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Oh my goodness...

Oh my goodness...<3

Is she...?
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Ocean - HELLO THERE. &hearts

Whey - Slowly, but surely, yes. It's driving me nuts, honestly. I want consistent internet, NOW.

Arrowdoe - Hey, you. See you when you come back. Hope things go okay for you... &hearts

Leeeeeexxxxx - YESSSSSS. &hearts
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A soft chuckle comes up

A soft chuckle comes up behind her "So you have decided to come back hmmm?"

Oh my goodness~ This makes me happeh to see her <333333 *much love all over this blog now* You has been Nightmare Tracked~

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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-Spams love all over the place- &hearts


"Surprise" would have been the choice of word here. In a span of seconds, the large ears swivel backwards, catching the ever-so familiar voice. There is a whirlwind of emotions that begin to build; sadness, anxiety, love not quite buried - there is a strong, underlying fear as well, of what is to come. And yet, her body remains still, hardly suggesting anything. But she wouldn't doubt it if he felt the emotions circulating themselves through her veins, arteries, organs, everything.

She turns to face him; the Skull is not there. Instead, it is her full face, as it was meant to be seen; light blue orbs take in his form, the markings in front and back of them wrinkling slightly as her eyes widen a bit. When she speaks, her voice sounds slightly deeper than long before; there is an air of maturity and age to it not quite present when she graced this world ages ago. Funny, considering she was still quite young.

Yes, I am back. I am here.

There is something to be said about the silence that follows, and yet she remains quiet; choosing to watch him instead, her eyes never leaving his form.
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kjagkakgkahjgahgha oh god go

kjagkakgkahjgahgha oh god go get on a new pair of britches you! *giggles and loves all over* Myu is very welcome (if you get in forest) To come and latch onto Nightmare is she desires~

A thick air of chuckling came out of Nightmare, he still dwarfed her... by no small margin... carefully he slowly moved around, his body showing the pains that were currently taking their tole on him. If she desired to look ever so closely she would see that that body of his was slowly starting to mend it's old ways... growing back to flesh that was missing... slowly starting to coat the bones that showed their ugly heads from under years of dissolving.

He was careful to look her over with those piercing orbs hidden in the heavy skull... unlike her, the skull was his real face. There was nothing to hide with it... those eyes continued to look her over before he lowered that head down and grazed her shoulders with a nuzzle, tail swinging behind him as there was that heavily drawn out purr, a longing one... one that longed anothers touch and to be close to someone.

"Hmmmm you've grown..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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-CHANGES PANTS- I won't be


I won't be able to make it in-Forest tonight; my sister just got home, so yeah - no sneak downloads on her computer. For shame.

I was going to go to the cafe tomorrow, since they have Wi-Fi, however, my sister doesn't have to be to work until the cafe's closing time. I'm hoping to be around within the next week or so, though even then, I don't know if I'll be having any over-nights with my sister, since that's the only time you and I are on at the same time, usually, rofl ;;

...I'm good with run-on sentences, aren't I? -Slaps self-


Her head tilts, wanting to take in more of his form. She leans in slightly as well; she remembers the torture his body had gone through, and she cringes slightly. Yet, a look of ease shines dully in her eyes - she sees he is recovering, returning to his former glory. Her shoulders slouch slightly in a quiet relief.

When his eyes capture hers, she can't look away - and she doesn't want to. She feels the sensation running along her shoulders, and she catches his purring.

In this moment, it feels as if the final weight has been lifted; the heart pounds, the lungs pump. She has half a mind to tackle the ever hulking beast, but in consideration for his still aching body, she doesn't. Instead, she leans into his nuzzle, and she swings her head around, her nose tapping the side of his skull.

I have, huh? Hnn...I never thought I got bigger. To be honest, I feel as if I've shrunk.

There is a quiet, yet uplifting chuckle that seeps its way out of her lungs, and she rubs her nose into his skull more.

I've missed you...maybe more than you realize.
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CURSE THE EVILS OF BEING ON LATER jahgjahgjahgjajga *tackles again and smothers* No worries though <3 *mrew* Loving all over them in RP is just as good as smothering them on each other in forest 8D *giggles* <333333333 Nightie missed his Myu ;3;


His ears flipped around, feathers giving a slight ruffle as he purred more and brought his head back up... she was larger in his eyes... even if she said she shrunk. Then again, when it came to the huge beast, he was always massive, in every aspect of the word, a thick chuckle came out of him as that skull face somewhat contorted into a thick grin "I suppose when you stand next to me you'd feel that way Myu..." his words came out in a heavy purr as he shifted and lowered down giving her hind end a firm nuzzle before slowly moving around her, seems he's changed somewhat but was still the same old hulking beast he was before.

His tail flicked around for a few moments before it drifted and dragged the ground behind him, had that gotten longer? Or was it just her imagination "I've been lonely in this world... more than you probably realize... I missed all of those from the old days... you included Myu..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I honestly can't wait for

I honestly can't wait for them to reunite in Forest. Oh, I am tickled in happiness just thinking about it.



And that was certainly true. Nightmare had always dwarfed the young Mule Deer, and he had obviously continued to do so.

Of course. You always were the tower above me, weren't you? She asks, only to jump, a garbled yelping noise of surprise escaping her mouth when she feels his skull grace her end.

She jerks away in a playful manner, her back legs bucking up. It was a natural reaction for the young doe, and it certainly added to the happy tune jostling around in her head. And yes - did his tail seem a tick longer than before? It certainly seemed such.

But upon his next words, she returns to him, much more gentle in air and demeanor. This was her talent - she was the mood shifter, constantly adapting to the world. The side of her face brushes what it can of his front leg - a gesture of comfort, of an inexplicable joy. Her voice is quiet, soothing.

I'm here now. I'm here.
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YES! HOW COULD YOU FORGET OF THE LAPTOP LADEH! akgjjahgjahgjahga *tackles in mad love*


The heavy purr that emitted out of him shown that gentle nature that the beast often rarely let out. Around her the brute was almost normal, almost... natural within this strange forest where demons roamed free and deer could cast magic upon others. That next purr that came out of him was from when that gentle face of hers graced that leg of his, that smile of his forming up that cracked and beaten skull.

He would shift himself again and that head would come back down... nuzzling into that fluff at the hind of her body a thick purr coming out of her, he was easily capable of reaching it without moving himself around her, that long neck a nice little advantage as he grinned and glanced back to her "Always the tower... and the guardian hmmm..."

Nightmare purred again, drawing that cracked skull away as he looked at her before slowly moving and walking his way around her... letting out that all to well known bellow of his as he walked around her... "Hmmm yes you are... you are here and you have tamed this old monster again..." He chuckled out softly.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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She jumped again as his skull tapped her rump again, but she didn't kick out this time, knowing he was lingering there. Instead, a front leg shot out in response, and a wild laugh found its way out of her.

Hahaha, the fascination with my hind has yet to diminish, I see!

She was smiling broadly; this happiness was something she had not felt in a long time, and she was glad to wear it on her sleeve.

Yes, the tower. The guardian.

She turns to him bumping her forehead against his leg again.

Mine tower, mine guardian.

His bellow was always well known to her; she called out in response, her light, airy call a stark contrast to his.

I never thought of you as a monster, you know. To me, you were simply you.

She walks under him, her shoulders barely gracing his stomach as she peeks her head out.

You are you. As it should be.
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NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH THE EVILS OF THE WEATHER... Evil snowstorms of doom D: We haven't had snow here yet <3< send some my way ;3;

Everyone apparently loves Myu/Nightmare butt nuzzles <3<


A heavy purr came out of him and he grinned more... that attention right back on her rump as he nuzzled and nestled his skull into the fur back there. Nope, it never left... he always had his manner with anythings hind end, but Myu's was just that sorta special. He always had to nuzzle it for some unknown reason "Would you prefer my attention elsewhere hmmm~"

It was a playful tone with that voice he chuckled some as he glanced down when she was below him... so tall, such a brute and beast... something to be rivaled with by anything in this forest. Knowing many a deer could slide under his bulky frame and seek shelter from the troublesome weather... if he allowed it. She was the only one that could use him as a tower like that... for protection in such a way... though friends were allowed to come and do so as well.

"The only one... well besides those that I call friends still..." A tired sigh came out of him as he slowly moved forward before turning and bringing that head down pressing that skull of his against her, the heavy purr coming out of him as he did so... tail giving a heavy swing and swish behind him "Your tower... your guardian... you'd never have me any other way would you Myu?"

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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We got HAMMERED out here. The

We got HAMMERED out here. The worst part is, it was fine one second, and then a split second later, it was all "HELL MARY." I made my sister drive back, rofl ;;



She squirms slightly, only to abruptly stop, realizing that she was most likely just rubbing her end in his face more. She can feel her face heat up, her cheeks glowing cherries.

To be frank, I'm not entirely sure. I miss our games. She says it in a hurried fashion, but it's a playful hurriedness - the echo of little kids playing in the schoolyard, sharing secrets and sandwiches.

Their eyes lock again, and she is frozen in place; it was a hard thing, freeing oneself from those eyes. Her pupil-less blues mesh with his, and for a moment, the world feels still.

When she answers, her tone is strong, certain, confident.

I'll have you in whatever way you wish to give. If you want to be a tower, a guardian, I shall have it that way.
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Kansas weather is like that too... it was nice today then BOOM HEAVY WIND AND COLD AS FUCK! @_@


A sly grin formed over his features and he slowly walked his way around her... those heavy talons of those legs of his digging into the ground as he held that head high and bellowed out again, letting those around know he was there... that she was within his range... she was his while she was there. And he was going to make it known, Nightmare had that odd way of doing such things... letting those around know what was his and who was his.

"Hmmm ah yes out games..." The words slid from his mouth with a hint of sly nature to them as he locked onto her features and those feline like orbs seemed to shine with a bit of... mischief in them. What on earth was the big brute planning... shifting around he moved around her carefully nuzzling into her cheek and then going to the back of her neck, purring again as he flipped that tail around behind him "You will always know of me as Nightmare... but I carry something new with me..."

His words were like a deathly whisper, silent but audible for her... "I carry the title Emperor... Emperor Czern Naraniel..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Usually New York weather is predictable, but it can surprise from time to time; it's mostly the speed at which storms progress that really nail us up here ;;


She knew this song and dance - and it never mattered to her. To be welcome, wanted - it was something she always loved. Her skin crawls as his skull traces the contours of her face and neck - but it's hardly a feeling of being creeped out. It's almost like a massage to her, and she chortles quietly in response.

When her ears snatch his whispers, they vibrate slightly; her eyes go wide as he utters his title, his truth. Her ears swivel in an interested manner.

Emperor Czern Naraniel...that name. It sounds elegant, fitting. The name fits together quite well...
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Kansas weather no one can

Kansas weather no one can predict sadly ;3; UGH it's terrible I say! It'll sneak up on you within 5 seconds if you're not careful D|


"It is hmmm?" He questioned before chuckling out sharply and shifting some before slowly he lowered himself down to lay... even laying he was a damned tower. His nose pressed to hers as he chuckled out at the little chortle she made... the heavy purr that he emitted was one that seemed to just ache a bit "I've been having emotions rising up again... I feel... a sense of longing again..."

Another chuckle... he shifted, and leaned back looking over her and he smirked a bit playfully in that oh so familiar manner "Hmmmm Empress Myu... has a rather... alluring Ring to it~"

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Whenever you need a home,
I will be there.
Whenever you're all alone,
And nobody cares.

Yes, it does. She answers sincerely, jerking her head up slightly in confidence.

Her ears prick forward absorbing confessions, analyzing them. Her eyes soften, and she pushes back with her nose. She seats herself beside him, as she had always done with him. Even in his battered state, the warm he emitted was welcome to her, especially in such cold weather. She doesn't say anything to him, until he speaks again. Her ears spring to life, though her mind is failing to register anything. But her eyes widen again with interest, their slight glow almost eerie like.

"Empress Myu?"
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LMAO! But if you slapped

LMAO! But if you slapped mother nature you would be murdered for it D: Because Mother Nature is a Bitch and we cannot mess with her D: D: D: D:


He held that head up proud, a snort coming out which created a draft of warmth from it as tendrils of smoke came out... ah that had not changed... he still spilled that smoke though it wasn't as deathly or deadly as it once was. Nothing got affected by it anymore, unless he desired them to be so. He would shift, move that body to lean into hers as that warmth of her soft fur was beside him.

He chuckled some at the confidence she held... always a pleasure for him... that confidence... just how she was... he loved it, enjoyed it... wanted it almost. What was he to do? Nightmare held desires... for many things... desired to feel the ache of love once again but he was so insecure about those things given events that came from the past.

A careful shift came from him, those things of the past were long gone and forgotten. Figments of memories that were never there... amnesia one would say but it was a good one... a proper amnesia to keep the pain away from the beast and keep him from becoming a wreck again... a wreck that this beloved doe would always sit beside and comfort... that she would sit beside and watch over with every fiber of her body.

Those feline golden orbs would glance down to her... and he shifted... that bulky head of his coming down beside hers as the thin purr emitted from him... the craggy top of that skull going under her chin to caress it... the purr growing louder as he did so... a soft alluring pattern with it as those eyes closed "Yes... Empress Myu... a very fitting title for such a strong... confident doe... unless... you feel you do not deserve it my dear..."

Nightmare drew back after a moment... looking to her, expecting a weird answer or her little silly sounds to come. Which would bring amusement to him... maybe he was playing around? Maybe he was being serious? Not many knew with the beast... he always held an unreadable thing with his mind... a very unreadable thing.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"

It's looking better and

It's looking better and better. I love the relationships tidbit Smiling
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She watches the smoke free itself from his nostrils, and she smiles lightly; she remembered it well. It had the power to manipulate, to strike fear and madness. And yet to her; it was just smoke; never once had she been on the end of it's more cruel tendencies.

When her chin finds itself resting on his head, she chortles quietly, content, at peace. It had been a long time since she had felt such complete ease.

When he speaks, she doesn't say anything for a moment; she's thinking, gathering her thoughts. She then speaks carefully, her words chosen as such.

"Empress Myu" has a certain ring to it...strong, confident? Hnn, I would be more inclined to say "stubborn to a ridiculous fault."

She rubs her chin into the top of his head, her ears lowering themselves in calmness.

I always find myself having a hard time to respond properly, don't I?

Lex - HI LEX, ILU. -SNUGS- &hearts

Thank you (:
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Ffffffffffff LMAO! BUT BUT!

Ffffffffffff LMAO! BUT BUT! It's mother nature! Mother Nature's a bitch D: D: D: D: D: D: XD


There was that thin chuckle that came out of Nightmare as he those eyes closing as he purred deeply when her chin rubbed along that heavily cracked skull. And a gentle smirk came across his features as he chuckled deeper still before shifting himself and standing up... moving and overing over her with that skull face of his just above hers.

"I don't think you have a hard time responding Myu..."

A chuckle, before the stag moved himself along... walking a small circle as he went... shifting and glancing up towards the skies as he sighed deeply shifting more and seeming to be lost in thought as he walked along.

"So close to where we first met... It brings back memories..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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She watches him, and the way he looks at the sky; for a brief moment, he looks like a lost puppy, looking for a place to belong to. She glances up at the sky as well, before letting her blues flutter over the environment surrounding them.

Yes, memories. Some painful, some peaceful, some tragic, some joyous. She had felt these things long ago; yet now, she feels a mild detachment from it all. But her hearts jolts with each memory still.

It sure does.

Absentmindedly, she rubs on a tree nearby; a small itch begging to be scratched.


My muse is dying. -WAILS-
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PFffffffffft one night shall

PFffffffffft one night shall not save you from her wraith though!


He watched her, many of his memories were lost to the things in his life... he sighed deeply and would stare up longer, tilting his head as the white dove would fly along... walking along under it the creature shifted before lunging upwards. A nice little... albeit sickening snap of those jaws crunching together and the birds little twitter before it fell silent.

Landing back on the ground he snorted with a thin purr of satisfaction... before looking to Myu with the small bits of blood and feathers hanging out of his jaws tilting his head slightly as he watched her easing an itch that seemed to be pestering her.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I shall defy the will of the

I shall defy the will of the gods! -SHAKES FIST-


She watches, and it isn't long before she is reminded of what his son had once done in front of her. She remembers the fear and horror that she felt at such a site, and for a brief moment, she remain motionless.

Only for a small smile to crease her face; it was the kind of smile that a parent oft wore when a child did something they knew they weren't supposed to do - and yet, it was something that, in the end, was simply silly at best, and said parent would look on with a certain fondness, and tap the child's nose in a false reprimand.

She shakes her head, though it is hardly out of disdain.

I feel sorry for the birds; and yet, here I find myself mildly amused. I must be morbid as all hell...
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PFffffffffffffffft.... you'd

PFffffffffffffffft.... you'd be zapped down by zem though D:


There was a thin chuckle that came from him before he flipped his head back and the remains of the dove slowly slid down into his throat... a thick purr coming out of him as he shifted and his attention returned to her before he walked over, licking the remains from his jaws as he went.

"At least I am not eating... others like you..."

It was a mild little pull on joking, something to amusing himself before he moved around and grazed that skull along her body and buried his chin into the fluff of her rump once again... a thick purr coming out of him before he gave a very... playful nip to the area.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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She watches him approach, daring to think of what an enemy of his would see; certainly, it would be the very last thing they ever saw.

She is unafraid, however, and she nods to his words in agreement.

I suppose I ought to be lucky, then.

When his chin connects with her rump, she jumps slightly, but refrains from the playful bucking - but once his teeth graze it, she finds herself yelping in surprise, pulling away quickly.

You and my rump! You ought to marry it at this rate! She exclaims it playfully, bucking a few times in her energetic moment.
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Ooooooooooooooo burned!

Ooooooooooooooo burned! LMAO!


That earned a playful grin from him and he moved over again and this time stood over her and purred before moving his head down and nuzzling into that hind area again, burying his face into the fluff before nipping it again with a thickened purr. His tail swaying in front of her face from side to side... he was enjoying himself needless to say.

"I think I already have~" The stag murred out playfully before slowly moving around her and giving her a gentle nudge to push her to the ground as he nuzzled into her a bit more playfully.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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It was safe to say that by this point, the girl was squirming with all her might.

Aw man... It was a complaint, but it was yet another playful one.

As far as being pushed down was concerned, she fell down right away, only to try and snap back up.

This was one little playful struggle she was not about to give up on; her legs flailed under her, giving the impression of a flopping fish.

I am not going down this easily!

Though she was beginning to wonder if encouraging him was such a good idea in the first place.

Too late, I suppose.
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LMAO! *revives with a Phoenix

LMAO! *revives with a Phoenix down* >3>


Encouraging the stags behavior was something of amusement really, and it was a slightly addicting thing... to see how far one could get away with such things before the stag would get annoyed or just not care anymore. Though he shifted and pushed the doe down again standing over her before just laying his body on her, enough to keep her pinned but not by his full weight.

A chuckle coming out of him as he purred and shifted that head down flicking that long tongue out over her nose... seeming to be enjoying himself as his tail wrapped around her and he nuzzled into her neck, giving a heavy purr as he seemed content on just not moving from there now.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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YAY! &hearts --- By this

YAY! &hearts


By this point, the doe could have shrugged in defeat. He had blanketed her, and the way he coiled around her, she had no hope of escaping; not that she really wanted to anyway.

A deep, content sigh ushers its way from her nostrils, and she finds herself curling up as best she can, her ears laying flat as her eyes begin to flutter shut.

You're warm... She manages to whisper shortly before succumbing to a much welcome rest.
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Do we hear wedding bells in

Do we hear wedding bells in the background >3> *SHOT!*


A gentle sound came out of the beast before he shifted and moved himself... curling around her more, blanketing her in that heavily furred tail as he nestled in beside her... licking softly at her neck with a sweet sound of enjoyment and pleasure in it. His eyes watching as she relaxed there, laying within his grasp... in his protection.

That skull nuzzling into her more as the thin purr came out again as he chuckled softly "I am?"

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"

Wow you certainly are

Wow you certainly are improving. Man that draw of Myu is making me drool 83

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"How have you been my

"How have you been my precious little Myu?"

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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This is incredibly ironic - I

This is incredibly ironic - I drew Myu last night ROFL 8D

I have been quite well actually. What of you? How have you been?
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"Hmmmmm I've been well...

"Hmmmmm I've been well... finally back to my old... former glory."

OH SNAP! What a turn of events eh? EH!? xD

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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I am glad to hear you're

I am glad to hear you're doing well. It's always good to see someone rise up from the ashes again. Yes, it's always good...

As you said, "IT'S A SIGN!" xD
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"Like a phoenix..." *chuckles

"Like a phoenix..." *chuckles softly and sighs* "Now if only I could be like all the rest... and actually have something worth living for..."

"Itttttttttttttttt's A Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiign!" XD

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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There was a lingering pause

There was a lingering pause before she answered.

What of me?



Graveyard's picture

He chuckled a bit more and

He chuckled a bit more and sighed "You are everything worth living for, I was more speaking of family... a real family."

LMAO! *pokes the bricked Lacie*

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
OokamiAzura's picture

Family. Almost had one, only


Almost had one, only to have lost it.

Perhaps it had been too soon, either way.

Ah, a family. I have not given family much thought. Truth be told, I don't find myself ready for one - I see myself as too young, too immature for now. I want wisdom before offspring.



I swear, I can't stop watching the Evolution of Dance. I can't stop laughing at it, ROFL
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Moving, he walked around

Moving, he walked around before circling a patch of poppies and laying out in it.

Sighing deeply as he looked at her and chuckled deeply. Perhaps the same could be said about him... when he had created Ghost and Darkness he too, was young... naive even. Stupid and blinded by it.

Everything had come crashing down in the end, and in order to get back to where he was... he had to consume Darkness...

Crossing his legs the stag sighed deeply, blowing out that thick smoke "Perhaps I could say the same of myself... too young, too naive and stupid to care for children..."

DANCE MAGIC DANCE! *crotch bulge!* 8V

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
OokamiAzura's picture

You're certainly not

You're certainly not stupid.

The doe's voice carried a certain finality to it; quick and sharp, yet oddly gentle.

Joining him, she tucked her legs neatly underneath her; she looked so frail and delicate - yet behind that, there was a strength that rested dormant.

Time will only tell; we say something one moment, only for it to change hours, days, weeks, months, years later.

A butterfly rested on her nose.

I wonder if I'll ever change my mind about children.
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"As you said... you are

"As you said... you are young, and things change with time." Shifting on his leg the stag sighed deeply, how long had been been around? Two... three years? Somewhere in that area of time, and so much had changed... he died three times... came back four. One of these days, he was going to die... and go back to the earth instead of die and be reborn anew.

"Do you ever think I will die?"

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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There was a brief pause

There was a brief pause before she answered. Her voice was low and calm, though there was a hint of melancholy tucked away inside it.

Everything comes to an end, eventually. That includes you and I.

She shifted a bit, letting her thoughts collect and pool.

I only hope that, for once, Time is on our side. I hate abrupt endings.
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"But my time has come to an

"But my time has come to an end four times..." He shifted and sighed deeply, the fourth wasn't so much a rebirth as it was his body finally mending and regaining itself to how it once was.

Like how he was when he first came into this world from the destroyed body of his mother. Sure, his body has evolved since then... more muscled, toned... stronger due to the fights he has faced in this world amongst other things. Skull evolving into what it was now.

Sighing some he shook his head for a moment "Abrupt endings always seem to happen though..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"