm beginning to realize something...

The deer is only shaking her head at ME. Deer is only spelling ME. Deer is sitting ON ME.

No one owns a set.

Grow the fuck up.
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Mind if I ask you guys to read a few things? (Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill related)

Here and here.

This is ridiculous, to be frank. I know Nat Geo is doing a special on this soon, and it annoys me that this is still going on.

*would type more but is currently having a dead at this moment*
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Allow me to rage for just a moment.

So I found out the hard way that airsitting is a goddamn chore if you're looking to sit in a specific spot.

Thanks to VCG/Virgil, I finally figured out how to get to the near top of the Ruins. Now, for the longest time, I have imagined a little Thylacine using the top of the Ruins as a playground, sitting and lounging as she pleases.

Well, thanks to some dumb luck, I managed to find a tiny corner spot that's just perfect for her to sit on. It's the correct height, correct length.

Earlier today, I decided to leave it to socialize with Dag, VCG, etc.

Well, afterwards, I decided to try and get back up there to show off a bit.

Dag signs off.

Still not up there.

VCG signs off.

Still not up there.

Demon and Fay fall asleep.

Still not up there.

Demon wakes up after about 30-45 minutes.

I'm STILL not up there.

It took me about close to TWO FREAKING HOURS to get back into that spot, and even then, Alkina's front end is off the ledge by about 2 inches. Which, may not seem much, but to an OCD perfectionist like me, it's quite aggravating.

Long story short, airsitting was supposed to be fun, but, in retrospect, it's a goddamn chore.

If there's anything that should be fixed in the game, it's the ability to actually MANEUVER WHILE YOU'RE UP IN THE AIR, AND NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HITTING THE GROUND.

I came close SEVERAL times to getting it right, but I would end up being off by about 5-6 inches or so.

/ *mumblemumblemumble*
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The Spotlight Smiles On Him. [TO DAG]

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Hahaha...before I forget. (*COUGH* leaving again soon *COUGH*)

Next week is finals week here at college. Which means I'll be heading home again sometime next week. I'm still not sure when however.

As I've said countless times, I live with my father, and there's no internet as his house. Also, I'll be working most of the summer, which means my activity in the Forest and the Comm site will be greatly reduced.

I dunno, if I ever get the urge to visit the Mocha Blend Cafe, I can get on there, and I'll probably be seeing my sister often enough.

Just letting you guys know ahead of time.

Love you all!

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This is just a simple request.

I understand that I, for the most part, can't tell people what they can and can't do.

However, I have to make this request; not just for personal reasons, but for computer reasons as well.

When I am trying to get the Devout pelt for the glitch, please do not hit me with the Devout pelt. For starters, the noise is loud and head throbbing. Secondly, there's a technical reason as well.

Whenever someone Devouts me, there's about an 85% chance that my game will crash. This alone is enough to absolutely infuriate me.

So please, please, please, do not Devout me when I'm at the Idols trying to get the glitch. It'll save me a headache and a few blood vessels.

Thank you.
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