The Constant. [Real life]

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"Just don't do it too often; it'll lose its special feel."

She herself knew that; and yet, she couldn't ignore that throbbing in her heart, that ignition of blood. The scent of the pouring rain teased her nose, her brain craving more of it.

But more than that, she wanted...

Without another second to spare, she raced from the kitchen upstairs to her bedroom. She ignored the irritated stomp from her rabbit as the door burst open, and she furiously pulled everything off of herself before yanking the black lace dress from its place on her dresser shelf. She pulled down on it until it rested as its length around her knees, framing her entire figure.

She didn't waste any time, however; she raced back down the stairs, and into the kitchen; the dog wasn't too far behind her.

Only parting paying attention to him, she opened the main door before swinging open the secondary door just enough so that the dog would have enough time to get out before the door shut and potentially clamped on his tail.

She ran; she ran and ran, the rain colliding with her form as it mercilessly fell from the sky. The scent of it was even stronger out here, and she felt that primitive side of her call out from within, relishing that moment of completely abandon. The dog remained near her, though he had a path of his own he wanted to take.

Suddenly, she stopped. She was out in the complete open, her entire being soaked by the rain. Yet she hardly paid it any mind. She ran her fingers through her drenched hair, raising arms to the sky, stepping backwards a bit; though not too far, so as to avoid falling to the ground. She didn't want to come back just yet.

This was her Paradise, her slice of complete and total freedom. Not one could touch her out here. This is what she craved secretly in the recesses of her mind; the ability to run and stand in the open, not giving a damn about what the weather was doing, and simply living off the high of the moment.

A deep rumble snapped her from her thoughts; it was thunder.

No...that means.

The moment was over.

She whistled to the dog, and he came to her, jogging next to her as she ran back to the house, giggling like a young child. She couldn't contain it, even as she and the dog left wet footprints on the wooden floor of the house, the excess water dripping lazily from their bodies. She continued to giggle, even as she walked up the stairs, leaving even more wet footprints. She continued to giggle, even as she walked back into her room, the rabbit watching her curiously. She caught his gaze and she smiled and giggled back, opening the cage door and running her finger over the top of his head as he chirped in contentedness.

The giggles started to die however, as she hesitantly pulled the dress and undergarments off, replacing them with shorts and a T-shirt. She didn't want to change just yet; she wanted to stay in that wet outfit for as long as she could, to remind herself of that brief exercise in liberation.

But as her eyes glanced to the clock, then reading 4:35pm, she knew she had to. Her father would be home soon; she refused to explain this love, this craving of hers, that cut deep, rattling her bones and igniting her blood.

Annoyed, she sulked her way back down the stairs into the kitchen; a few more minutes, and she would have to start the potatoes and beans that were to go with the chicken baking in the oven.

She could hear the rain battering the windows outside, and her eyes dulled at the reality of her "plight."

She could never be truly free.