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So yeah...

I get out of Intro to Drawing this morning, and I feel like I have a low blood sugar.

So naturally, I get back to my room, and test myself, thinking I'm around 60 or so, since I didn't feel too bad, and I figured I would just test myself, get a cookie and juice, and nap for a bit.

I test myself, and my blood sugar is 33, which is dangerously low.

Breakfast sandwiches aren't all they're cracked up to be...

(Sorry this isn't TEF-related, I just felt like sharing this.).
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The Playlist of My Heart

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Hey guys...

...Just a quick heads up.

I'm sorry if I don't interact much with your deer. The Forest is being incredibly laggy, and I can't be bothered to play correctly if the lag keeps up. I'll be in the Forest for as long as I can; just...please don't be offended with I don't interact with you.

Thanks <3
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Contact Info

Yes, this is MyuNoUta, but I'm posting my contact info here as well~

AIM - The Mr Zurkon


Skype - Lady_Swiftkill

If you contact me, please let me know who you are. I get snippy when people message me, and I have no clue who they are.

Also, if you want to talk to me on Skype, you must let me know. Skype messes up my connection in the Forest, so I am usually signed out of it.
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