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I Kinda Like You When...

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Lacie and the Rut. VERY IMPORTANT.


I do not care if you're a doe, stag, or buck:

I will NOT tolerate ANY AND ALL rutting behaviour FROM ANYONE towards me. That's right; not even friends are exempt from this. This is especially true for strangers/deer I don't consider myself close to.

I will be more forceful in telling people off.

In other words, say for example, if you're circling me, I won't simply just stand up and stare. Expect me to lower my antlers, taunt, rear, etc.

I will be more distant from everyone. I won't really interact with anyone unless they come to me first.

More will be added as the Rut continues.
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Oh...fml. *UPDATE in comments

Hi guys.

I probably won't be around in the actual Forest for a few days to about a week or two.

My laptop has officially shit the bed, and I believe it is a hard drive issue. Hopefully, the guy who's going to look at it can save all my personal data on it (Which I really hope does happen, since everything on that computer is worth more than 100 of my lives), and can somehow get it to function again.

I'll pop into the Comm site whenever I'm at school (I start tomorrow, hahaha ;; ), but I won't be in the actual Forest for god knows how long.

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We'll Rendezvous In Cold Blood...[Hi. Coarse language warning.]

...I'll tie you up to the third rail.

She watches, body bristling slightly.

Here he comes, that selfish, arrogant, cocky asswipe, who thought she was his, and no one else's. He struts towards her, his handsome face smiling ever so wryly, as if he had won the lottery, and was simply being smug about it.

He approaches, making a move to rub the side of her face. Surprisingly, she doesn't budge; he's quite surprised. Normally, she would writhe from his touch, a dolphin not quite in love with the eel. He becomes even more surprised when she returns the gesture; her helm is smooth like polished porcelain, her white fur short and oh so soft. He finds himself flinching slightly from the rather pleasurable sensation.

Without a word, she walks not even turning to him - he follows, of course. It was only natural to chase what you couldn't have, to try and grab it, capture it, put it in a pretty little jar and call it yours. She doesn't seem to be in any rush to get away however; she keeps an even pace, confidence in every step.
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Hi. I'm going MIA for a few days.

Well...2 and half, really.

Taking off for a camp in the Adirondacks tomorrow morning. I'll be back in town Saturday, because I have orientation at my college. I should be on in late afternoon/early evening.

Ilu gaiiz &hearts
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...lag, much? lD

How many people are online, come to think of it? I've never seen it this laggy this early....
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You're Hearing Damage, Your Mind Is Restless...

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Interactions With Lacie : The Fail Edition

#9999FF, size 10, Deer form.
#999900 Lucida Console, size 10, Thylacine form.


This is an interaction blog for Lacie/Alkina. Any format is fine, but be aware that if anyone posts drawing interactions, I won't be drawing any replies. I'll either type, or do a screenshot edit, depending on what I feel like doing at the time.

You can speak to her with either her deer form, or her Thylacine form. She's still the same 'ol gal. I do not, however, do human RPs. Lacie has no human form.

I like you when - when you take off your face,
You put away all your teeth,
And take us way underneath.
'Cause you could die if you take it alone...

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I know this really isn't the place to ask, but...[iTunes problem]

Hokay, so I've got a bunch of awesome MP3s that I want to download from iTunes. I gave them my credit card info and everything.

However, when I got to download, I get the following error:

I have no clue what that's saying. I know my credit card has enough money to buy everything, and this is the only place I can get these songs from.

If anyone can offer advice, that'd be great ;;
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Understand M.E.

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