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I need you guys to bear with me. [MSN related]

Apparently, my MSN is still acting up. I just tried my secondary Hotmail address, and it seems to work just fine.

FOR NOW AT LEAST, my new MSN is . I doubt this will be permanent. It all depends on if my current MSN fixes itself.

If you want to re add me, go right ahead. Just please leave me a note telling me who you are so I don't ignore you or anything like that.

I apologize immensely for this =/
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Is anyone casting...

DotD antlers right now?

I'm looking to get some...

If anyone is, and they want to help me, I'll be sitting on the hill to the side of the Ruins (:
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To those of you who contact me on MSN.


I have temporarily changed my MSN address, since people say I'm online on that one:

People still don't show up on my Contact list, but again, the people I talk to on that MSN say I'm online.

It appears there is some sort of hiccup with my Trillian.

It says I'm logged into MSN, but no one on my friend's list is showing up. I just IMed someone, and apparently, I'm offline to them?

Long story short, I have no clue what the hell is going on. If you want to talk to me, just IM me; if I'm there, I'll respond in short order. If not, then I'm not there, plain and simple.

I would change my MSN address, but there's too many people on my contact list to warrant doing that =/

I'm so sorry for this...
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I See You Lying Next To Me...[Jorogumo]

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Hi, hi. CSS question(s)

How do you get two boxes next to each other?

How do you get an image next to a box?

How do you get text next to an image?

Long story short, I've looked up codes for all of those things, and none of them helped. Everything looks like crap when I do it =/
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I hate my laptop. [Rant]

Well, last night I ended up letting the laptop run until my battery was low enough that my computer went to sleep.

I got back home, and it worked perfectly fine; right up until I went to shut down the computer; it was taking forever to log off, and after abuot 10-15 minutes, I finally just shut the damn thing down myself.

Well, now, I go to try and use it, and the fucking thing takes forever to log off again, I can't even open up my connection center to conenct to the internet, I can't even fucking view pictures (When I double click to view a picture, it doesn't come up at all). I had JUST recently had this laptop fixed because the hard drive went back in it, and it pisses me off that I'm already having problems with it.

I'm fucking sick and tired of not being able to use my fucking laptop for anything without it coughing up, and not working for me. I'm fucking sick of having to use the campus computers with teeny tiny text; I especially hate having to use the ones in the fucking dining center because it only has Internet Exploerer, which is a fucking peice of shit, and I can't even right click anything to pull up tabs, and the monitor itself is inside a protective case so it's about a foot from your face, and I can't read any fucking text on the screen because its too far away.

I am fucking pissed as hell, espeically considering that my father is going away this weekend, and I NEED this laptop in order to even surrive the weekend.

God fucking dammit.
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Phase I; Fade In, From White

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I Never Trusted You...[Coarse language]

...You stuck your knife in me,
You tried to make me bleed.
You're not sorry,
Still not sorry.

We all make mistakes. Rather stupid ones at that.

You cheat your way through an exam, only to get caught when the graders realize your answers are exactly like the ones of the person sitting in front of you. You cook food in a crock pot, making the mistake of leaving it on high the entire day; and now, you come home to charred, bland food. You leave your child to his own devices, only to come home to the house in shambles, chocolate syrup all over the walls, floors, beds.

To list every mistake in the world would take an eternity; and technically speaking, we don't have eternity. We only have about 80 years each. Mind as well make the best of it, right?

But what if the best is more of the worst?

What if the worst mistake you made, was simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The white doe has seated herself in front of the King's throne, the most glorious of sunbeams. Chased from the Blue Bowl by a pair of clowns, this is the only place she can find solitude now. Her head is spinning, but it's her heart that is working overtime, pumping, burning, desperate to free itself from the cage that is her body.

She should be keeping the wounded company, assuring them that they fought well, that everything will be alright. She should be sitting silently beside them, a gesture of friendship, respect.

But she can't. She just can't.

She replays the scene from minutes before, and she replays it over and over; a hoof just about striking her face, yet she doges it just before it can collide with her helm. She had only been there a few seconds, waking from who knows what kind of sleep, and already, she was bombarded relentlessly.

Logic would have told her it was natural for the deer to react that way; her day had turned to shit relatively fast.
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15 frame per second, using my sister's BF's fiber optics internet connection.

Oh, it's so beautiful. So, so, beautiful. Everything runs so smoothly, even in the highest detail setting.

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My mind has been blown...

I somehow have access to the Comm site using my college interwebz.

-Is totally typing this in class- 8D
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