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Hokay, I could use some CSS help.

I'm attempting to use a scroll box, but I want the scroll invisible, since it looks neater 8c

Only problem is that I can't seem to find the code to do that. I keep thinking it has to do with changing the "overflow" code, but I have no clue how to do it.

Help, anyone? ;;
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She Told Me Her Name Was Billie Jean...

...as she caused a scene.
Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one,
Who will dance on the floor in the round...

Sure, she could have done everything she wanted to. She could have easily have spelled that snoozing hart nearby, make him her pretty little peacock, if only for a second. She could have completely ignored the butterfly doe next to him, as she protested the snowflake's playfully malicious act. She could have stepped on the Mini nearby, with all the intent of being grating, annoying.

But no, she sat perfectly still.

She could have easily have been an ass the night before, and gave that poor Nightfall stag a hard time, with a flash of sugar brown, and a flurry of feathers right beside her. She could have told off the large chocolate stag nearby, telling him that fighting got no one anywhere. She could have really jumped in on the fighting, the Kabuki pelted stag swinging wildly this way and that. She was convinced he was Bi Polar, and could have easily have told him off hours before, when he circled her, sniffed her, thinking about it, and oh yes, he was thinking about that coat of snow, so pure in its presentation, so tainted underneath.

But no, she sat perfectly still.

She could have been running and jumping with them the whole time, ribbons of red, black, blue, gold, white, colliding, meshing like they were one. She could have been the prankster that trumpet antlered the largest one, the leader, as he snorted and bellowed at her, and oh, she would just laugh it off.

But no, she sat perfectly still.

She could have done everything in-between, white fur shedding its way off of her, her back to the world, wind sneaking through her helm. She could have taken her helm off, said "Fuck you all," and exposed that ugly -though everyone said "Beautiful"- face, hints of red gathering at her cheeks.
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l Dedication l

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CSS testing, please ignore.

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Spin me a web of nightmares and lies, and I'll tell you "It's Reality." [Story]




Drip…drop. Drip…drop.

Water, seeping through the cracks, spilling onto the floor below. The dull sound is but one of the few things audible in this dark, dank place. Rats skirt past your feet, their soft fur one of the few things almost comforting to feel. They squeak quietly as they run by, the usual chit chatter of their kind. A part of you can almost hear the dripping sarcasm in-between garbled vowels; or perhaps, you’re simply imagining it.

We see you’re here again. Welcome back.

You’ve been here so many times, and yet it’s still hard to define what is real here, and what isn’t.

It’s cold here too. There’s no draft here. It’s just…cold. It’s that feeling you get when you’ve realized you’ve stepped a little too far into the neighbor farmer’s yard. You’re the one who gets left behind by your cohorts, the one who’s left staring down the blank eyes of the shotgun.
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Dyed In Salt : The Diary of Lacie - "Days of Cape May"

July 30th, 2010

[=10]I was up by at least 6am this morning. Getting from Upstate New York to the tip of New Jersey is no easy task. It takes quite a while.

This is the longest I've left Sage, my rabbit, on his own, and I spent the previous night cuddling with him for a few hours. I finally introduced him to that "rabbit castle" I swiped from my sister a few weeks ago. At first, he didn't pay much attention to it, but after getting inside of it, he didn't seem to want to come out. He came out here and there to nudge/cuddle me, but that's about it. I basically wrote up a book to my aunt about how to take care of him while I'm gone. I swear, this morning, he knew I was leaving him. He did something he never does.

He peed on my bed as I was changing his bedding, water, and feed. Ah, oh well.

So we finally hit the road, and stopped at a few places to eat/drink/use the bathroom. I hate to break to everyone, but New Jersey people CANNOT drive. We got cut off more times than I can count, and I recall this one motorcyclist clearly looking to die early by driving in-between traffic. Idiot.

We finally reach the campsite (Mind you, we drove from 7am to about 2pm), and we end up with the crappiest site. It's right at the entrance way to the park. Luckily, we'll be moving to a much better site on Sunday. We get everything set up, and look over what we want to do. Of course, the first thing to catch my eye is a whale/dolphin watch. Chances are, we're going Sunday. And I'm freaking stoked.

We decided to go find the lighthouse near the cape, and omg, the beach is...spectacular.
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Hahaha. I forgot to say this. I'm so complacent.

I'm going away to Cape May, New Jersey, starting tomorrow. I won't be back till late Tuesday, which means you won't see me until Wednesday probably.


Provided I don't get eaten by a Bull Shark 8D
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Oh good god. Freaking computer hates me.

Hokay, time for some backtracking, and a whirlwind tale of love, deception, and mur-

Oh wait, wrong blog.

Let's start with about a month ago. A month ago, my computer battery error'd, and told me it couldn't be charged anymore. I unplugged the batter charger, and the computer went out completely. However, I kept putting off telling my dad, because I figured out through that little weasel brain of mine that if I kept the charger plugged into the computer, it would turn on, and I could still use it.

Well, I have no clue if that's the root cause of what happened the other night, but I thought I'd throw that out there in case a computer whiz happens to be reading this and takes note 8D

Anyways, back on track.

The other night, I was up from about 10pm to 3am trying to get my computer to operate. The reason? My computer was blue screening constantly, it froze up whenever it was trying to do a disk check, it would blue screen when trying to use Rescue and Recover (which repairs any minor damage to the computer that it can fix), and it kept saying that Windows Explorer was failing.

Well, finally, yesterday morning, the disk check went through alright, and I could access my computer again. However, since it's been alright for the most part, I've left it alone.

However, everytime I log into my computer now, this window pops up:

And when I went to check the actual file, this is the information I'm given:

What upsets me is the fact that I can no longer access Adobe Reader, or anything Microsoft Office related, like Word or Excel. I can access Wordpad just fine. However, the Help and Support is not longer accessible either, which sucks because I don't even know where the hell the application log is.
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