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A Peice of Advice To Those In College.

If you set your alarm to get up an hour before class so you can get something to eat, for the love of whomever you worship, get up and flocking eat. You don't want to go half a day or more without eating, trust me.

I've made the mistake countless times. I love my sleep. So naturally, I end up skipping meal time, and just sleeping till about ten minutes before class. Well today, I did that, and by the time I ordered something to eat, I thought I was going to die. My stomach was in extreme pain and I felt like I was going to black out or throw up.

Now, here's where the real lesson is. If I end up throwing up tonight anyways, note that I'm taking the full blame. I got no one else to fault by myself.

Due to being completely starved, I ended up shoving down 4 large slices of pizza, and 3 cinnamon sticks. If I don't get sick later, I'll be amazed. I'm already feeling kinda woozy anyways...

Anyways, just was bored, and decided to post this. Why? Because I'm bored. And it's completely true.

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The Deer Directory

Well, since I have quite a few deer, I mind as well write one up, just so people know who's active, who's not, etc.

EDIT - Activity Status has been gotten rid of. If they're in, they're in.

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A Rather Dumb Question.

How do you get a mask when the flowers are in the game? All the big mushroom trees are gone, and I was trying to find a mask for someone...
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Icon Trip - A Look. (Updated whenever) (Pictures Added - List Later)

Well guess what?

I got internet in my hotel room.

And so, I have decided to make a blog chronicling my 3 days of being here in Long Island, at a convention called Icon.

Day 1

We left at about midnight Thursday night.

The drive was roughly 6-8 hours long, with 2 ten minute stops in between.

I spent most of my drive playing Pokemon Heart Gold, only for the battery to die just as we hit the city early morning.

The city traffic was horrendous, and our driver, Leo attempted to switch lanes, only to just about cut off Alex, another one of our drivers, causing him to rear end another one of our drivers, Mike. Mike's car is fine, there's barely a scratch on it. Same to Alex's car.

The hotel told Alex that they could check in at 11am, and we planned accordingly; only to get there and find out that they won't allow us to check in until 3pm. Lovely. Oh, and we got there at 9:30am.

We ended up hanging out in the lobby, and I tried my hardest to go to sleep; I sprawled out on one of the couches, only to be woken up an hour later, with one of the guards saying "You can't sleep here." So, I ended up going across the street with a few friends and getting something to eat.

By the time we got back (Noting that I almost got hit by a car when crossing the street), we got our rooms, but we had no time to take a shower, as we had to go to SUNY Stonebrook, and register for Icon. The line was long and it took us an hour just to get registered. When we got in though, Mike, who had been to Icon several times, guided us around, showing us where everything was. When we hit the dining hall for dinner, I was amazed by the whole thing. It was completely different from Canton, and I found myself overwhelmed by everything.
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*Whistles* Leaving in about a week...

...and I like to give warnings a week in advance.

I'm leaving late Thursday night. I'm going to a convention down in Long Island with the rest of my college's Gaming Club. I'm tempted to bring my laptop, but I doubt we'll have internet down there. And who knows, I might not bring it just so I can play HeartGold the whole time 8D;;

Anyways, I'll be returning Sunday night. Not sure when though.
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Raise your hand...

...if you're also having problems getting into the Forest.

Nothing has changed on my computer since last night. Yet, there's not that many people on, and the pictos refuse to spread. Everything was fine with the game last night; I even went so far as to restart the computer, and uninstall/reinstall the game. And nothing's working.

I'm just curious if anyone else is having an issue getting in. Because, to be honest, this is quite ridiculous. And I'm very peeved.
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I Am No Poet. [Arches]

I am no poet.
My words lock themselves in my head.
I try to speak, to express,
But my tongue remains twisted.

I am no artist.
My hands freeze upon contact.
I try to mold, create,
Yet my wrist flicks in annoyance.

I am no comforter,
I cannot speak, cannot draw or write.
I try to create comfort and a smile,
Yet I simply fall short.

In short, I am nothing.
My existence is questionable.
And yet, I hope that I have somehow....

...cheered you up in one form or another.


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Game's Freezing Again.

Yep. Lots of people + Weather change = Computer rapeage.

So again, I apologize if I don't respond to you at all. You're simply not moving in my game.

If anyone bothers to find me, I'm sitting by the Twin Idols. But don't expect much from me.
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